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Filändelse Fil beskriving Tillverkare/Producent
Turing Source Code File Holt Software
AVG Internet Security Temporary File Grisoft
TaxCut 2001 File N/A
TaxCut 2002 File N/A
TaxCut 2003 File N/A
TaxCut 2004 File N/A
TaxCut 2005 Tax Return H&R Block
TaxCut 2006 Tax Return H&R Block
TaxCut 2007 Tax Return H&R Block
TaxCut 2008 Tax Return H&R Block
At Home 2009 Tax Return H&R Block
At Home 2010 Tax Return H&R Block
At Home 2011 Tax Return H&R Block
At Home 2012 Tax Return H&R Block
Textease 2000 File Lightroom Education
CyBook Thumbnail Image Bookeen
Teach2000 Document
Teach2000 Exam Results File
Teach2000 Exam File
TARGET 3001! Circuit Design Project File TARGET 3001!
Unreal Engine 3D Object File Epic Games
TYPO3 Compressed Extension N/A
Commodore 64 Tape Image File N/A
Sun TAAC Image File Sun Microsystems
MapInfo TAB File Pitney Bowes Software
ActiCalc Data File ActiCalc
ADRIFT Text Adventure File Campbell Wild
DataFlex Query Tag N/A
Music Maker Take File MAGIX
Track at Once CD/DVD Image N/A
Commodore 64 Cassette Tape Image N/A
Consolidated Unix File Archive Jean-loup Gailly
Compressed Tarball File The GNU Project
Misnamed BZ2 Tarball N/A
LZMA Compressed Tarball N/A
XZ Compressed Tar Archive Tukaani
TAR Distribution Archive SGI
MSBuild Targets File Microsoft
TurboTax Tax Return Intuit
TurboTax 2008 Tax Return File Intuit
TurboTax 2009 Tax Return File Intuit
TurboTax 2010 Tax Return File Intuit
TurboTax 2011 Tax Return File Intuit
TurboTax 2012 Tax Return File Intuit
TurboTax 2008 Tax Return Intuit
TurboTax 2009 Tax Return Intuit
TurboTax 2010 Tax Return Intuit
TurboTax 2011 Tax Return Intuit
TurboTax 2012 Tax Return Intuit
Tar Zipped File N/A
Tabbery Tab File Tabbery
Adobe Photoshop Thumbnail Cache File Adobe Systems
ToolBook File SumTotal Systems
StarCraft Information Table Blizzard Entertainment
Toribash Mod File Nabi Studios
XBMC Thumbnail Image XBMC
Tekla BIMsight Project Tekla
TuneUp Utilities Boot Screen TuneUp Corporation
Bzip Compressed Tar Archive N/A
Tar BZip 2 Compressed File N/A
TrueCrypt Volume TrueCrypt
TurboCAD 2D Mac Drawing IMSI
TurboCAD 2D/3D Mac Drawing IMSI
TimeCalc Classic Data File ProSystems
Technobox CAD Drawing Technobox
Tcl Script N/A
TurboCAD Mac Drawing IMSI
Tally Compiled Program File Tally Solutions
Psion Series 3 eBook File Psion Teklogix
TurboCAD Drawing Template IMSI/Design
TurboCAD Drawing File IMSI/Design
Training Center Database File Garmin
Tiny Core File Linux
Thunder Incomplete Download File Thunder Network Technologies
Teledisk Archive N/A
RollerCoaster Tycoon Track File Chris Sawyer Productions
RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design File Chris Sawyer Productions
Palm To-Do File Palm
DivX Author Template File DivX
eBay Turbo Lister Backup File eBay
3D Data Description File Impulse
Tableau Data Extract File Tableau Software
Guide Text Definition File Project Pluto
MathType Translator Definition Language N/A
LabVIEW Binary Measurement File National Instruments
Turbo Debugger Symbols File Borland
THOR Data Tree File Daylight Chemical Information Systems
D-TEG CCTV Video Information File D-TEG
Drobo Firmware File Drobo
Textease CT Database File Lightbox Education
WinTrack Object File WinTrack
SMART Response Teacher Database File SMART Technologies
TECkit Compiled Mapping File SIL International
Alamo Map File Petroglyph Games
TablEdit Tablature
Temporary (Temp) File N/A
Apple Pages Template Apple
Terminal Settings File Apple
Visual Studio Test Run Configuration File Microsoft
Visual Studio Test Settings File Microsoft
Textease CT Template Lightbox Education
LaTeX Source Document N/A
Wii Texture File N/A
Plain Text File N/A
Mac OS X Text Clipping File Apple
BBEdit Text Factory Bare Bones Software
TreeSoft CashFlow Analysis Data File treeSoft
Unreal Engine 3 Texture File Cache Epic Games
Tape Format Requirements Document N/A
Blizzard Software Update File Blizzard Entertainment
