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Přípona souboru Popis souboru Tvůrce/výrobce
Fortran Source Code N/A
Farandoyle Linear Module File N/A
Raw 32-Bit Audio File N/A
Fusion 3D Design Autodesk 360
Crazy Machines Font File Viva Media
Farandoyle Blocked Module File N/A
Adobe Flash Protected Audio File Adobe Systems
Flash Video Fragment Adobe Systems
Adobe Flash Protected Media File Adobe Systems
Flash MP4 Video File Adobe Systems
Raw 64-Bit Audio File N/A
Fortran 90 Source Code File N/A
FASTA Formatted Sequence File N/A
FACE Image File N/A
FACE Graphic File N/A
FaceFX Actor File OC3 Entertainment
FaceFX In-Game Actor File OC3 Entertainment
Bitmap Graphic Header Information N/A
Reunion Family File Leister Productions
Form•Z Animation File AutoDesSys
Frequently Asked Questions Document N/A
The Sims Archive File N/A
Compiled Fast-Load AutoLISP File Autodesk
FASTA Sequence File N/A
Zinf Theme File The Zinf Team
Transmit Favorites Data File Panic
Fax Document N/A
FlashGet Incomplete Download File FlashGet
FictionBook 2.0 File FictionBook
Family Tree Maker for DOS Backup File Ancestry.com
Free Backup Fix Backup File Promosoft
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Backup File Microsoft
CADfix Command Level Log File TranscenData
Fuzzy Bitmap Image Michael L. Mauldin
wxFormBuilder Project wxFormBuilder
FinalBuilder 7 Project VSoft Technologies
FlashBack Screen Recording Blueberry
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Data File Electronic Arts
ABBYY FineReader Document Options File ABBYY
FEBE Firefox Backup File FEBE
HP Recovery Manager Backup File Hewlett Packard
Autodesk FBX Interchange File Autodesk
FlashBack Screen Recorder Movie Blueberry
Compressed FinalBuilder 7 Project VSoft Technologies
Poser Face Pose File Smith Micro
Far Cry 2 User Map Ubisoft
Forms Credential Collector File Netegrity
Virtual CD Format N/A
FormsCentral Design Template Adobe Systems
ForeUI Custom Element File EaSynth Solution
Final Draft Converter File Final Draft
FastCGI File FastCGI
ForeUI Custom Library File EaSynth Solution
fCraft World File fCraft
Final Cut Project Apple
Final Cut Pro X Project File Apple
First Choice Spreadsheet N/A
FreeCAD Document FreeCAD
FolderClone Task List Salty Brine Software
FastCAD Windows Drawing Evolution Computing
Compressed Poser Face Pose File Smith Micro
LaTeX Font Definition File N/A
PictureMate Borders File Epson
Dawn of War Audio File Relic Entertainment
Portfolio Catalog N/A
AutoCAD Field Catalog File Autodesk
Parallels Desktop Floppy Disk Image File Parallels
Acrobat Forms Data Format Adobe Systems
Amiga Disk Image N/A
Exchange Forms Designer Form Message Microsoft
FMOD Project File Firelight Technologies
Final Draft Document Final Draft
FME Custom Format File Safe Software
Final Draft 5-7 Template Final Draft
Final Draft Document Final Draft
Final Draft 8 Template Final Draft
SharePoint Feature File Microsoft
Expression SketchFlow Feedback File Microsoft
Fileless Occurrence Placeholder G&A M.C.
FMOD Audio Events File Firelight Technologies
Call of Duty 4 Fast File Activision
Find Fast Status File Microsoft
Flat File Descriptor Liaison Technologies
Hasselblad RAW Image Hasselblad
Mac Font Suitcase Apple
Find Fast Document List Microsoft
Find Fast Document Properties Cache Microsoft
FME Desktop Feature Store File Safe Software
Adobe Audition Noise Print File Adobe Systems
FormsForWeb Packet Lucom
After Effects Preset File Adobe Systems
FaceGen Project File Singular Inversions
FX Graph 3 File Efofex Software
Forge Game Data File Valve
Fifth Generation Language Source File Fifth Generation Systems
Symantec Backup Exec File Symantec
FreeHand 10 Drawing File Adobe Systems
FreeHand 11 Drawing File Adobe Systems
FreeHand 7 Drawing File Adobe Systems
FreeHand 8 Drawing File Adobe Systems
FreeHand 9 Drawing File Adobe Systems
FHC Data File Canute
FreeHand Drawing File Adobe Systems
Free Hide Folder Backup File Cleanersoft Software
WinDev Hyper File Database PC SOFT
File Expander Engine Descriptions Database Forensic Innovations
Fractal Image File Interwoven Systems
Xfig Drawing Xfig
Files List Object File dataBased Intelligence
Aleph One Replay File Bungie Studios
Generic Windows File N/A
Visual C++ Project Filters File Microsoft
FiM++ Source Code File N/A
Garmin Activity File Garmin
Flexible Image Transport System File N/A
FoxPro Macro N/A
Freelancer Saved Game File Microsoft
Flash 3D File Adobe Systems
Adobe Flash Animation Adobe Systems
Free Lossless Audio Codec File N/A
