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Extensão de arquivo Descrição do arquivo Criador/Produtor
Lex Source File Mike Lesk
EnCase Logical Evidence File Guidance Software
Black & White Graphics File Lionhead Studios
Cinema 4D Layout File MAXON Computer
Line 6 Tone File Line 6
Lossless Audio File La
WordPerfect Label Definition File Corel
Laby Level File Laby
Microsoft Access Lock File Microsoft
Minecraft Language File Mojang
LIDAR Data Exchange File ASPRS
Lasso Database-Driven Web Page LassoSoft
Minecraft User Credential File N/A
LaTeX Document N/A
DVD Studio Pro Layout File Apple
Code::Blocks Workspace Layout File Code Blocks
Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder Saved Link Curry K. Software
Dreamweaver Library Item Adobe Systems
NiceLabel Template File Euro Plus
Deluxe Paint Bitmap Image Electronic Arts
LU Library Archive N/A
Omnis Library Raining Data
FoxPro Label Memo N/A
Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder Settings File Curry K. Software
FoxPro Label File Microsoft
Living Cookbook Backup File Radium Technologies
Capture One Lens Cast Correction File Phase One
CDSpace Emulated Disk Image Space International
ArchiCAD Library Container File Graphisoft
Program Lock File N/A
Lipikar Custom Map File Lipikar
License File Trymedia Systems, Inc.
Lingoes Dictionary File Lingoes Project
Microsoft Access Lock File Microsoft
SQL Server Transaction Log File Microsoft
LDAP Data Interchange Format File N/A
VolumeViz Multi-Resolution Volume File Visualization Sciences Group
LDraw Model File LDraw.org
Binutils LD Linker Script The GNU Project
Eulumdat Formatted Luminaire Data File DIAL
Virtual Villagers Saved Game File LDW Software
LEN Exchange Format File N/A
DaveTech Legal Document DaveTech
LemonShare.net Download LemonShare.net
LESS Style Sheet Alexis Sellier
Undeliverable Mail File N/A
Adobe Linguistic Library Data File Adobe Systems
Alchemy Low Frequency Oscillator Presets File Camel Audio
Samsung Phone params.lfs File Samsung
SimpleK Database File Prosystech
PMSCAN Log File Palmer Performance
HMI Historical Log File N/A
Multimedia Logic File Softronics
LeechGet Download List LeechGet
Logo Instructions File Softronics
Final Fantasy Media Archive Square Enix
LHARC Compressed Archive N/A
Quicken Financial Life for Mac File Intuit
Literate Haskell Script N/A
Live Interior 3D Document BeLight Software
Generic Data Library N/A
Windows Library Description File Microsoft
Software License File N/A
iPartition License Key File Coriolis Systems
Visual Studio Licensed Classes File Microsoft
Visual Studio License File Microsoft
Kodak EasyShare Album File Kodak
Leica Image File Leica Microsystems
LIGHT File Light of Creativity
PCSX2 LilyPad Configuration File The PCSX2 Team
AutoCAD Linetype File Autodesk
iPod Link File N/A
iPod Links Folder N/A
Bethesda Softworks Lip Sync File Bethesda Softworks
SQR Output File N/A
Lisp Source Code File N/A
JAR Index File Oracle
eBook File Microsoft
Symantec Antivirus Session File Symantec
Symantec LiveUpdate File Symantec
Logos Library System File Logos Bible Software
Live Interior 3D Compressed Document BeLight Software
Lossless JPEG Image Joint Photographic Experts Group
List & Label Preview File Combit
LabVIEW Library File National Instruments
Linden Lab Mesh File Linden Research
LabVIEW VI Library Backup File National Instruments
Sothink Logo Maker Image SourceTec Software
LenMus Score File LenMus
RPG Maker Map File Enterbrain
Landmark Exchange File Nokia
3D Landscape File Upperspace
Language Application Support File N/A
Windows File Shortcut Microsoft
Adobe InDesign Line Presets File Adobe Systems
PC-lint/FlexeLint Configuration File Gimpel Software
Atari Lynx ROM N/A
