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Filändelse Fil beskriving Tillverkare/Producent
OpenEdge Architect Source Code File Progress Software
Yamaha SY Series Wave File N/A
Split Archive File N/A
Win32 Makefile N/A
Adobe Shockwave 3D File Adobe Systems
Warcraft 3 Replay File Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft 3 Map File Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft 3 Expansion Campaign File Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft 3 Expansion Map FIle Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft 3 Saved Game File Blizzard Entertainment
Sony Wave64 Audio File Sony
Wonderland Adventures Custom Adventure File Midnight Synergy
Windows Address Book Microsoft
Doom WAD File id Software
Worms Armageddon Game Recording Team17 Software
Quake 2 Texture File N/A
GarageBand Magic Template Apple
Java Web Archive Oracle
WAVE Audio File Microsoft
WAVE Sound File N/A
Windows Media Audio Redirect Microsoft
Webshots Picture File AG Interactive
Corel Quattro Pro File Corel
Corel Quattro Pro 7 and 8 File Corel
WindowBlinds Compressed Skin Stardock
WinBackup Archive Uniblue
Webshots Collection File AG Interactive
Windows Backup Catalog File Microsoft
Webshots Picture File AG Interactive
Wii Backup File System File Waninkoko
Word Document Backup Microsoft
Webmin Module Webmin
Wireless Bitmap Image File N/A
Toribash Help File Nabi Studios
WAP Binary XML File Open Mobile Alliance
Webshots Download Picture File AG Interactive
WinCatalog Collection File
Works Calendar File Microsoft
WebEx Saved Chat Session N/A
WordPerfect Macro N/A
WinDVD Creator Project File Corel
RemoteApp and Desktop Connections Configuration File Microsoft
Chameleon Clock Wallpaper File Softshape Development
Offline Explorer Data File MetaProducts Systems
Microsoft Works Database Microsoft
Workshare Compare DeltaFile Workshare
Dashboard Widget Apple
Dashcode Widget Project Apple
World Definition Language Script Conitec Datasystems
AutoCAD Electrical Project File Autodesk
Offline Explorer Queue File MetaProducts
Thunderbird Searchable Email File Mozilla
WinDev Window File PC SOFT
Ecotect Weather File Autodesk
Quake 3 Engine Weapon File id Software
Xara Web Document MAGIX
Safari Web Archive Apple
Android Web Browser Archive Google
Safari Web Bookmark File Apple
.webdoc Web Document
Safari Web History File Apple
Mac OS X Website Location Apple
WebM Video File Google
WebP Image Google
Web Point and Print File Microsoft
Internet Explorer Pinned Site Shortcut Microsoft
iWeb Template Apple
iWeb Theme Template Apple
WEBZ Compressed eBook File Web Books Publishing
Wwise Encoded Media File Audiokinetic
Windows Error Report Microsoft
WaveFront Sound Bank N/A
Windows Wireless Network Settings File Microsoft
WaveFront Drum Kit File N/A
Tektronix Waveform Data File Tektronix
WaveFront Program File N/A
GTA 4 Car Model File Rockstar Games
Widelands Game File The Widelands Development Team
Web Gallery Project WebHat
Walk-Graph Segment File ChannelAdvisor
Opera Widget File Opera Software
S60 Web Runtime Widget Package Nokia
Unity Whirld Package Aubrey Falconer
HTTrack Website Copier File Xavier Roche
Wavelet Image N/A
J Wavelet Image N/A
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence File SAP
Yahoo! Widget Yahoo!
