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Přípona souboru Popis souboru Tvůrce/výrobce
BitTorrent Incomplete Download File BitTorrent
qBittorrent Partial Download File qBittorrent
uTorrent Incomplete Download BitTorrent
Windows CE Installation Data File Microsoft
Unix Section 1 Man Page N/A
H.323 Internet Telephony File N/A
RacerMate 3D Course File RacerMate
TI-83 Calculator File Texas Instruments
TI-83 Plus Calculator File Texas Instruments
Ad-Aware Definitions File Lavasoft
Adobe Photoshop Brushes File Adobe Systems
AutoCAD Temporary File Autodesk
AOL Cab Launcher AOL
AutoCorrect List File Microsoft
Agent Character File Microsoft
After Dark Screensaver Berkeley Systems
Adobe Download Assistant Partial Download File Adobe Systems
Dynamics AX Developer Documentation File Microsoft
Dynamics AX Developer Documentation Index File Microsoft
Portfolio Admin-Level Access Flag N/A
Advanced Encryption Package Key File InterCrypto
Apple Filing Protocol Location Apple
Agile Advantage E-mail Attachment Oracle
Dynamics AX Online Help Data File Microsoft
Dynamics AX Online Help Index File Microsoft
Symbian Application Information File Symbian
AOL Instant Messenger Launch File AOL
Dynamics AX Temporary File Microsoft
Microsoft Assistance Markup Language File Microsoft
Adobe Digital Editions Annotations File Adobe Systems
Dynamics AX Object Data File Microsoft
Dynamics AX Application Object Index File Microsoft
America Online File AOL
Adobe Profile File Adobe Systems
Mac App Store Partially Downloaded App Apple
Erlang Application Upgrade File Erlang
Advanced RAR Password Recovery Project Elcomsoft
Nintendo Wii System Menu File N/A
Aegisub Advanced Substation Alpha File N/A
Atomic Time Zone File N/A
Ableton Authorization File Ableton
Avast! License File AVAST Software
AVG Diagnostics File AVG Technologies
Emulex AWC Firmware Update File Emulex
Award BIOS Update File ASUS
Awkwords Word Generator File Awkwords
Vuze Partial Download File Vuze
BibTeX Generated Bibliography File Oren Patashnik
BitComet Partially Downloaded File BitComet
BitComet Incomplete File BitComet
Publisher Borders File Microsoft
Windows Briefcase File N/A
Yummy FTP Bookmark File Yummy Software
Embroidery Image File N/A
Nokia Device Bookmark File Nokia
DB2 CLI Bind File IBM
Stardock Bootskin File Stardock
Microsoft Store Download File Microsoft
AutoCAD Batch Plot File N/A
AutoCAD Batch Plot File N/A
Acrobat Batch PDX File Adobe Systems
AutoCAD Batch Plot File N/A
BPS Virus File N/A
Brio Query File Brio Software
BibTeX Style Document N/A
BitSpirit Incomplete Download File BitSpirit
Buffer File N/A
McAfee Quarantined File McAfee
Texas Instruments CBL 2 OS File Texas Instruments
Initial Telnet Cache N/A
Cache File N/A
Coolect Album File Coolect
Calibre Device Data File Calibre
Autodesk Cascade License File Autodesk
Comic Book DS File Nicom00k
Computer Based Training File Microsoft
.NET Security Resolution Cache File Microsoft
ClickOnce Compiled Manifest File Microsoft
IMVU Product File IMVU
Lucene Compound Index File Apache
Saved File Fragment Microsoft
File Splitter Split Archive Part 1 Filesplitter.org
Compiled Help Index File Microsoft
Cursor Library Aha-Soft
Clicker Keyboard Crick Software
Clicker Template Crick Software
Clicker Word Bank Crick Software
Clicker Grid Set Crick Software
Flash Color Set Adobe Systems
LaTeX Document Class File N/A
CryptoMailer Encrypted File TheGreenBow
Corel Multimedia Manager Album Corel
Contour Screenplay File Mariner Software
Pinnacle Studio Cache File Pinnacle Systems
Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape File Microprose
Pocket Slides Presentation N/A
AbiWord Crash-Saved Document AbiSource
Total Commander Checksum File Ghisler Software
Windows CardSpace File Microsoft
Chrome Partially Downloaded File Google
Photoshop Custom Shapes File Adobe Systems
AVG Update Control File AVG Technologies
Canon Digital Camera Catalog File Canon
Windows Cursor Library N/A
CPU-Z Validation File CPUID
Microsoft Crash Report File Microsoft
Picasa Collage File Google
Ad-Aware License File Lavasoft
Download Accelerator Plus URL List SpeedBit
Download Accelerator Plus Partial Download SpeedBit
Exchange E-mail Attachment Microsoft
Windows Thumbnail Cache Microsoft
Outlook Express E-mail Folder Microsoft
Bloomba E-mail Message Yahoo!
