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Přípona souboru Popis souboru Tvůrce/výrobce
Grand Theft Auto 3 Saved Game File Rockstar Games
B1 Compressed Archive Catalina Group
Btoa Encoded File N/A
Blitz3D Entity Model File Blitz Research
Winamp Playlist File Nullsoft
BlindWrite 5 Disk Image VSO Software
BlindWrite 5 Disc Track Information File VSO Software
Base64 MIME-Encoded File N/A
BlindWrite 6 Disc Image VSO Software
BlindWrite 6 Track Information File VSO Software
Scifer External Header Archive Scifer
Backup File Avantrix
Android Backup File N/A
Time Machine Backup Folder Apple
Exchange Badmail File Microsoft
BurnAware File List Burnaware Technologies
Backup File N/A
AbiWord Auto-Saved Document AbiSource
GarageBand Project File Apple
Blaze Audio Wave Information File Blaze Audio
Age of Empires 3 Data File Microsoft
BASIC Source Code File N/A
DNA Baser Project File Heracle BioSoft
BaseX Data File BaseX Team
Bash Non-Interactive Login Shell File The GNU Project
Bash History File The GNU Project
Bash Interactive Login Shell File The GNU Project
DOS Batch File Microsoft
Apache OpenOffice AutoText File Sun Microsystems
AVG Anti-Virus The Bat! Plugin File RITLABS
Casio RAW Image Casio
Renamed BAT File Microsoft
Blitz Source Code File Blitz Research
BlasterBall 3 Level File Support WildTangent
BlackBerry Mobile Phone Backup File Research In Motion
BobCAD-CAM Document BobCAD-CAM
BibTeX Generated Bibliography File Oren Patashnik
BBEdit Language Module Bare Bones Software
BBEdit Project File Bare Bones Software
BBEdit Project Document Bare Bones Software
Bulletin Board System Text N/A
BerryBuzz Backup File Bellshare
BitComet Partially Downloaded File BitComet
BitComet Incomplete File BitComet
Calendar Creator File Broderbund
Windows Boot Configuration Data File Microsoft
Business Card Designer Pro File Belltech Systems
Belarc Advisor Report File Belarc
VMX Backup File HP
Ad-Aware Quarantined File Lavasoft
Illumina Base Call File Illumina
Business Contact Manager File Microsoft
Business Contact Manager Customization Microsoft
Borland C++ Makefile Borland
Boland Calibration Settings File Boland
Adobe Bridge Thumbnail Cache File Adobe Systems
Gameloft Game Data File Gameloft
Microsoft Works Database Backup File Microsoft
Babylon Dictionary File Babylon
CARA Sound Radiation Data File CARA
Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format Adobe Systems
Chrome Dictionary File Google
CoCreate Bundle File Parametric Technology
AVHCD Information File Sony
Blu-ray Disc Movie Information File Blu-ray Disc Association
Exchange Diagnostic Message Microsoft
Exchange Non-Delivery Report Body File Microsoft
Borland Developer Studio Project Embarcadero Technologies
BEEDOCS Timeline 3D 2 Document BEEDOCS
BEEDOCS Timeline 3D 3 Document BEEDOCS
Compiled Erlang File Ericsson
Bean Rich Text Document Bean
UCSC BED Annotation Track File UCSC
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Saved Game Big Fish Games
BETA Source File N/A
CryoBF Game Data File Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Blowfish Encrypted File N/A
Windows Briefcase File N/A
Backup File Format IBM
Big Fish Games Application File Big Fish Games
Terminal Reality Model File Terminal Reality
FlatOut Game Data File Bugbear Entertainment
Bitware Fax Document Cheyenne
BgInfo Configuration File Microsoft
Flight Simulator Scenery File Microsoft
Graphics Accounts Data File FKJ Software
