Blader alfabetisch: Y

Bestandsextensie Bestandsomschrijving Maker/Producent
Yacc Source File Stephen C. Johnson
Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Avatar File Konami
Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Deck File Konami
YUV4MPEG2 Video File N/A
Yabasic Source Code Yabasic
Arts & Letters Clipart Library Arts and Letters
Yahoo! Auctions Data Yahoo!
YAML Document N/A
PowerFlip 3D Image File Silicon Graphics
YobiDrive Link File EZC Group
YanCEyWare eBook YanCEyWare
Yahoo! Messenger Chat Log Yahoo!
Yugioh Card Maker File Super Simple Games
Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Deck File Konami
PowerFlip YAODL 3D Image File Silicon Graphics
Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Replay File Konami
Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Data File Konami
yEnc File N/A
YSFLIGHT Mission File
Y Graph Format File yWorks
Yenka Model File Crocodile Clips
Atari ST Audio File Atari
Yahoo! Messenger File Yahoo!
YAML Document N/A
YML Script N/A
YaST Metapackage File YaST
yEnc Encoded File N/A
Outerra Captured Video File Outerra
Yookoo Player Playlist File Penguin George
BYOB Project File BYOB
Yahoo! Messenger Data File Yahoo!
BYOB Sprite File BYOB
Google Picasa Font Cache Google
YUV Encoded Image File N/A
YAC Compressed File YAC
Yamazaki ZIPPER File Yamazaki ZIPPER