Disc Cover File BeLight Software
Dictionary File N/A
DC++ Partially Downloaded File DC++
Decrypted Microsoft ESD File Microsoft
Memorize-It Flashcard Deck Side-Eight Software
Desktop Entry File N/A
NOOK Device Salt File Barnes & Noble
LaTeX Font Encoding File N/A
TurboTax Tax Form N/A
Dictionary File N/A
Spybot - Search & Destroy Disabled File Safer Networking
Linux LiveCD Information File N/A
DriveLock FDE Disk Key File CenterTools
Akamai Download Manager File Akamai
DriverMax Driver Information File Innovative Solutions
Pando Incomplete Download File Pando Networks
FaxMaster Document N/A
DRM Rights Object N/A
DRM Rights Object N/A
Nikon Disk Identification File Nikon
DockX Skin Mr. Gecko
DownloadStudio Incomplete Download Conceiva
DownThemAll! Partially Downloaded File MMIV-MMVII
Domino Temporary File IBM
Macintosh Data Fork N/A
Google BreakPad Crash Log File Google
Readiris Font Dictionary I.R.I.S.
Emulex DWC Firmware Update File Emulex
TurboCAD Drawing Lock File IMSI
Paperless Document Library Mariner Software
Firmware Update File N/A
Philips Firmware Update File Philips
Kryptel Lite Encrypted File Inv Softworks
Arachne Network-Enabled Script Arachne
Internet Download Manager Export File Tonec
External Format Language File NFB
Outlook Express Email Message N/A
Encore Musical Notation File GVOX
EndNote Filter File Thomson Reuters
Evernote for Android Note Evernote
WordPerfect Equation Corel
GameGuard Error Log File nProtect
AutoCAD Error Log File Autodesk
Windows Electronic Software Download File Microsoft
Corel Cataloged Folder File Corel
Control Information Cache File Microsoft
Generic Email Attachment N/A
Google BreakPad Crash Log Extra File Google
Microsoft Encarta Yearbook Update File Microsoft
Skype Extras Manager Log File Skype
easyOFFER Real Estate Form File Reagency Systems
FlashGet Incomplete Download File FlashGet
Windows Error Report File Windows
Expression SketchFlow Feedback File Microsoft
Fetion Emoticons Package China Mobile
Generic Windows File N/A
Flash 3D File Adobe Systems
Microsoft Dynamics NAV License File Microsoft
FME License File Safe Software
Windows Saved Search Microsoft
Scarlett Plug-in Suite License File Focusrite
File Protected From Virus Intermedia
JetForm FormFlow File Adobe Systems
Macintosh Resource or Data Fork N/A
Form File N/A
Locked FormFlow File N/A
e-Hastakshar Contract Note FTIL
FTP Location N/A
Firmware Update File N/A
Casio Prizm Add-in File Casio
Flight Simulator Gauge File Microsoft
Google Desktop Gadget File Google
Google Drive External File Shortcut Google
Word Glossary File Microsoft
God Configuration File Synbioz
Guitar Pro 4 Tablature Arobas Music
GNU Privacy Guard Public Keyring Free Software Foundation
Growl Temp File Growl Team
Microsoft Groove Tool Archive Microsoft
Microsoft Help Merged Query Index File Microsoft
HotDocs Registration File HotDocs
Delphi MultiHelp Index File Autodesk
Hexadecimal Source File N/A
VMS / VAX Help Library N/A
ATI Radeon Video Driver Support File N/A
Help & Manual 4 Project EC Software
HP Digital Sender Metadata File HP
Motorola Flash Flex File Motorola
Microsoft Help 2 Attribute Definition File Microsoft
Microsoft Help 2 Collection Definition File Microsoft
Microsoft Help 2 Sample Definition File Microsoft
