Gecomprimeerde bestanden

Bestandsextensie Bestandsomschrijving Maker/Producent
Hacha Split Archive File Dr. Software
DoubleSpace Compressed File Microsoft
7-Zip Compressed File 7-Zip
7-Zip Split Archive Part 1 File 7-Zip
7-Zip Split Archive Part 2 File 7-Zip
ALZip Second Split Archive File ESTsoft
ALZip Third Split Archive File ESTsoft
ALZip Fourth Split Archive File ESTsoft
WinAce Compressed File WinAce
AIN Compressed File Archive N/A
ALZip Archive ESTsoft
Autoplay Media Studio Exported Project Indigo Rose
Unix Static Library N/A
Compressed File Archive System Enhancement Associates
ProTool Compressed Project File Siemens
ARI Compressed File Archive N/A
ARJ Compressed File Archive ARJ Software
PowerDesk Pro Archive ARK11
B1 Compressed Archive Catalina Group
Base64 MIME-Encoded File N/A
Scifer External Header Archive Scifer
BlakHole Archive ZipTV
Game Data Bundle File N/A
Booasm Compressed Archive N/A
Bzip Compressed File N/A
Bzip2 Compressed File Julian Seward
IZArc BGA Archive N/A
Bzip Compressed Archive N/A
Bzip2 Compressed Archive Bzip
WinAce Split Archive File e-merge
WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File e-merge
WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File e-merge
WinAce Split Archive Part 10 E-merge
CAR Archive N/A
Comic Book 7-Zip Archive N/A
Comic Book ACE Archive N/A
Comic Book RAR Archive N/A
Comic Book TAR File N/A
Comic Book Zip Archive N/A
Compressed CD Image File N/A
ChoicePoint Encrypted File N/A
Compressed CPIO Archive N/A
Compact Pro Archive Cyclos
ZipGenius CryptoZip File WinInizio Software
DAR Disk Archive N/A
DiskDoubler Archive Symantec
Debian Software Package N/A
DGCA File Archive Shin-ichi Tsuruta
Mac OS X Distribution Script Apple
Compressed DLL File Microsoft
Dzip File Dzip
Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File Sony Ericsson
Renamed Zip or Executable File Computer Associates
ALZip Archive ESTsoft
EclipsePackager2000 Compressed File Green Eclipse
Freeze Compressed File N/A
MySafe Encrypted Data N/A
GCA File Archive N/A
Gnu Zipped Archive The GNU Project
Misnamed BZ2 File N/A
IZArc BGA Archive File N/A
Unix Gzip File N/A
Gnu Zipped File N/A
HA Compressed Archive N/A
HyperBac Compressed Archive Xceleon Technologies
HyperBac Compressed File Archive Xceleon Technologies
HyperBac Compressed and Encrypted Archive Xceleon Technologies
WinHKI Archive N/A
WinHKI HKI1 Archive N/A
WinHKI HKI2 Archive N/A
WinHKI HKI3 Archive N/A
HPack Compressed Archive N/A
HYPER Compressed Archive N/A
ICE File Archive N/A
iPod Game File Apple
Itsy Package N/A
ISH Compressed Archive N/A
IconTweaker Theme Archive Joost Verburg
IZArc Archive IZArc
JAR Archive N/A
Pack200 Packed Jar File Oracle
Gzipped Javascript File N/A
Java Icon File N/A
KGB Archive File Tomasz Pawlak
KuaiZip Compressed File
LU Library Archive N/A
.lemon Download
LHARC Compressed Archive N/A
Commodore 64 Lynx Archive N/A
SQ Compressed LBR Archive N/A
Lzip Compressed File Lzip
LZH Compressed File N/A
Slax Module Slax
LZMA Compressed File N/A
LZO Compressed File N/A
Amiga LZX Compressed File N/A
MDCD Compressed Archive N/A
Linux Mint Installer File Linux Mint
WinMount Compressed File WinMount International
Meta Package File N/A
MAXScript Zip Package Autodesk
OpenSimulator Archive N/A
Opera Job Management Compressed File Opera Company
Pack200 Compressed Archive Oracle
Linux Autopackage File Autopackage