Interleaf Compiled Lisp File BroadVision
GTK+ Loaders File N/A
GPS Location File N/A
WebKit Local Storage Data File The WebKit Open Source Project
Lock File N/A
Mac OS X PLIST Lock File Apple
Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Graphics File Ubisoft
Audacity File List Audacity
Log File N/A
Windows Registry Hive Log File Microsoft
Windows Registry Hive Log 2 File Microsoft
Logic Pro Project File Apple
LogonStudio Windows Vista Logon Screen Stardock
LogonStudio Windows XP Logon Screen Stardock
LOLCODE Source Code FIle Adam Lindsay
SpeedGrade Look File Adobe Systems
Smadav Virus Definitions File Smadsoft
MasterCook Layout File ValuSoft
Lightscape Preparation File Autodesk
iLEAP Word Processing Document C-DAC
LP7 Digitally Signed File Lex Persona
LaserTank Replay File JEK Software
Lookout Protocol Driver File National Instruments
Librarian Pro Database File Koingo Software
Localized PDF File Apple
ArcGIS Layer Package ESRI
LPMD Molecular Data File LPMD
LabelPrint Project File CyberLink
Localized Project Folder N/A
Bryce Leaf Shape File DAZ Productions
SQ Compressed LBR Archive N/A
Liquid Audio File Liquid Digital Media
Lyrics File N/A
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Catalog File Adobe Systems
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Data File Adobe Systems
Photoshop Lightroom Database Adobe Systems
Inter-Tel Web Conference Recording Inter-Tel
Sony Portable Reader File Sony
Photoshop Lightroom Plug-in Adobe Systems
Librie Reader Source File N/A
Photoshop Lightroom Smart Collection Settings File Adobe Systems
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Template Adobe Systems
Low Resolution Video File GoPro
Photoshop Lightroom Web Gallery File Adobe Systems
Sony Portable Reader File Sony
LightWave LScript File NewTek
Band-in-a-Box Third-Party Styles File PG Music
RPG Maker Game Save File Enterbrain
Logos Library System File Logos Bible Software
LightScribe Label Hewlett-Packard
Finale Lesson File MakeMusic
Logic Audio Project Apple
Lisp Program Source Code File N/A
Visual Studio LightSwitch Project Microsoft
LANsurveyor Report N/A
Data List N/A
LANsurveyor Map N/A
RPG Maker Saved Game File Enterbrain
Streaming Media Shortcut Microsoft
Poser Light Set File Smith Micro
Laser App Temp Form File Laser App Software
LaserTank Graphics File JEK Software
Letter File N/A
LaTeX Document N/A
Compressed Poser Light Set File Smith Micro
Lua Source File N/A
Norton LiveUpdate Log File Symantec
Lipikar Uniform Format File Lipikar
RadioRA Essentials Project Database Lutron Electronics
RadioRA 2 Essentials Project Database Lutron Electronics
Lux Map File Sillysoft
Logitech Video Effects Avatar File Logitech
Logitech Video Effects File Logitech
Lvivtotoro Encrypted Game File Lvivtotoro
Game Level File N/A
LabVIEW Measurement File National Instruments
Avaya Voice Player Audio File Avaya
Livewire Document New Wave Concepts
Lightwright File John McKernon Software
Adobe Type 1 Mac Font File Adobe Systems
LightWave 3D Object File NewTek
Lotus Word Pro Document IBM
LightWave 3D Scene File NewTek
LimeWire Theme Pack LimeWire
Linguistically Enhanced Sound File Microsoft
Microsoft Speech Lexicon File Microsoft
LCARS x32 Color Profile LCARS x32
LEGO Digital Designer Model File LEGO
LEGO Digital Designer XML File LEGO
Luxology modo 3D Image Luxology
Liquid XML Studio Project Options File Liquid Technologies
Liquid XML Studio Project File Liquid Technologies
LilyPond File GNU
bestIMAGE Compressed Design File Stork Prints
ArcView Layer File ESRI
Adminsoft Document Layout File Adminsoft
LyX Document LyX
Lzip Compressed File Lzip
LZH Compressed File N/A
Slax Module Slax
LZMA Compressed File N/A
LZO Compressed File N/A
Amiga LZX Compressed File N/A