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Filändelse Fil beskriving Tillverkare/Producent
Pascal Source Code N/A
GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image N/A
Certificate Request File N/A
Personal Information Exchange File RSA Laboratories
Express STEP Data Model File N/A
Power2Go Project File CyberLink
Power2Go Disc Image CyberLink
PhotoWorks Appearance File Dassault Systemes
FolderShare Placeholder File Microsoft
PCSX2 Saved State PCSX2
Compressed Poser Pose File Smith Micro
Primavera P3 Project File Oracle
Peak3D 3D Graphics File PeakWork
Photoshop Repousse Settings File Adobe Systems
Adobe Photoshop Light Preset File Adobe Systems
Adobe Photoshop Material Preset File Adobe Systems
Adobe Photoshop Render Settings Preset File Adobe Systems
PlayStation 3 Theme File Sony
Perl 6 Source Code File N/A
PageMaker 6.5 Document Adobe Systems
PKCS #7 Digital Certificate File N/A
PKCS #7 Certificate File N/A
PKCS #7 Certificate File N/A
Digitally Encrypted Message N/A
Certificate Request Response File N/A
Digitally Signed Email Message N/A
Win96 Database File N/A
Win97 Database File N/A
Print Artist Project Nova Development
Personal Address Book Microsoft
Proxy Auto-Config File Netscape
Pack200 Packed Jar File Oracle
Pack200 Compressed Archive Oracle
Electronic Arts Game Package File Electronic Arts
ACT! Database Pointer File The Sage Group
PowerArchiver Encrypted Archive ConeXware
Personal Ancestral File Intellectual Reserve
.paf.exe Program File The Project
HybridJava Web Page HybridServerPages Group
Pages Document Apple
Pages iCloud Document Apple
PAK (Packed) File N/A
PAKM Package File Janki Software
Painter Custom Palettes File Corel
Poweramp Album Art File Poweramp
Panorama Database File ProVUE Development
Pando File N/A
Pandora Android App Executable N/A
Kernel Panic File N/A
PanoramaStudio Project File tshsoft
Corel Painter Paper Texture File Corel
Hewlett-Packard Software Restore File Hewlett-Packard
PAQ6 Data Archive N/A
PAQ7 Data Archive N/A
PAQ8 Data Archive PAQ
PAQ8F Compressed Archive N/A
Parchive Index File Parchive
Parchive 2 Index File Parchive
Partially Downloaded File N/A
WinOptimizer Split Archive Part 1 Ashampoo
Internet Explorer Partially Downloaded File Microsoft
Partimage File N/A
Pascal Source File Niklaus Wirth
PasswordWallet 4 Data File Selznick Scientific Software
Pattern File N/A
Pawaa File Pawaa Software
PureBasic Source File Fantaisie
.pba Basic Protected Module File Oracle
AT&T Phonebook File AT&T
EaseUS Todo Backup File CHENGDU Yiwo Tech Development
Paragon Backup File Paragon Software Group
Pixel Bender Graph File Adobe Systems
PC BSD Installer Package N/A
Pixel Bender Bytecode File Adobe Systems
Dial-Up Phone Book File Microsoft
Portable Bitmap Image N/A
Portable Bridge Notation File N/A
Packed Bohemia Object Bohemia Interactive
PSP Firmware Update File Sony
Project Builder Project Apple
Personal Backup Script Intego
Xcode Auto-Complete File Apple
Xcode Project Data File Apple
Personal Backup Script Intego
Xcode Project User Data File Apple
Personal Composer File Personal Composer
Degas Elite Low Res Image File Degas
Degas Elite Medium Res Image File Degas
AutoCAD Plotter Configuration File Autodesk
PowerCADD 6 Drawing File Engineered Software
PowerCADD 7 Drawing File Engineered Software
Perfect Clarity Audio File Sony
Packet Capture Data Wireshark
Pcap-NG Packet Capture File N/A
iTunes Podcast File Apple
Printed Circuit Board Design File N/A
Mass Effect Package Electronic Arts
Kodak Photo CD Image File Kodak
TurboGrafx-16 ROM N/A
Valve Particle System File Valve
Korg Instrument Bank File Korg
Precompiled Header File N/A
System Center Configuration Manager Package File Microsoft
Printer Command Language Document HP
Pulse Code Modulation N/A
Windows Installer Patch Creation Properties File Microsoft
PCMark Vantage Benchmark File FutureMark