PowerArchiver Encrypted Archive ConeXware
PAK (Packed) File N/A
PAQ6 Data Archive N/A
PAQ7 Data Archive N/A
PAQ8 Data Archive PAQ
PAQ8F Compressed Archive N/A
Parchive Index File Parchive
Parchive 2 Index File Parchive
PC BSD Installer Package N/A
MozBackup Profile Backup MozBackup
PEA File Archive PeaZip
Puppy Linux Install Package Barry Kauler
Private File Smith Micro
PIM Archive N/A
PackIt Compressed Archive N/A
Zipped File N/A
Mac OS X Installer Package Apple
Compressed PostScript File N/A
PlayStation 3 Update File Sony
Packed Publisher File Microsoft
Password Agent File N/A
Quadruple D Archive N/A
WinRAR Compressed Archive RARLAB
WinRAR Compressed Archive RARLAB
WinRAR Split Archive Part 1 RARLAB
WinRAR Split Archive Part 2 RARLAB
WinRAR Split Archive Part 3 RARLAB
WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 1 RARLAB
WinRAR Multi-Volume Archive Part 2 RARLAB
WinRAR Split Archive Part 21 Eugene Roshal
WinRAR Split Archive Part 30 Eugene Roshal
WinRAR Compressed Archive Eugene Roshal
WinRAR Compressed Archive RARLAB
RAR Recovery Volume Set RARLAB
WinRK File Archive M Software
RNC ProPack Archive RNC
RetroPlatform Disk Image Archive Cloanto
Red Hat Package Manager File Red Hat
RTE Encoded File N/A
Rzip Compressed File N/A
ZipSplitter Part 1 Archive Lithops
ZipSplitter Part 2 Archive Lithops
ZipSplitter Part 3 Archive Lithops
Mac OS X 7-Zip File N/A
Service Archive File N/A
GLBasic Shoebox File Dream Design Entertainment
Secure Download Cabinet Microsoft
Shareware Distributors Network File N/A
Self-Extracting Archive Smith Micro
Scifer Internal Header Archive Scifer
Squashfs File Archive N/A
Windows Self-Extracting Archive N/A
Unix Shell Archive N/A
Unix Shar Archive N/A
ShrinkIt Archive N/A
Unix Shell Archive File N/A
StuffIt Archive Smith Micro
StuffIt X Archive Smith Micro
TM File Packer Compressed Archive TMAgency
SQX Archive N/A
SuperREP Compressed File FreeArc
Compressed SYS File Microsoft
Compressed Tarball File The GNU Project
Misnamed BZ2 Tarball N/A
LZMA Compressed Tarball N/A
XZ Compressed Tar Archive Tukaani
Tar Zipped File N/A
Bzip Compressed Tar Archive N/A
Tar BZip 2 Compressed File N/A
Gzip Compressed Tar Archive N/A
Gzipped Tar File N/A
Tar LZMA Compressed File Lzip
LZMA Compressed Tar Archive N/A
Linear Saw Component Information Archive Alpine Engineering
XZ Compressed Tar Archive Tukaani
Compressed Text File N/A
Zipped Tar Archive N/A
UltraCompressor 2 Archive N/A
Compressed Unix File System File The FreeBSD Project
UHarc Compressed Archive UHarc
FreeBSD Compressed Disk Image Maxim Sobolev
Virtual Expander Compressed File Sony
Visual Studio Content Installer File Microsoft
Java Web Archive Oracle
Web Of Trust File PGP
WinAce Encrypted File N/A
eManager Template Package N/A
Mathcad Compressed Worksheet File Parametric Technology Corporation
XXEncoded File N/A
XZ Compressed Archive Tukaani
Amiga Yabba Compressed File N/A
YAC Compressed File YAC
Yamazaki ZIPPER File Yamazaki ZIPPER
Unix Compressed File N/A
WinZip First Split Zip File Corel
WinZip Second Split Zip File Corel
WinZip Third Split Zip File Corel
WinZip Fourth Split Zip File Corel
FileWrangler Archive CursorArts
Compressed Folder Microsoft
Renamed Zip File PKWARE
Zipped File N/A
Extended Zip File Corel
WinZix Compressed File WinZix
Zlib Compressed File Jean-loup Gailly
Zoo Compressed File N/A
Zipped File N/A
Zzip Compressed Archive N/A