Blood Frontier Map File Wouter van Oortmerssen
BlakHole Archive ZipTV
Behold Organize File Louis Kessler
BinHex Encoded File N/A
BibTeX Bibliography Database N/A
Civilization 3 Scenario File Take-Two Interactive Software
Bidule Layout File Plogue
BioWare Infinity Engine File BioWare
Get Backup Project BeLight Software
Electronic Arts Game Data File Electronic Arts
Bink Video File RAD Game Tools
Bytessence InstallMaker Document Bytessence
Binary Disc Image N/A
Mudbox Bio 3D File Autodesk
BioniX Wallpaper Playlist File BioniXWallpaper.com
Character Studio Biped File N/A
Civilization 3 Scenario File Take-Two Interactive Software
Xilinx Bitstream File Xilinx
BitPim Configuration File BitPim
Civilization 3 Scenario File Take-Two Interactive Software
Broderbund Business Card File Broderbund
TabRite Tablature File N/A
FrameMaker Book File N/A
Autodesk Backup File Autodesk
Windows Indexing Service Data File Microsoft
Backup4all Backup Catalog Softland
Windows Backup Utility File Microsoft
BookBuddi eBook File BookBuddi
Yummy FTP Bookmark File Yummy Software
Backup File N/A
NTBackup Settings File Microsoft
Backup File N/A
FileFort Backup File NCH Software
Blackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game WildTangent
BlasterBall 3 Saved Game WildTangent
Blob Data File N/A
Envisioneer Building Project File Cadsoft
Blender 3D Data File The Blender Foundation
Blender Document Backup File Blender
Blender Document Backup 2 File Blender
CLFS Base Log File Microsoft
Windows Binary Performance Log File Microsoft
Thomson Speedtouch Firmware File Thomson
AutoCAD Block Template File Autodesk
Block Artist Image File Block Artist
Golden Software Blanking File Golden Software
Valve Steam Archive Valve
Windows Live Writer Data File Microsoft
Blizzard Texture File Blizzard Entertainment
Blockland Saved Game File Blockland
AIM Buddy List AOL
FileMaker Pro Runtime Extension N/A
Adobe Photoshop Black and White Presets File Adobe Systems
N-Gage Mobile Video Game File Nokia
Subspace Bitmap File N/A
Sony Ericsson Backup File Sony Ericsson
Bitmap Cache File Microsoft
MU Online Game Data File WEBZEN
BeatMania 7-Key Song File Konami
Binary Material File Corel
Nintendo DS On-Screen Text File Nintendo
3ds Max Plug-in Autodesk
PowerDVD MovieMark File CyberLink
Bean Markup Language File N/A
Bitmap Image File N/A
BeatMania Song File Konami
Siemens Mobile Animations File Siemens
Portal Bonus Map Zip File Valve
Barna Word Processor Document Safe Works
DB2 CLI Bind File IBM
Game Data Bundle File N/A
The Bingo Maker Card File The Bingo Maker Team
Test Drive Unlimited Data Package Eden Games
Sony Camcorder Video Data File Sony
Portal Bonus Map Script Valve
The Bingo Maker Card Template File The Bingo Maker Team
EasyWord Big Document E-Press
TestGen Testbank File Pearson Education
Mac OS X Bill of Materials File Apple
Bonk Audio File Bonk
Booasm Compressed Archive N/A
FrameMaker Book File Adobe Systems
iBooks Author Document Template Apple
Bookworm Deluxe Saved Game Big Fish Games
InstallShield Boot File Flexera Software
Stardock Bootskin File Stardock
E-mail Mailbox N/A
AutoCAD Batch Plot File N/A
AutoCAD Batch Plot File N/A
StorageSync Backup Archive SimpleTech
PowerDesigner Business Process Backup File Sybase
Business Plan Pro Document Palo Alto Software
Acrobat Batch PDX File Adobe Systems
Baan ERP Document Infor Global Solutions
Borland Project Group Embarcadero Technologies
Nero SecurDisc Public Key File Nero
