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Přípona souboru Popis souboru Tvůrce/výrobce
C/C++/Objective-C Header File N/A
Movie Edit Pro Waveform Information File MAGIX
At Home Canada 2010 Tax Return H&R Block
At Home Canada 2011 Tax Return H&R Block Canada
At Home Canada 2012 Tax Return H&R Block Canada
Microsoft Help Merged Query Index File Microsoft
Windows Assistance Platform Help File Microsoft
H.264 Encoded Video File N/A
Battle Realms Game Data File Liquid Entertainment
Heroes 3 Map File New World Computing
Heroes of Might and Magic IV Data File New World Computing
HA Compressed Archive N/A
HansaWorld Application Language File HansaWorld
Descent 2 Resource File N/A
Haskell Script N/A
HyperBac Compressed Archive Xceleon Technologies
HyperBac Compressed File Archive Xceleon Technologies
HyperBac Compressed and Encrypted Archive Xceleon Technologies
Mathcad Handbook File Mathsoft
BinHex Encoded File N/A
HydroCAD Prefab Chamber Data File HydroCAD Software Solutions
HydroCAD Hydrograph Data File HydroCAD Software Solutions
Compact Ham Library Zaplots
HydroCAD IDF Data File HydroCAD Software Solutions
HotDocs Clause Archive HotDocs
HydroCAD Project File HydroCAD Software Solutions
HydroCAD Rainfall Curve Data File HydroCad Software Solutions
Hydrograph Units Definitons File HydroCAD Software Solutions
ChartXL Chart Harvard Graphics
Poser Hand Pose File Smith Micro
HotDocs Auto-Assemble File HotDocs
HansaWorld Database File HansaWorld
Parallels Desktop Hard Disk File Parallels
Hierarchical Data Format File N/A
Hard Disk Image N/A
HotDocs Registration File HotDocs
HotDocs Library File HotDocs
HDML File Openwave
Handheld Device Markup Language File Openwave
QuickTime HD Movie File Apple
Windows Heap Dump Microsoft
HD Photo File Microsoft
HotDocs Publisher Mapping XML File HotDocs
High Dynamic Range Image File HDRsoft
HDRtist Pro Document Ohanaware
Microsoft PlayReady Data File Microsoft
Photoshop HDR Toning Preset File Adobe Systems
HotDocs User Mapping XML File HotDocs
High Definition Video Format JVC
Delphi MultiHelp Index File Autodesk
Compressed Poser Hand Pose File Smith Micro
Microsoft Hearts Save File Microsoft
Mac OS X Help Book Apple
Hexadecimal Source File N/A
HF Image N/A
HotDocs Form Document HotDocs
HFS Disk Image File N/A
HotDocs Form Template HotDocs
HFS Disk Image Apple
HP Graphics Language File Hewlett-Packard
SRTM Elevation Data File N/A
C++ Header File N/A
HTML Help Table of Contents Microsoft
Power C Precompiled Header File Power C
HTML Help Index Microsoft
Hockey High Score List File Evert Etienne
Help and Support Center HHT File Microsoft
MacMAME High Scores File The MAME Team
Sony Ericsson Remote Settings File Sony Ericsson
Quicken Online File Intuit
Houdini Project File Side Effects Software
Houdini Apprentice File Side Effects Software
FindinSite Database Definition File PHDCC
The Sims Sound File N/A
Windows Registry Hive File Microsoft
TreePad 6 Database File Freebyte.com
Apple iTunes Library File Apple
WinHKI Archive N/A
WinHKI HKI1 Archive N/A
WinHKI HKI2 Archive N/A
WinHKI HKI3 Archive N/A
Havok Movie File Havok
HeuristicLab Storage File HeuristicLab
VMS / VAX Help Library N/A
Windows Help File Microsoft
High Level Shader Language File Microsoft
ATI Radeon Video Driver Support File N/A
Help & Manual 3 Project EC Software
Sony HI-MD Audio File Sony
Windows Mobile Theme File Microsoft
HMI Audio File Human Machine Interfaces
Hallmark Card Studio File Hallmark
HostMonitor TestList File KS-Soft
Worms Height Map File Team17 Software
HostMonitor Script File KS-Soft
HighMAT File Microsoft and Panasonic
Help & Manual 4 Project EC Software
Help & Manual XML Project EC Software
Help & Manual Compressed Project EC Software
Descent Mission File N/A
Outlook Holidays File Microsoft
HON Modification Manager File HON Modification Manager
The Sims Sound File Electronic Arts
HotDocs PDF Document HotDocs
High Performance Fortran File N/A
HPGL Plot File Hewlett-Packard
HP Graphics Language Plotter File Hewlett-Packard
Hemera Photo Objects Image File Hemera
Help Project File Microsoft
Tropico Game Archive PopTop Software
HP-GL Plotter File Hewlett-Packard
C++ Header File N/A
HPL2 Script Frictional Games
HotDocs PDF Template HotDocs
BinHex 4.0 Encoded File N/A
TRS-80 Image Tandy
Poser Hair File Smith Micro
Hitachi Raster Format File Hitachi
Erlang Header File Ericsson
Compressed Poser Hair File Smith Micro
Haskell Script N/A
HyperRESEARCH 2 Study File ResearchWare
HALion Sound Bank File Steinberg Media Technologies
Aspen HYSYS Simulation File Aspen Technology
HOOPS Stream Format File Tech Soft 3D
Windows Catalog Search Index File Microsoft
Huskey Truss & Building Supply Import File Huskey Truss & Building Supply
History File N/A
HyperTerminal Session File Hilgraeve
HTML Application Microsoft
Apache HTACCESS File N/A
Audacity Help File Audacity
HTML Component File Microsoft
HackTheGame Mission Pack Chaozz Software
Hypertext Markup Language File N/A
Hypertext Markup Language File N/A
Book Designer File N/A
Zipped HTML eBook N/A
Apache HTACCESS File N/A
Hypertext Template File Microsoft
HTML Extension File Microsoft
Hanvon eBook File Hanvon
HyperMaker 4 Publication Bersoft
HyperMaker 5 Publication Bersoft
HydroCAD Unit Hydrograph Definitions File HydroCAD Software Solutions
Husqvarna Embroidery File Viking
HotDocs Variable Collection File HotDocs
iTunes Visual Plug-in File Apple
Hedgewars Demo File Hedgewars Project
Hedgewars Drawn Map File Hedgewars Project
Hanword Document Hancom
Hedgewars Saved Game Hedgewars Project
Microsoft Help 2 Attribute Definition File Microsoft
Microsoft Help 2 Collection Definition File Microsoft
Microsoft Help 2 Sample Definition File Microsoft
Microsoft Help 2 Index File Microsoft
Descent 2 Resource Modification N/A
Hexagon Model File DAZ Productions
Help 2 Compiled Help File Microsoft
Microsoft Help 2 Table of Contents File Microsoft
C++ Source Code Header File N/A
Hydra Image Filter Program File Adobe Systems
Dictionary Information File Adobe Systems
Hype Document Tumult
Team Manager Meet Event File HY-TEK Sports Software
Chinese (Hanzi) Text N/A