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Přípona souboru Popis souboru Tvůrce/výrobce
DirectX Model File Microsoft
Adobe Xtra File Adobe Systems
Xara3D Project MAGIX
XML4King Configuration File Optimal Performance
Commodore 64 Disk Image N/A
The Sims Audio File Electronic Arts
Expression Web Add-in Microsoft
3ds Max XML Animation File Autodesk
XAIML Chatterbot Database File Devyn Collier Johnson
XAML File Microsoft
Visual Studio Workflow Service File Microsoft
Worms Map File Team17 Software
Silverlight Application Package Microsoft
Spoon XML Application Configuration File Spoon
Xara Xtreme Drawing MAGIX
Pro/ENGINEER Assembly Instance Accelerator File Parametric Technology
OpenOffice.org Basic Module File Oracle
XAML Browser Application File Microsoft
SMART Notebook File SMART Technologies
Xiosis Scribe Document Xiosis
Xbox Executable File Microsoft
XBEL Bookmarks File Python XML SIG
XenServer Backup File Citrix
Extensible Binding Language File Mozilla
X11 Bitmap Graphic N/A
Xiosis Scribe Template Xiosis
Mass Effect 2 Xbox Saved Game Electronic Arts
SMART Notebook Template File SMART Technologies
Xcode App Data File Apple
Xcode Archive Apple
Xcode Core Data Model File Apple
Xcode Core Data Model File Apple
GIMP Image File GIMP
Xcode Project Apple
Xcode Project Apple
CineStyle Color Correction File Technicolor
Xcode Snapshot Apple
OpenOffice.org Configuration File OpenOffice.org
Xcode Workspace File Apple
Symantec Virus Database File Symantec
WinArchiver Extended Disc Image File WinArchiver Computing
XML Schema File N/A
XML Data Package Adobe Systems
XML-Data Reduced File Microsoft
DS Game Maker Project File Invisionsoft
Fuji Xerox DocuWorks File Fuji Xerox
WinAce Encrypted File N/A
Expression Encoder Job File Microsoft
Expression Encoder Live Encoding File Microsoft
PowerDesigner Model definition File Sybase
Guitar Hero III Data File Activision
XenCenter Saved Search File Citrix
eManager File Packaging Information N/A
Primavera P6 Project File Oracle
eManager Skins Definition N/A
Expression Encoder Screen Capture File Microsoft
eManager Process Definition N/A
eManager Auto-Update File N/A
Xbox 360 Executable File Microsoft
eManager Template Package N/A
Adobe Acrobat XFDF File Adobe Systems
Flash Movie Archive Adobe Systems
Ventura Printer Font N/A
XSL-FO Formatted Form N/A
iProcess Process Definition File TIBCO Software
eRacer Sound File eRacer
Adobe Form Designer 5.0 File N/A
Graph Modeling Language XML File N/A
XGMML Graph File N/A
Xfire Game Patcher File XGP
XACT Global Settings File Microsoft
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language Document N/A
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File N/A
Fasttracker 2 Extended Instrument File N/A
Interface Builder File Apple
ScanSoft Pagis File Nuance Communications
Xilinx ISE Project File Xilinx
Excel Spreadsheet Microsoft
Excel Add-In File Microsoft
Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Add-In Microsoft
Excel Toolbars File Microsoft
Excel Chart Microsoft
Excel Database File Microsoft
ExpressK Database File Prosystech
XLIFF Localization File OASIS
Excel Backup File Microsoft
Excel Add-In File Microsoft
Excel Macro Microsoft
Xunlei Movie File Thunder Network Technologies
XML Shortcut File N/A
Works Spreadsheet Microsoft
Excel Spreadsheet Microsoft
Excel Binary Spreadsheet Microsoft
Microsoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet Microsoft
Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Microsoft
Microsoft Excel MIME HTML Spreadsheet Microsoft
Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet Microsoft
Excel Template Microsoft
Microsoft Excel HTML Spreadsheet Template Microsoft
Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template Microsoft
Excel Open XML Spreadsheet Template Microsoft
Excel Visual Basic Module Microsoft
Excel Workspace File Microsoft
Fasttracker 2 Extended Module Fasttracker