Microsoft Help 2 Index File Microsoft
Microsoft Help 2 Table of Contents File Microsoft
Dictionary Information File Adobe Systems
iCalendar File N/A
iCalendar File N/A
InCopy Assignment File Adobe Systems
CandyBar iContainer File Panic
iCalendar File N/A
Lotus Notes User ID File IBM
Adobe InDesign Lock File Adobe Systems
Movie Subtitle File N/A
3ds Max Image File List Autodesk
Translation Memory Index File SDL
IMAP Mailbox Apple
ACT! Internet Mail Message Sage Software
iMelody Ringtone File N/A
Spyware File N/A
InCopy CS3 Assignment File Adobe Systems
Memory Stick Formatting File Sony
Adobe InDesign Shortcut Set File Adobe Systems
Internet Location N/A
Generic Information File N/A
MasterCook Ingredients File N/A
Adobe InDesign Lock File Adobe Systems
FaxMaster Document N/A
Advanced SystemCare Rollback File IObit
iPod and iPhone Software Update File Apple
Installer Source Files N/A
iTunes Cover Flow Data File Apple
Dementia.4207 Virus File N/A
InstallWatch Scan File N/A
Java Application Descriptor File Oracle
FlashGet Partial Download FlashGet
FlashGet Incomplete Download FlashGet
Exchange Reserve Transaction Log File Microsoft
Software License Key File N/A
Dynamics AX Kernel Help Data File Microsoft
Dynamics AX Kernel Help Index File Microsoft
KnowledgeMill Link File KnowledgeMill
WebMoney Key File WebMoney
Lotus Domino Key Ring File IBM
DVD Studio Pro Layout File Apple
Program Lock File N/A
Microsoft Access Lock File Microsoft
DaveTech Legal Document DaveTech
Undeliverable Mail File N/A
Software License File N/A
iPartition License Key File Coriolis Systems
Kodak EasyShare Album File Kodak
iPod Link File N/A
iPod Links Folder N/A
Lock File N/A
LogonStudio Windows Vista Logon Screen Stardock
LogonStudio Windows XP Logon Screen Stardock
Smadav Virus Definitions File Smadsoft
Lyrics File N/A
Check Point License Request File Check Point Software Technologies
Finale Lesson File MakeMusic
Frogans Shortcut File STG Interactive
LimeWire Theme Pack LimeWire
Microsoft Speech Lexicon File Microsoft
ArcView Layer File ESRI
Mozilla Address Book Mozilla
Access Module Shortcut Microsoft
Access Diagram Shortcut File Microsoft
Mailplane License File uncomplex
Mail Internet Location File Apple
Steam Manifest File Valve
TECkit Mapping File SIL International
Mozilla Archive Mozilla
Microsoft Access Table Shortcut File Microsoft
Media Attachment Unit N/A
Kodak EasyShare Data File Kodak
Kodak EasyShare Data File Kodak
Opera Mailbox File Opera Software
MasterCook 5 Cookbook File ValuSoft
MasterCook 2 Cookbook File ValuSoft
Maya Initial Fluid Cache File Autodesk
Maya Fluid Cache Playback File Autodesk
Media Control Interface File N/A
Live Messenger Winks File Microsoft
Adobe Photoshop Metadata Cache File Adobe Systems
MD5 Checksum File N/A
Translation Memory Data Find File SDL
Flight Simulator Airplane Model N/A
Access Workgroup File N/A
Temporary Delete Me File N/A
Merlin License File ProjectWizards
Blizzard Software Update File Blizzard Entertainment
MacGourmet Deluxe Database File Mariner Software
MacGourmet Recipe File Mariner Software
Musicnotes Guitar Guru Song File Musicnotes
Management Information Format N/A
MacJournal Document Mariner Software
CrystalPlayer Playlist Crystal Reality