TeX Font Metric File N/A
Final Music System Tracker Module N/A
TIE Fighter Pilot File LucasArts
Tape Image Format Requirements Document National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
World File for TIFF ESRI
TuxGuitar Document TuxGuitar
Tiled Group 4 Raster Image File Bentley Systems
Targa Graphic Avid Technology
Trivial Graph Format File N/A
Gzipped Tar File N/A
Therion Data File Therion
Windows Thai Noise-Words List File Microsoft
Microsoft Plus! Theme File Microsoft
Microsoft Plus! Desktop Theme Microsoft
Windows 7 Theme Pack Microsoft
Thumbnail Image File N/A
Office 2007 Theme File Microsoft
Wii/GameCube Video File N/A
JAlbum Thumbnail File JAlbum
Amiga THX Tracker Music File N/A
Acronis True Image File Acronis
CrossTie Installer File Codeweavers
Tagged Image File N/A
Tagged Image File Format Adobe Systems
TI Connect Backup File Texas Instruments
Tomb Raider Game Data Archive Crystal Dynamics
The Incredible Machine Level Sierra
LIGHT File Light of Creativity
TuneUp Utilities Icon Package TuneUp Corporation
TI-Basic Program File Texas Instruments
True Image Script Acronis
TiVo Video File TiVo
DivX Video Download Activation File DivX
Taikojiro Song Map File Taikojiro
Taikojiro Song Map Sequence File Taikojiro
TaskJuggler Project File TaskJuggler
Tk Script N/A
TK3 Multimedia eBook Night Kitchen
TKLinks Saver Favorite Links File N/A
Win32/Oficla Trojan File N/A
Tinker Custom Level File Microsoft
Timeliner 5 File Tom Snyder Productions
TuneUp Utilities Startup Logo TuneUp Corporation
OLE Type Library Microsoft
The Logo Creator File Laughingbird Software
Tag Library Descriptor File N/A
QuickBooks Transaction Log File Intuit
Typelib Generated C/C++ Header File Microsoft
Typelib Generated C/C++ Inline File N/A
BioWare Aurora Engine Talk Table File BioWare
LG TV Link-Loader File LG Electronics
SPSS TableLooks File IBM
Tulip Software Graph Format David Auber and Patrick Mary
TuneUp Utilities Logon Screen TuneUp Corporation
Standard Dictionary File N/A
Tar LZMA Compressed File Lzip
LZMA Compressed Tar Archive N/A
TeXmacs Document GNU
PlayStation 2 Graphic N/A
Theta Music Composer 1.x Audio File Theta Music Composer
Timbuktu Pro Connection Document Netopia
TextMate Bundle File MacroMates
Theta Music Composer 1.x Audio File Theta Music Composer
TextMaker Document SoftMaker Software
Bryce Time File DAZ Productions
TextMate Language Grammar File MacroMates
3DCG Animation and Pose File 3D Custom Girl
Temporary File N/A
Xfire User Interface Template Xfire
TextMate Project File MacroMates
TextMate Project MacroMates
Apimac Timer Document Apimac Intuitive Software
Telemate Script Telemate
TextMate Theme File MacroMates
TextMaker Template SoftMaker Software
Translation Memory Data File SDL
Translation Memory Exchange File Localization Industry Standards Association
Theme Manager Zip File Theme Manager
LG Phone Image LG
Tiny Low Resolution Image Atari
Tiny Medium Resolution Image Atari
Tiny High Resolution Image Atari
Manga Studio Tone File Smith Micro
Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format Microsoft
TI-Nspire Document Texas Instruments
TI-Nspire PublishView Document Texas Instruments
Atari Tiny Image Atari
Toast Disc Image Roxio
Eudora Table of Contents QUALCOMM
JVC Everio Video Capture File JVC
AOL Tool File America Online
TopSolid Design Document Missler Software
TopicCrunch Project File TopicCrunch
TopSolid Project File Missler Software
Star Wars: The Old Republic Asset File LucasArts
BitTorrent File BitTorrent
Totals Database Backup File Kedisoft
Totals Database File Kedisoft
Totals Invoice Layout File Kedisoft
Totals Synchronized Database File Kedisoft
Beyond TV Transport Stream File SnapStream Media
Mascom PVR Video File Squared 5
Harvard Graphics DOS Template File Harvard Graphics
RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Picture File Chris Sawyer Productions
ThemePark Project File GeekSpiff
GROMACS Binary Input File Gromacs
Topic Connection Placeholder G&A M.C.