Scrambled Wii Disc Image N/A
WinImage Disk Image List Gilles Vollant
Windows Imaging Format File Microsoft
Windows Backup File Microsoft
Winclone Image Twocanoes Software
Windows Live Contacts File Microsoft
Visual Studio Work Item Query File Microsoft
Microsoft Wizard File Microsoft
WinJournal Entry Mariner Software
WinZip Job File Corel
ReGet Deluxe Data File ReGet
Lotus Worksheet IBM
Lotus 2 Worksheet IBM
Lotus 3 Worksheet IBM
Lotus 4 Worksheet IBM
Lotus 5 Worksheet IBM
Lotus 1-2-3 Educational Version Worksheet IBM
Lotus 2 Worksheet IBM
Works Spreadsheet Microsoft
Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet IBM
Wolfenstein 3D Data File id Software
Wolfenstein 3D Data File id Software
ESRI World File ESRI
Microsoft Word Add-in Microsoft
Windows Live Movie Maker Project File Microsoft
.wlp Label Designer File
Windows Live Mesh Sync File Microsoft
Winamp Language Pack Nullsoft
Windows Media File Microsoft
Windows Media Audio File Microsoft
Windows Media Download Package Microsoft
Windows Media Database File Microsoft
Windows Metafile Microsoft
Web Manga Document Manga Reader
Wireless Markup Language File N/A
Windows Movie Maker Project File Microsoft
World of Warcraft World Map Object Blizzard Entertainment
Windows Media Photo File Microsoft
Windows Media Skin Microsoft
WinMount Virtual Disk File WinMount International
Windows Media Video File Microsoft
Windows Media Redirector File Microsoft
Compressed Windows Media Player Skin Microsoft
WN Web File WN
Wink Presentation DebugMode
WebObjects Application Apple
Web Open Font Format File WebFonts Working Group
WolfQuest Saved Game Minnesota Zoo
Wonderland Object Preset Midnight Synergy
MapInfo Workspace File Pitney Bowes Software
Desktop Poet Word List File Mariner Software
Bibble Work Queue File Bibble Labs
Automator Workflow Apple
BBEdit Shell Worksheet File Bare Bones Software
Code::Blocks Workspace File Code::Blocks
WorldPainter File WorldPainter
WebEx Recording File Cisco Systems
World of Tanks Replay File
Grave Composer Music Module N/A
AddOn Studio Project File AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft
WOW Slider WOW Slider
WordPerfect Document Corel
Microsoft Photo Story Project File Microsoft
WordPerfect 4 Document Corel
WordPerfect 5 Document Corel
WordPerfect 6 Document Corel
WordPerfect 7 Document Corel
ACT! Word Processing Document N/A
openCanvas 1.1 Image Portalgraphics
WordPad Converter File Microsoft
WordPerfect Document Corel
openCanvas 1.1 Event File Portalgraphics
WordPerfect Form Corel
WordPerfect Graphic File Corel
Phoenix BIOS File N/A
Nero Wave Editor File Nero
Windows Media Player Playlist Microsoft
WordPerfect Macro File Corel
HOLUX Waypoint File HOLUX Technology
Windows Live Writer Post File Microsoft
WebPlus Project File Serif
Wwise Project File Audiokinetic
Microsoft Works Word Processor Document Microsoft
WordPerfect Template Corel
WinDev Mobile Window File PC SOFT
WebPlus Project Template Seif
Quattro Pro for DOS Spreadsheet File Corel
Quattro Pro for DOS Spreadsheet File Corel
WebEx Recording Cisco Systems
Windows Write Document Microsoft
Cakewalk Music Project Cakewalk
VRML World N/A
Geomagic 3D Wrap File Geomagic
Widelands Saved Game File The Widelands Development Team
Widelands Initial Saved Game File The Widelands Development Team
Compressed VRML World File N/A
Windows Script Microsoft
Windows Script Component Microsoft
WordStar Document Micropro International
Web Services Description Language File W3C
Windows Script File Microsoft
Windows Script Host Settings Microsoft
Wise Package Studio Installer Package Symantec
Wise Package Studio Merge Module Symantec
SharePoint Solution Package Microsoft
WebsitePanel Backup File WebsitePanel
Winamp Classic Skin N/A
Win-Test Binary Log File Win-Test
Logitech Webcam File Logitech
Grand Theft Auto IV Textures File Rockstar Games
World of Warcraft Text File Blizzard Entertainment
WireTap Studio Library Ambrosia Software
WireTap Studio Packaged Track Ambrosia Software
Encarta File Microsoft
Windows Recorded TV Show File Microsoft
Text Document N/A
WinUHA Language File WinUHA
WUTG Tagged Audio File WUSSoft
WUTG Tag File N/A
WavPack Audio File WavPack
WavPack Correction File WavPack
WaveEditor Project File CyberLink
Wavelet Image N/A
MagicHTML Web Video Player Project Magic Hills
Windows Media Video Redirector Microsoft
Works Wizard File Microsoft
World Wide Fund Non-Printable Document WWF International
Wwise Work Unit Audiokinetic
Flight Simulator Weather File Microsoft
WYZTracker File N/A
MapleStory Game Data File NEXON
WinZip Configuration File Corel
WinZip Registration File Corel