Memory Map Overlay File Memory-Map
AutoCAD Menu LISP File Autodesk
FoxPro Menu N/A
Xcode Mobile Provisioning Profile Apple
Montage Screenplay File Mariner Software
Media Player Classic Playlist Media Player Classic
DPOF Auto Print Order File N/A
MS Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format Microsoft
Mail Summary File N/A
Windows Installer Package Microsoft
Inline E-mail Attachment Microsoft
Windows Remote Assistance Invitation File Microsoft
Windows Vista Update Package Microsoft
Samsung AllShare Metadata File Samsung
Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music File Musicnotes
MasterCook Tips N/A
AutoCAD Movie Command File Autodesk
Translation Memory Word Find File SDL
MoneyWell License File No Thirst Software
Miinoto Exchangeable Note File Mobiiko
Microsoft .NET Download Package Microsoft
Netscape Address Book File Mozilla
MSN Application Extension File Microsoft
WinAVI Temporary Navigation File ZJMedia
Outlook Express Folder File Microsoft
Nero CoverDesigner Wizard File Nero
Renamed NDS File N/A
Lotus Notes Doclink File IBM
Network File System Temporary File N/A
Outlook 2000 Nickname File Microsoft
Nikon Photo Index File Nikon
Outlook 2002 Nickname File Microsoft
Android No Media File N/A
Magentic Screensaver File IncrediMail
MediaFACE II CD Label File NEATO
Nokia Series 40 Theme File Nokia
Smart Security Update File ESET
Sony NWM Display Screen File N/A
Magentic Wallpaper File IncrediMail
Orbit Downloader Incomplete Download Orbit Downloader
Subtitle Workshop OCR Script URUSoft
OpenDocument Formula Oracle
Outlook Express 5 Mailbox Microsoft
SMS Offer Manager File Microsoft
OLE Object Library Microsoft
Arachne Batch Script Arachne
Opera Partially Downloaded File Opera Software
FlipAlbum File E-Book Systems
Outlook Offline Folder File Microsoft
OpenDocument Chart Template OASIS
OpenDocument Formula Template Oracle
OutWit Gear Database OutWit Technologies
OutWit XML Mashup File OutWit Technologies
Certificate Request File N/A
FolderShare Placeholder File Microsoft
Digitally Encrypted Message N/A
Certificate Request Response File N/A
ACT! Database Pointer File The Sage Group
PAKM Package File Janki Software
Poweramp Album Art File Poweramp
Pando File N/A
Corel Painter Paper Texture Corel
Partially Downloaded File N/A
Internet Explorer Partially Downloaded File Microsoft
Brother Embroidery Format N/A
PGP Security Key PGP
Process ID File N/A
Passbook Pass File Apple
iriver iQuickList File iriver
Souptoys Playset File Souptoys
Papyrus License File Papyrus Software
Messenger Plus! Live Skin Pack Patchou
Powernoodle File Powernoodle
Paint Shop Pro Soft Plastic Preset File Corel
PuTTY Private Key File PuTTY
Nokia PPM Flash File Nokia
PlayStation Radio Player Location Sony
PSP Update File Sony
HP-UX Product Specification File Hewlett-Packard
PrimalScript Online Help Shortcut Sapien Technologies
Picture and Sound Show File N/A
Windows Password Reset Disk File Microsoft
Panther Project File The Panther Team
4D Path Document N/A
Flash Intro Project File N/A
Private Key File Microsoft
HP Photo Album HP
Windows Directory Query File Microsoft
Avira AntiVir Quarantined File Avira Operations
OpenQwaq Auto-Launch File OpenQwaq
QuarkXPress Library Quark Software