Pfaff Embroidery File Pfaff
Mass Effect 2 Saved Game Electronic Arts
PCSX Saved State File PCSX
Picture File Apple
Kaspersky Parental Control Settings File Kaspersky Lab
MozBackup Profile Backup MozBackup
Paintbrush Bitmap Image File ZSoft
FlexiSIGN 5 Plotter Document SA International
Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File Microsoft
Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File Microsoft
PDAStore Data Store File hfrmobile
Program Database N/A
Lizard Safeguard Secure PDF File LockLizard
Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image Adobe Systems
Processing Development Environment Source Code File Processing
ProntoDoc for Excel Conventional Document Step Function
Portable Document Format File Adobe Systems
PDF Index Generator Project File PDF Colony Software
Adobe PDF Presets File Adobe Systems
Adobe PDFXML Document Adobe Systems
Print Shop Deluxe Design File Broderbund
ProntoDoc for Word Browser Display Document Template Step Function
InstantCopy Disc Image N/A
Perl Data Language File The PDL Team
VB Project Information File Microsoft
Paint.NET Image File Rick Brewster
Pepakura Designer File Tama Software
Adobe Portable Document Format File Adobe Systems
Windows Port Driver N/A
PowerDirector Script File CyberLink
ProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document Template Step Function
ProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document Step Function
Adobe Acrobat Index File Adobe Systems
ProntoDoc for Word Structured Text Document Template Step Function
Photo Explorer Thumbnail Archive Ulead
PEA File Archive PeaZip
Steinberg Peak File Steinberg
ProEST+ Buildings File AEC Logic Private Limited
Brother Embroidery File Brother International Corporation
Pentax Electronic File Pentax
Peggle Replay File PopCap Games
Peggle Nights Replay File PopCap Games
Adobe Peak Waveform File Adobe Systems
Privacy Enhanced Mail Certificate N/A
Logitech io2 Drawing Logitech
TurboProject Project File Office Work Software
Age of Empires Personality File Microsoft
Performance Monitor Configuration File Microsoft
Brother Embroidery Format N/A
Puppy Linux Install Package Barry Kauler
Merak Peep Data File Merak
Prezi Desktop Presentation Prezi
Private File Smith Micro
Printer Font ASCII File N/A
Printer Font Binary File Adobe Systems
AOL Personal File Cabinet AOL
Micrografx Optima! File iGrafx
Formatta Portable Form File Access
jEEPers Program Configuration File Dave2
PhotoFiltre Studio Image PhotoFiltre Studio
PDFill Project File PlotSoft
Printer Font Metrics File N/A
Portable Font Resource File Bitstream
PhotoFiltre Studio Saved Selection File Antonio Da Cruz
PhotoFiltre Studio Vectorial Path Antonio Da Cruz
PKCS #12 Certificate File N/A
PGP Disk Image Symantec
Progressive Graphics File ETH Zurich
Video Recording File N/A
Portable Gray Map Image N/A
Portable Game Notation File N/A
PGP Security Key PGP
Password Generator Password File
Pokémon Gift File Pokemon Mystery Gift Editor
Hopedot VOS Data File Hopedot Technologies
Perl Header File N/A
PHP Archive Greg Beaver
Motorola Phone Book File Motorola
PhotoDirector Project File CyberLink
Kindle Popular Highlights File Amazon
Pro Home Manager Data File Pro Home Manager
Algodoo Phun Phunlet Algoryx Simulation
Gerber Photoplot File Ucamco
iPhoto Photo Library Apple
Roxio PhotoShow Project Sonic Solutions
PHP Source Code File N/A
PHP 3 Web Page N/A
PHP 4 Web Page N/A
PHP 5 Web Page N/A
RoboHelp Phrase List Adobe Systems
PHP-Based Web Page N/A
PHP Web Page N/A
3ds Max Physique File Autodesk
Aleph One Physics File Bungie Studios
Algodoo Phun Compressed Phunlet Algoryx Simulation
Pi Calculation Data File 10101
Degas Low Resolution Image File Degas
Portrait Innovations Photo Portrait Innovations
Degas High Resolution Image File Degas
DEGAS Image Atari
DEGAS Bitmap Image Atari
DEGAS Bitmap Image File Atari
Generic Picture File N/A