XMind 2007/2008 Workbook XMind
Age of Empires Game Data File Microsoft
Mathcad Worksheet File Parametric Technology Corporation
Mathcad Compressed Worksheet File Parametric Technology Corporation
Mathcad XML Worksheet Template PTC
Extended Media Disc Image Engelmann Media
Cal3D XML Mesh File Cal3D
XML Metadata Interchange File Object Management Group
XMind Workbook File XMind
XML File N/A
LeCroy Binary Waveform File N/A
3ds Max XML Animation Map File Autodesk
MindManager XML Map File Mindjet
Extensible Metadata Platform File Adobe Systems
Miradi XML Project File Benetech
Xbox Media Video File Microsoft
FastTracker 2 Extended Module Starbreeze Studios
XNA Game Studio Binary Package Microsoft
Exchange Shortcut N/A
QuarkXPress Extension File Quark Software
Reality Lab 3D Image File RenderMorphics
Swiss Map Overlay swisstopo
Worms 3D Object File Team17 Software
Windows Workflow File N/A
Fastracker 2 Pattern Starbreeze Studios
XPilot NG XPilot NG
KiriKiri Package File KiriKiri
KiriKiri Package KiriKiri
Xpadder Controller Profile Xpadder
XML Pipeline Document N/A
XPDL Module Workflow Management Coalition
Autoplay Media Studio Exported Page Indigo Rose
Mozilla Installer Package Mozilla
RoboHelp HTML Project File Adobe Systems
WWE RAW Model File THQ
LcdStudio Playlist File LcdStudio
X11 Pixmap Graphic N/A
X++ Source Code File Microsoft
Pro/ENGINEER Part Instance Accelerator File Parametric Technology
XML Paper Specification File Microsoft
Mozilla Firefox Component N/A
XQuery File The W3C XML Query Working Group
XML Query Language File The W3C XML Query Working Group
XQuery Module The W3C XML Query Working Group
SuperCalc Macro File N/A
XQuery Source Code File The W3C XML Query Working Group
XQuery Source File The W3C XML Query Working Group
Cal3D XML Materials File Cal3D
Extensible Attribute-Relation File Format University of Waikato
Microsoft Security Certificate Microsoft
Renoise Song File Renoise
RationalPlan Project File Stand By Soft
XRY Data File Micro Systemation
Age of Empires 3 Map AI Generator Microsoft
XACT Sound Bank Microsoft
Visual Studio Dataset Internal Info File Microsoft
XML Schema Definition N/A
InfoPath Form Definition File Microsoft
Softimage XSI 3D Image Autodesk
Softimage Add-on File Autodesk
XML Style Sheet N/A
XenServer License File Citrix
XSL Transformation File N/A
InfoPath Form Template File Microsoft
XBMC Smart Playlist File XBMC
XSPF Playlist File N/A
XML Style Sheet Oracle
WebSphere Query Template IBM
Xilinx Serial Vector Format File Xilinx
Visual Studio XML Schema Layout File Microsoft
Xdebug Trace File N/A
Extensible TreeGraph File Ben Stöver
Vietcong Data File Pterodon
CmapTools Exported Topic Map IHMC
AutoCAD Exported Tool Palettes File Autodesk
Winstep Xtreme Theme Pack Winstep Software Technologies
Xbox 360 User Interface File Microsoft
XML User Interface Language File Mozilla
Xbox 360 Binary User Interface File Microsoft
Lattice XVL Structure File Lattice Technology
Lattice XVL Geometry File Lattice Technology
XenServer Virtual Appliance File Citrix
VISE XML Project File MindVision Software
Xvid-Encoded Video File Xvid
VMware Console Configuration File VMware
World of Tanks XVM Configuration File XVM
XACT Wave Bank Microsoft
X Windows Dump Image N/A
OmniPage Workflow File Nuance Communications
Crosstalk Communicator Keyboard Mapping File Intel
XMLwriter Project N/A
Xara Web Designer Graphic MAGIX
XXEncoded File N/A
Brixx Planner Calendar Brixx
XXEncoded File N/A
Compucon Singer Embroidery File Compucon USA
XYWrite Document XyQuest
XYWrite III Document N/A
XYWrite Plus Document N/A
XYplorer Script File Donald Lessau
XYWrite for Windows Document N/A
Molecule Specification File N/A
Celestia Sampled Trajectory File Celestia Development Team
XZ Compressed Archive Tukaani
ZipLogix ZipForm File ZipLogix
Parasolid Model Part File Siemens PLM Software
Parasolid Model Part File Siemens PLM Software