Cyberlink TOD Video File CyberLink
Transit NXT Pack Translation File STAR Group
EDIUS Plugin File Thomson
Document Template N/A
Trusted Platform Module Password File Microsoft
TMPGEnc Project File PEGASYS
Clarion TopSpeed Data File Clarion
Turbo Pascal Unit Borland
DeLorme Topo Project File DeLorme
Kindle Topaz eBook File Amazon
TomeRaider 2 eBook File TomeRaider
TomeRaider eBook File TomeRaider
WinTrack Railroad Track File WinTrack
VMware ThinApp Trace Log File VMware
Traktor Content Pack File Native Instruments
Corel CONNECT Tray File Corel
Oracle Trace File Oracle
TrID Definitions Package TrID
FaceGen Polygonal Model File Singular Inversions
Tiled Raster Interchange Format Tiling Task Group
CompeGPS Land Track File CompeGPS TEAM
FTR Media File ForTheRecord
SQL Server Transaction Log Backup File Microsoft
HD Video Transport Stream N/A
Rosetta Stone Language Data File Rosetta Stone
Rigs of Rods Truck Definition File N/A
Visual Studio Test Results File Microsoft
Windows Startup File Microsoft
Video Transport Stream File N/A
VirtualBus Texture Description File VirtualBus
TINA Design File DesignSoft
Strater Template File Golden Software
Traktor Settings File Native Instruments
Pocket PC Skin N/A
TwinCAT System Manager Configuration File Beckhoff Automation
Digital TV DVR Recording N/A
TestPoint Test File Measurement Computing
SwarmPlayer Streaming Torrent p2p-next consortium
Tab Separated Values File N/A
Trillian Skin File Cerulean Studios
Visual Studio Text Template Microsoft
TurboTax Canada 2010 Tax Return Intuit Canada
TurboTax Canada 2011 Tax Return Intuit
TurboTax Canada 2012 Tax Return Intuit
TurboTax 2012 State Tax Form Intuit
True Audio File True Audio Software
Telltale Games Archive Telltale Games
Canadian TurboTax 2010 Backup File Intuit Canada
TrueType Font Collection N/A
Private Character Editor File Microsoft
TrueType Font Apple
Catalyst Translation Toolkit Alchemy Software Development
TatukGIS Project File TatukGIS
Tower Toppler Mission File Tower Toppler
ToolBook Translation System File SumTotal Systems
Trados TagEditor File SDL
MPEG-4 Timed Text Subtitles File ISO/IEC
Turing Source File Holt Software
Paint Shop Pro Picture Tube Corel
LEGO Racers Audio File High Voltage Software
Turing Program Source File Holt Software
Children of the Nile Tutorial File Tilted Mill Entertainment
TrueView Job Ticket basICColor
TurboTax File N/A
TitanTV Television Listing File Decisionmark
TeamViewer Video Session File TeamViewer
TitanTV Television Listing File Decisionmark
Tableau Workbook File Tableau Software
Tableau Packaged Workbook Tableau Software
TTWin Configuration File Turbosoft
theWord Module theWord Bible Software
Carmageddon 2 Data File N/A
theWord Compressed Archive Module theWord Bible Software
theWord Compressed Archive Module theWord Bible Software
Midas ViewPoint Text Array List Sentel Advance
Game Texture Dictionary Renderware
Tax Exchange Format N/A
MySpaceIM Conversation Log File
Plain Text File N/A
CommScope Teletilt Control System Report CommScope
Yamaha TX16W Audio File N/A
XZ Compressed Tar Archive Tukaani
Compressed Text File N/A
Typinator Set Import File Ergonis Software
TypeIt4Me Clippings File Ettore Software
Typinator Set File Ergonis Software
Zipped Tar Archive N/A
ZX Spectrum Tape Image File N/A