Radium 2 License File CatPig Studios
Raskin License File Raskin Software
PICS Rating File W3C
Spotify Executable Redirect File Spotify
Windows EXE Relocation Section File Microsoft
BlackBerry Encrypted Data File Research In Motion
SSL Certificate Request File N/A
RoboForm Bookmark File Siber Systems
RoboForm Contact File Siber Systems
RoboForm Safenote File Siber Systems
RoboForm Passcard File Siber Systems
RoboForm Identity File Siber Systems
RealJukebox Skin File RealNetworks
Adobe Rights Management Document Adobe Systems
Elixir Report Template File Elixir Technology
PGP Random Seed File PGP
Read Only Memory Image N/A
Report Object Variable N/A
Outlook Restricted Permission Message Microsoft
RSA Certificate File N/A
Live Meeting Connection File Microsoft
LabVIEW Run-Time Menu File National Instruments
TurboTax Update File N/A
Paperless Receipt Library Mariner Software
Outlook Rules Wizard File Microsoft
Roxio Certificate File Sonic Solutions
Office Accounting Company Shortcut File Microsoft
Multimedia ToolBook System Book Asymetrix
Space Engine Script Space Engine
Blizzard StarCraft 2 Localization File Blizzard Entertainment
Score Writer Document N/A
Dell Support File Dell
Kivuto Secure Download Manager File Kivuto Solutions
Windows Saved Search File Microsoft
PGP Secret Key Ring N/A
Septium Secure Document Septium
Minecraft JAR Signature File Mojang
Microsoft App-V Sequencer File Microsoft
Simple File Verification File N/A
SHA-1 Hash File N/A
FileVerifier++ SHA-256 Hashes File FileVerifier++
SHA 512 Hash File N/A
Asutype Shortcut Fanix Software
Microsoft Scrap File Microsoft
Husqvarna Viking Embroidery File Husqvarna Viking
Motorola Flash Superfile Motorola
iTunes Authorization Data File Apple
iTunes Authorization Data File Apple
Symbian Installation File Symbian
Ovi Store DRM-Protected Application Nokia
Symbian OS Installation File Symbian
Nokia Ovi Store DRM-Protected Application Nokia
Safari History Index File Apple
Mail Index File N/A
PGP Private Keyring N/A
AutoCAD Slide Library Autodesk
Symantec License File Symantec
Image Playlist N/A
XrML Digital License Package Microsoft
Adobe InDesign Filter File Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Filter Adobe Systems
Netscape Mail Index N/A
Sticky Notes File Microsoft
Form·Z Suspended Render File AutoDesSys
Synology Package Synology
SecuROM Analysis File Sony
Ketron Single Registration File Ketron
Stellarium Script The Stellarium Team
WindowBlinds Skin File List Stardock
HLSW Shared Server List File N/A
Serialized Certificate Store File Microsoft
Sony Ericsson Firmware File SETool2
CD/DVD Label Template Memorex
Lotus Domino Stash File IBM
Synclavier Timbre File Synclavier Digital
StoryMill Project File Mariner Software
Garmin Checksum File Garmin
Subversion Cache File CollabNet
SolidWorks Journal File Dassault Systemes
Vi Swap File Bill Joy
StarMath Formula Oracle
AVG Internet Security Temporary File Grisoft
DataFlex Query Tag N/A
TuneUp Utilities Boot Screen TuneUp Corporation
TouchMagix Creative Suite Published File TouchMagix Media
Tiny Core File Linux
Thunder Incomplete Download File Thunder Network Technologies
MathType Translator Definition Language N/A
TECkit Compiled Mapping File SIL International