Python Pickle File Python
Houdini 3D Compositing Image Side Effects Software
Picture File Apple
Picture Clipping File Apple
Process ID File N/A
GlovePIE Controller Script Carl Kenner
Program Information File N/A
Descent Texture File Interplay
Packaged Indigo Renderer Material File Glare Technologies
Packaged Indigo Renderer Scene File Glare Technologies
Pika Software Builder Project File Pika Software
Pro Tools Controller Plug-in Mappings File Avid Technology
MNS Projection Information File Sapper Oy
Pro Tools I/O Settings File Avid Technology
Office Personalized Settings File Microsoft
PIPE-FLO Demo Project File Engineered Software
PIPE-FLO Project File Engineered Software
PS2DIS Project File ps2dis
PackIt Compressed Archive N/A
Pivot Stickfigure Animation Pivot
PCI Geomatics Database File PCI Geomatics
Pixadex Icon The Iconfactory
Zipped File N/A
Project64 Saved State File Project64
xPlan Projector Document adnx
Progressive JPEG Image N/A
Progressive JPEG Image N/A
Phoenix Subtitles File Phoenix Japanimation Society
FoxPro Project Memo N/A
FoxPro Project Microsoft
Audition Peak File Adobe Systems
Silkroad Online Game Data File Joymax
Quake 3 Engine Game Data File Id Software
Doom 3 Engine Game Data File id Software
Packet Tracer Activity File Cisco
Oracle Package Body File Oracle
PowerKey Encrypted File Elcor Software
Audition Peak File Adobe
Mac OS X Installer Package Apple
Oracle Package File Oracle
Pokémon Saved Game Data File Pokesav
Passbook Pass File Apple
Oracle Package Spec File Oracle
Packet Tracer Network Simulation Model Cisco
Perl Script N/A
3D Home Architect Foundation Floor Plan Broderbund
3D Home Architect Floor Plan Broderbund
3D Home Architect Second Level Floor Plan Broderbund
ArchiCAD Project Archive Graphisoft
Calligra Plan Document Calligra
Gnome Planner File The GNOME Project
CyberLink PowerDVD Playlist CyberLink
MissionPlayer Game File Immersive Education
Souptoys Playset File Souptoys
PL/B Source File Sunbelt
Messenger Plus! Live Encrypted Log File Patchou
Papyrus License File Papyrus Software
Sibelius Plug-in Avid Technology
PL/I Source Code File IBM
Mac OS X Property List File Apple
ArchiCAD Project File GRAPHISOFT
Adobe Prelude Project File Adobe Systems
rFactor Player File Image Space
Audio Playlist N/A
Messenger Plus! Live Script File N/A
Messenger Plus! Live Skin Pack Patchou
SmartMusic Playlist MakeMusic
AutoCAD Plotter Document N/A
Safari Page Load Test Suite File Apple
Mac OS X Plug-in N/A
PicoLog Data File Pico Technology
Perl Executable File N/A
Polygon Model File Stanford University
Perl Module N/A
PageMaker 3 Document N/A
PageMaker 4 Document Adobe Systems
PageMaker 5.0 Document Adobe Systems
PageMaker 6.0 Document Adobe Systems
Priority Matrix Project File Appfluence
Performance Monitor Counter File Microsoft
PageMaker Document Adobe Systems
ESRI Published Map File ESRI
Adobe Photoshop Photomerge Panoramic Composition File Adobe Systems
Pegasus Mail Configuration File David Harris
Process Monitor Log File Sysinternals
Zipped Palm Markup Language File Palm
Pegasus Mail Mailbox File David Harris
Broderbund Print Meta Object File Broderbund
AutoCAD Plot Model Parameter File Autodesk
Microsoft Target Analyzer File Microsoft
Avid Persisent Media Record File Avid Technology
PlanMaker Spreadsheet Template SoftMaker Software
Powernoodle File Powernoodle
PhatNoise Audio File PhatNoise
PCSX2 Patch File PCSX2
Precompiled INF File N/A
Portable Network Graphic N/A
Popnoggin Image File Popspring
Portable Any Map Image N/A
Windows 8 Piano Song Microsoft
PNG Stereo Image N/A
MacPaint File Apple
MacPaint Graphic File Apple
Panorama Database Set ProVUE Development
Portable Object N/A
Kindle Touch Periodical File N/A
Photo Pos Pro Vector Object File Power Of Software
Perl POD File N/A
Descent Robot Definition File N/A
Descent 2 Texture Modification N/A
Magellan Maestro Point of Interest File Magellan