AutoCAD Batch Plot File N/A
Trados AutoSuggest Dictionary File SDL
ArchiCAD Project Backup File GRAPHISOFT
PNU eBook File Hamed Mosadeq
Borland C++Builder Project File Embarcadero Technologies
BPS Virus File N/A
Bitser Password File Bitser
Easy Blue Print Symbol Library Easy Blue Print
Brio Query File Brio Software
Bryce 3 Scene File DAZ Productions
Bryce 4 Scene File DAZ Productions
Bryce 5 Scene File DAZ Productions
Bryce 6 Scene File DAZ Productions
Bryce 7 Scene File DAZ Productions
PersonalBrain Mind Map File TheBrain Technologies
EAGLE Circuit Board File CadSoft
Braille Ready Format File N/A
ProjectWise User Settings File Bentley Systems
Bryce Plug-in File DAZ Productions
Brooktrout Fax Document Dialogic
Wii Textures and Material Lists File N/A
Bryce Plug-in File DAZ Productions
BrainStorm Data File BrainStorm Software
CreataCard Brochure Project Broderbund
ASP.NET Browser Definition File Microsoft
Wii BRRES Resource Package N/A
RoboHelp Browse Sequence File Adobe Systems
Wii BRSAR Audio Package N/A
BRSTM Audio Stream File N/A
Bryce Textures File DAZ Productions
Calyx Point Borrower File Calyx Software
BREW Application Resource File Qualcomm
VirtualBus Vehicle Configuration File VirtualBus
BASIC Stamp 2 Code File Parallax
Mikogo Session Video Recording BeamYourScreen
Windows 7 Boot Updater Skin Windows 7 Boot Updater
Bethesda Softworks Archive Bethesda Softworks
BioShock Saved Game File Take-Two Interactive Software
Visual Studio Source Browser Information File Microsoft
Boundary Scan Description Language File IEEE
Blu-ray AVC Video File N/A
BeanShell Script Patrick Niemeyer
Nero SecurDisc Private Key File Nero
Quake Engine Game Map File id Software
Resident Evil Background Images File Capcom
BibTeX Style Document N/A
Binary Terrain File Ben Discoe
BitSpirit Incomplete Download File BitSpirit
uTorrent App BitTorrent
Business-in-a-Box Document Biztree
NationsBank Check Images Bank of America
Nintendo Texture File Nintendo
NationsBank Check Image File Bank of America
uTorrent Installer File BitTorrent
BizTalk Map File Microsoft
AutoPlay Media Studio Button File Indigo Rose
Bryce Tree File DAZ Productions
Binary-to-ASCII Encoded File N/A
Btrieve Database File Pervasive Software
BitTorrent Search Engine File BitTorrent
BarTender Label Seagull Scientific
Binary Printer Description File Microsoft
Buffer File N/A
Eclipse Build Path File Eclipse
Cakewalk Bundle File Roland
Mac OS X Application Bundle Apple
DVD IFO Backup File N/A
BuRg3r Source Code File Fluffy Smoke Entertainment
VirtualBus Board Parameters File VirtualBus
Bitdefender Vault File Bitdefender
Biovision Hierarchy Animation File Biovision
VodaHost BlueVoda Project File VodaHost
Blue Iris Video Perspective Software
BlindWrite Disk Information File VSO Software
Broadcast Wave File N/A
BrainWave Generator Audio File Noromaa Solutions
BlindWrite CD/DVD Disc Image VSO Software
BuRg3r Web Page Fluffy Smoke Entertainment
BlindWrite Sub Code File VSO Software
BlindWrite 4 Disk Image N/A
Bagpipe Player File Doug Wickstrom
WinImage Batch Configuration File Gilles Vollant
Accelerated Designs PCB Library File Accelerated Designs
BS Contact Parameter File Bitmanagement Software
Brigham Young University Movie File BYU
Bzip Compressed File N/A
Bzip2 Compressed File Julian Seward
IZArc BGA Archive N/A
Compressed AbiWord Document AbiSource
Bzip Compressed Archive N/A
Bzip2 Compressed Archive Bzip
BZFlag World File BZFlag.org