Temporary (Temp) File N/A
Blizzard Software Update File Blizzard Entertainment
Sony Ericsson Theme File Sony Ericsson
TuneUp Utilities Icon Package TuneUp Corporation
Win32/Oficla Trojan File N/A
TuneUp Utilities Startup Logo TuneUp Corporation
OLE Type Library Microsoft
TuneUp Utilities Logon Screen TuneUp Corporation
Timbuktu Pro Connection Document Netopia
Xfire User Interface Template Xfire
Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format Microsoft
TI-Nspire PublishView Document Texas Instruments
Eudora Table of Contents QUALCOMM
BitTorrent File BitTorrent
Document Template N/A
Trusted Platform Module Password File Microsoft
VMware ThinApp Trace Log File VMware
SwarmPlayer Streaming Torrent p2p-next consortium
Trados TagEditor File SDL
TurboTax File N/A
NetBackup UNIX Domain Socket File Symantec
NetMeeting User Location Service File Microsoft
Unknown File N/A
Unknown File Type N/A
Garmin Unlock File Garmin
Upgrade File N/A
Uniface Signatures File Compuware
Spyware Doctor Temporary Scan File PC Tools
StepMania Debug Resource File StepMania
VirtualDJ Send File Atomix Productions
Version Record N/A
Virtual File System Index N/A
Virus-Infected File Symantec
VMware Localization File VMware
VMWare Fusion Temporary File VMWare
Valve Hammer Editor Autosave File Valve
Nokia Text Message Nokia
VMware Hot Fix File VMware
VMware Hot Fix Request File VMware
VMware Application Message File VMware
Screen Sharing VNC Internet Location Apple
Volfs File System Directory N/A
StarOffice Template Sun Microsystem
VPchat Chat Gestures File Halsoft
Virtual Machine Package Microsoft
Virtual Machine Package Microsoft
Vivid Include File N/A
Google Toolbar Search History File Google
Winamp Modern Skin N/A
WindowBlinds Compressed Skin Stardock
Microsoft Works Communications Script Microsoft
Thunderbird Searchable Email File Mozilla
Walk-Graph Segment File ChannelAdvisor
WinJournal Entry Mariner Software
WinJournal Journal File Mariner Software
Windows Live Mesh Sync File Microsoft
Desktop Poet Word List File Mariner Software
Winamp Classic Skin N/A
Logitech Webcam File Logitech
WinUHA Language File WinUHA
Works Wizard File Microsoft
WinZip Registration File Corel
XenCenter Saved Search File Citrix
XML Shortcut File N/A
Excel Workspace File Microsoft
Extensible Metadata Platform File Adobe Systems
Exchange Shortcut N/A
PowerDesigner Object Language File Sybase
PressIt Disc Label Medea International
XenServer License File Citrix
OmniPage Workflow File Nuance Communications
Compucon Singer Embroidery File Compucon USA
YobiDrive Link File EZC Group
Microsoft Encarta Yearbook File Microsoft
Yahoo! Messenger File Yahoo!
Yahoo! Messenger Data File Yahoo!
ZoneAlarm Renamed VB File Check Point Software Technologies
ZoneAlarm Renamed MDA File Check Point
ZoneAlarm Renamed MDZ File Check Point
ZoneAlarm Renamed NCH File Check Point
ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed Zip File Check Point Software Technologies
Zooming Markup Language File Zoomorama
DVD Label Template File Avanquest
DVD Label Template Media File Avanquest
Visual Paradigm License File Visual Paradigm
CCleaner Securely Deleted File Piriform
Windows Live Mail Email File Microsoft
Windows Live Mail Newsgroup Copy File Microsoft