Windows Policy File Microsoft
Maven Build File The Apache Project
Team Fortress 2 Population File Valve
SPSS Portable File SPSS
Trimble Position File Trimble Navigation
LIGHT File Light of Creativity
TomTom Postal Code File TomTom International
PowerPoint Template Microsoft
PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Template Microsoft
PowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template Microsoft
POV-Ray Raytracing Format Persistence of Vision Raytracer
Pocket Physics Sketch File Pocket Physics
Poser Prop File Smith Micro
Picture Publisher Bitmap File Corel
Picture Publisher 5 Image File Corel
PowerPoint Add-in Microsoft
PowerPoint 2007 Add-In N/A
Mobile Data Studio Project File CreativityCorp
Adobe Presenter Presentation Audio File Adobe Systems
PostScript Printer Description File Adobe Systems
Edgecam Pathtrace Part File Planit Software
Premiere 6 Project File Adobe Systems
PuTTY Private Key File PuTTY
Free Pascal Dynamic Library Free Pascal
Portable Pixmap Image File N/A
Papers Please Mod File Lucas Pope
Nokia PPM Flash File Nokia
Serif PagePlus Document Serif
Project Planner Reader File Accord Software & Systems
PowerPoint Slide Show Microsoft
PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide Show Microsoft
PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show Microsoft
PowerPoint Presentation Microsoft
PowerPoint HTML Presentation Microsoft
PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Microsoft
Microsoft PowerPoint MIME HTML Presentation Microsoft
PowerPoint Open XML Presentation Microsoft
Free Pascal Unit File Free Pascal
Serif PagePlus Template File Serif
Compressed Poser Prop File Smith Micro
Puzzle Quest Saved Game Infinite Interactive
PowerQuest Drive Image Symantec
Windows Media 9 Plug-in Profile File Microsoft
xyAlgebra Probabilities File xyAlgebra
Mobipocket eBook File Mobipocket
SoftMaker Presentations Document SoftMaker Software
Lotus Freelance Graphics File IBM
Preferences File N/A
Unity Prefab File Unity Technologies
Mac OS X System Preference Pane Apple
MMORPG Tycoon Preferences File VectorStorm
Premiere Elements Project File Adobe Systems
Outlook Profile File Microsoft
Premiere Pro Effect Preset File Adobe Systems
Program File N/A
Qt Project Include File Nokia
Windows Printer Migration File Microsoft
Prison Architect Saved Game Introversion Software
Project File N/A
Thrillville Park File LucasArts
Parameter File N/A
Printable File N/A
Qt Project File Nokia
ProPresenter 4 Document Renewed Vision
ProPresenter DVD Clips Document Renewed Vision
ProPresenter Playlist File Renewed Vision
ProPresenter Playlist Bundle Renewed Vision
ProPresenter 4 Bundle File Renewed Vision
ProPresenter 5 Document Renewed Vision
ProPresenter DVD Clips Document Renewed Vision
ProPresenter Playlist File Renewed Vision
ProPresenter Playlist Bundle Renewed Vision
ProPresenter 5 Bundle File Renewed Vision
Bash Shell Profile The GNU Project
ProfiMail Settings File Lonely Cat Games
Eclipse Project Settings File Eclipse
Property Description Microsoft
Java Properties File Sun Microsystems
Visual Studio Project Property File Microsoft
ProPresenter Quartz Composition Renewed Vision
Protocol Buffer File Google
Apple Provision Profile Apple
Rational Model Properties File IBM
Premiere Pro Project Adobe Systems
Harvard Graphics Presentation Harvard Graphics
Adobe InDesign Printer Presets File Adobe Systems
Pro/ENGINEER Part File Parametric Technology
Premiere Pro Title File Adobe Systems
Vue Preview File E-on Software
Artlantis Shader Preview File Abvent
Windows Media Profile File Microsoft
Freelance Graphics Presentation File IBM
PostScript File Adobe Systems
Windows PowerShell Cmdlet File Microsoft
Windows PowerShell Display Configuration File Microsoft
PCSX2 Memory Card File PCSX2
Photoshop Album Catalog File Adobe Systems
PSP Update File Sony
Photoshop Large Document Format N/A