Fractal Flames File N/A
Fractal Flames File N/A
FileMaker Pro Label File FileMaker
FLIC Animation Autodesk
Microsoft Dynamics NAV License File Microsoft
IsoPuzzle Flag File The IsoPuzzle Team
FLIC Animation File N/A
FLIC Animation Autodesk
ActivInspire Flipchart File Promethean
Folder Lock File NewSoftwares
Folder Lock Portable Locker File NewSoftwares
Folder Lock Basic Locker File NewSoftwares
FoxPro Dynamic-Link Library N/A
iGrafx FlowCharter File iGrafx
Expression SketchFlow Data File Microsoft
FruityLoops Project N/A
Flare Decompiled ActionScript File Flare
Flash Lite Sound Bundle Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Flattener Presets File Adobe Systems
OpenFlight Scene Description File Presagis
Flash Video File Adobe Systems
Folder Lock Wallet File NewSoftwares
FelixCAD Drawing Graebert
FrameMaker Document Adobe Systems
Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Format File IBM
FileMaker 5 Database FileMaker
FME Mapping File Safe Software
FME License File Safe Software
FME Include File Safe Software
WWE RAW Character File THQ
Adobe Illustrator Flattening Module Adobe Systems
AutoCAD Font Map File Autodesk
FileMaker Pro 12 Database FileMaker
FileMaker Plug-in FileMaker
FileMaker Pro 12 Snapshot Link FileMaker
FoxPro Format File N/A
FME Desktop Viewspace File Safe Software
FME Workbench File Safe Software
FileMaker Plug-in N/A
Form•Z Project File AutoDesSys
Food Network Recipe Manager Data File Nova Development
QuickCAM 3D CNC File Denford
Windows Saved Search Microsoft
Scarlett Plug-in Suite License File Focusrite
Food Network Recipe File Nova Development
Windows Font File N/A
Aleph One Font File Bungie Studios
Dynamics NAV Object Container File Microsoft
OpenDocument Flat XML Presentation Oracle
OpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet Oracle
OpenDocument Flat XML Document Oracle
PFS First Choice Database File SoftKey
Folx Download File Eltima Software
Fallout Mod Archive N/A
Generic Font File N/A
InfoZoom Protected Data File humanIT
Fortran 77 Source File N/A
Fallout 3 Saved Game Bethesda Softworks
Font Resource File N/A
Firmware Over-the-Air File Google
InfoZoom Data File humanIT
Fragment Program File OpenGL
FastReport Prepared Report File Fast Reports
FileMaker Pro 4 Database FileMaker
FileMaker Pro 5 Database FileMaker
FileMaker Pro 7+ Database FileMaker
Front Panel Encrypted Order File N/A
Mac OS X Burn Folder Apple
Front Panel Designer Project Front Panel Express
FPS Creator Entity File The Game Creators
FileProtect Encrypted File FileProtect
IKEA Home Planner File IKEA
File Protected From Virus Intermedia
FPS Creator Game Project File The Game Creators
FPS Creator Intelligence Script The Game Creators
FPS Creator AI Wizard Data File The Game Creators
CryENGINE Facial Editor Project File Crytek
Civilization 4 Data File 2K Games
FPS Creator Map File The Game Creators
FPS Creator Mab Buffer File The Game Creators
FPS Creator Map Overlay File The Game Creators
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Saved Game Activision
Photo Pos Pro Image Power Of Software
Fortran Source Code N/A
FPS Creator Segment File The Game Creators
FileMaker Pro Snapshot Link FileMaker
Nokia Firmware Format File Nokia
FileMaker Pro Database Memo File FileMaker
FlashPix Bitmap Image File Kodak
FAQ Creator File CaosG
FastReport Form File Fast Reports
xScope Frames File The Iconfactory
Mac OS X Application Framework N/A
FS Recorder File Matthias Neusinger
Microsoft FreeCell Saved Game Microsoft
Free Report Form File Fast Reports
Sony Sound Forge Pro Project File Sony
FreeForm-J Project File FreeForm-J
Macintosh Resource or Data Fork N/A
Electronic Form Loader File N/A
MySQL Database Format File MySQL
dBASE IV Compiled Report N/A
Mandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region Settings File J R Oakley
Flash Renamer Script RL Vision
FoxPro Report Memo N/A
Visual Basic Binary Form File Microsoft
Fryrender Scene File RandomControl
Snes9x Saved State The Snes9x Team
Visual F# Source File Microsoft
FreeSpace 2 Saved Mission File Interplay
FMOD Sample Bank File Firelight Technologies
Practical Scriptwriter File Practical Software Design
FreeCol Saved Game File The FreeCol Team
Fragment Shader File OpenGL
Visual F# Signature File Microsoft
MyLabel Designer Deluxe Data File Avanquest
Form•Z Script AutoDesSys
Farandole Composer WaveSample File N/A
Visual F# Project File Microsoft
CryENGINE Facial Editor Sequence File Crytek
Splitty Data Split File Basta Computing
Flight Simulator Save File Microsoft