Windows PowerShell Console File Microsoft
Adobe Photoshop Document Adobe Systems
Windows PowerShell Data File Microsoft
Midtown Madness 2 City File Microsoft
Photoshop Touch Document Adobe Systems
Photoshop Elements Photo Project Adobe Systems
Visual Studio Performance Session File Microsoft
Adobe InDesign Plug-in Set File Adobe Systems
Photoshop Proof Settings File Adobe Systems
PlayStation Sound Format File N/A
PlayStation Sound Format File N/A
Playstation Sound Format Library N/A
Playstation Sound Format Library N/A
Page Segment File N/A
Photodex Slide Show Photodex
PrimalScript Online Help Shortcut Sapien Technologies
PostScript Image Data File Adobe Systems
Unreal Engine Skeletal Mesh File Epic Games
Protracker Studio Module N/A
Windows PowerShell Script Module File Microsoft
Paint Shop Pro Image File Corel
Paint Shop Photo Pro Brush File Corel
PhotoSuite 5 Project File Sonic Solutions
PaintShop Pro Image Corel
Powersoft Report File Sybase
PlayStation 2 Game Video File Sony
PhotoSuite Slide Show File Sonic Solutions
EGO Engine Textures File Codemasters
Outlook Personal Information Store File Microsoft
EMS PS2 Memory Adapter Save File N/A
PlayStation 2 Save File Sony
Pocket Word Document Microsoft
Password Depot 6 File AceBIT
Password Depot Portable File AceBIT
PlayStation Save File Sony
The Psychedelic Screen Saver Settings File Synthesoft
ZEQ2 Lite Particle Effects File ZEQ2 Project Team
Compressed PostScript File N/A
Panther Project File The Panther Team
Power Tab File N/A
PxTone Audio File Pixel
Pro Tools 7 Session File Avid Technology
ArtRage Painting Ambient Design
4D Path Document N/A
Quicken Online Financial Data File Intuit
Rational Rose Petal File IBM
PolyTracker Module N/A
PaperPort Thumbnail File Nuance Communications
Flash Intro Project File N/A
Pro Tools Session Avid Technology
MapPoint Map Template Microsoft
AutoCAD Publish To Web File Autodesk
Pro Tools 10 Session File Avid Technology
Rational Property Set IBM
E-Transcript Bundle File Thomson West
Publisher Document Microsoft
PlayStation 3 Update File Sony
Purble Pairs Saved Game Microsoft
Purble Place Shop Saved Game Microsoft
Across Lite Crossword Puzzle Literate Software
PVA Video File TechnoTrend
Panasonic VM1 Voice File Panasonic
Instalit Script HPI
ProofVision Job Ticket K-Flow
Private Key File Microsoft
Instalit Library N/A
Parallels Virtual Machine Parallels
Pet ville Save File Zaplots
POWERVR Texture File Imagination Technologies
Parallels Desktop Configuration File Parallels
Password Agent File N/A
PictureTaker File N/A
Pocket Word Document Microsoft
Password Pad Document Tan Thor Jen
Password Pad Lite Document Tan Thor Jen
Counter-Strike PODBot Waypoint File Valve
Pocket Word Document Microsoft
Windows Password List Microsoft
Pawn Source Code File ITB CompuPhase
PhotoWorks Image File Seattle FilmWorks
Password Repository File Tension Software
Painter Workspace File Corel
AutoCAD Publish To Web Template Autodesk
Pixel Image File Pixel
XpressAccounts Data File Proinfocus
Pixelmator Brush File Pixelmator Team
Photodex Cache File Photodex
Pyrex Definition File N/A
Transit XV Pack Project File STAR Group
Pixelmator Gradient File Pixelmator Team
PlexTools Disc Image Plextor
CandyBar Icon Panic
RecordNow Project Roxio
Pocket Excel File Microsoft
Pixelmator Image File Pixelmator Team
Counter-Strike PODBot Experience File Valve
Pixar Image File Pixar
Pixbend Media File Nexilogic
Python Script N/A
Python Compiled File N/A
Python Dynamic Module N/A
PYM Macro Preprocessor File VRVis Research
Python Optimized Code N/A
Python GUI Source File N/A
Pyrex Source Code File N/A
Poser Pose File Smith Micro
Poser Scene File Smith Micro
PhotoSuite Album File Sonic Solutions
Tibo Jigs@w Puzzle File Tibo Software
PhotoSuite Project File Sonic Solutions
PhotoSuite Slide Show File Sonic Solutions
Compressed Poser Scene File Smith Micro