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Extensão de arquivo Descrição do arquivo Criador/Produtor
D Source Code File N/A
VirtualDrive Disc Image Part File FarStone Technology
VirtualDrive Disc Image Part 2 File FarStone Technology
Diablo 2 Save File Blizzard Entertainment
Game Maker 3D File YoYo Games
Call of Duty Map File Activision
Datel Video File Datel
Commodore 64 Disk Image N/A
Toshiba Pasopia 7 Disk File N/A
Windows Registry Backup File Microsoft
DeepAnalysis Save File HammerTap
PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive PowerISO Computing
RemObjects Data Abstract File Briefcase RemObjects
RemObjects Data Abstract Configuration File RemObjects
RemObjects Data Abstract Connections File RemObjects
SQL Server Data Tier Application Package Microsoft
RemObjects Data Abstract Driver File RemObjects
RemObjects Data Abstract Data Diagrams File RemObjects
Digital Asset Exchange File Sony
Digital Anchor File Telecompute Integrated Systems
Download Accelerator Plus URL List SpeedBit
DeltaMaster Analysis Model Bissantz
Disk at Once CD/DVD Image N/A
Access Data Access Page Microsoft
DAR Disk Archive N/A
DeltaMaster Analysis Session Bissantz
RemObjects Data Abstract Schema File RemObjects
Dashlane Profile Dashlane, Inc.
Data File N/A
Analysis Studio Offline Data File Appricon
Minecraft Level.dat Backup File Mojang
Minecraft World Level File Mojang
Minecraft Level.dat Backup File Mojang
DVR365 Video File DVR365
PSP Compressed ISO Disc Image N/A
Day of the Zombie Map File BrainBox Games
DAZ Studio 3D Scene DAZ Productions
Dragon Age: Origins Game File BioWare
Database File N/A
Norton Nprotect Database File Symantec
SQLite Database Shared Memory File SQLite
SQLite Database Write-Ahead Log File SQLite
Tekla Structures Model File Tekla
dBASE II Database dataBased Intelligence
SQLite Database File SQLite
Palm Datebook Backup File Palm
Skype User Information File Skype
FoxPro Database N/A
DemoShield Project Macrovision
Database File dBASE
FoxPro Debugger Configuration N/A
Debug Symbols File N/A
Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Backup File Sony Ericsson
DAZ Brick Light File DAZ Productions
ColdFusion Server File Adobe Systems
Visual Studio OR Design File Microsoft
DarkBASIC Object The Game Creators
DarkBASIC Professional Project File The Game Creators
Visual Studio Database Project File Microsoft
AutoCAD Query Set Autodesk
DeepBurner Disc Project Astonsoft
SQLBase Database File Unify
Database Text File dBASE
Database Variable Field N/A
Outlook Express E-mail Folder Microsoft
DesignCAD Design File IMSI/Design
DevCad Document DevCad
DesignCAD 2D ASCII Drawing IMSI/Design
DesignCAD 3D ASCII Drawing IMSI/Design
ViaThinkSoft (De)Coder 4 File ViaThinkSoft
DisplayWrite Document IBM
Concordance Database File LexisNexis
DesignCAD Drawing IMSI/Design
DriveCam Video File DriveCam
DRM Content Format File Sony Ericsson
Resolume Deck File Resolume
AutoCAD Dialog Definition File Autodesk
DiskCatalogMaker Thumbnail-Enabled Catalog Fujiwara Software
DiskCatalogMaker Catalog Fujiwara Software
Safetica Free Encrypted Virtual Disk Archive Safetica Technologies
Disc Cover File BeLight Software
Adobe DNG Camera Profile Adobe Systems
Disc Copier Project File Sonic Solutions
Adobe DNG Camera Profile Recipe File Adobe Systems
Dashcode Project Apple
Kodak RAW Image File Kodak
Desktop Color Separation File Quark Software
Adobe InDesign Document Presets File Adobe Systems
Dictionary File N/A
DC++ Partially Downloaded File DC++
Delphi Compiled Unit Embarcadero Technologies
Delphi .NET Compiled Unit File Embarcadero Technologies
FoxPro Database Index N/A
DiskDoubler Archive Symantec
DivX Temporary Video File DivX
Digidesign Database Avid Technology
DivX Descriptor File Daren Softwares
DivX Descriptor 2 File Daren Softwares
GLBasic 3D Data File Dream Design Entertainment
Diamond Directive File Microsoft
Data Definition Language File N/A
Delphi Diagram Portfolio File Embarcadero Technologies
ClarisDraw Drawing Apple
DirectDraw Surface Microsoft
Football Manager Keep Player Data File Sports Interactive
Debian Software Package N/A
Declaration File N/A
Decrypted Microsoft ESD File Microsoft
Dr. Engrave Document Roland
Module-Definition File N/A
Magic: The Gathering Deck File Wizards of the Coast
Video Game Demo File Valve
Windows Dependency File Microsoft
Code::Blocks Dependencies File Code Blocks
Disketch Project File NCH Software
DER Certificate File N/A
Corel Designer File Corel
Battlefield 2 Map Description File Electronic Arts
Microsoft Expression Design Drawing Microsoft
Desktop Shortcut N/A
Windows 8 Desktop Theme Pack File Microsoft
Desktop Entry File N/A
Sage ACT! 5 Email Message Sage
Windows Device Driver File N/A
Xcode Developer Profile Apple
Develve Data File Develve
Device Identification FIle Apple
Device Record Apple
NOOK Device Salt File Barnes & Noble
SoundEdit Recorded Instrument N/A
Dalvik Executable File Google
Omnis Native Datafile Raining Data
Defractor 2 Instrument N/A
Defractor Instrument N/A
RenderWare Model File N/A
Data Flask Grid File Interscape
Dark Flow Project File Invisionsoft
Delphi Form Embarcadero Technologies
Mac OS X Data Fork Font N/A
Fusion Plugin File eyeon
DVD Flick Project DVD Flick
BrainSuite Surface File BrainSuite
Solid Edge Draft Document N/A
iOS DFU File Apple
Drafix CAD File Autodesk
FlashCAD Drawing Database Digitarch
DGCA File Archive Shin-ichi Tsuruta
Delcam 3D Model File Delcam
Visual Studio Directed Graph Document Microsoft
MicroStation Design File Bentley Systems
Dagesh Pro Document TES
Visual Shader Graph File Microsoft
DST Thumbnail File N/A
DHCD Computing Application Data File DHCD Computing
HyperSnap Drawing Hyperionics
GAUSS Data Set Header File Aptech
Dynamic HTML file N/A
Dia Diagram File Dia
Troubleshooting Pack Cabinet File Microsoft
Troubleshooting Pack Configuration File Microsoft
Troubleshooting Pack File Microsoft
Device Independent Bitmap File N/A
Dictionary File N/A
Microsoft Dictionary Proofing File Microsoft
Data Interchange Format Microsoft
Digilink Audio File N/A
Summation Batch Load File CT Summation
DiMAX Firmware Image File Massoth Electronics
Direct Internet Message Encapsulation File N/A
DivX Temporary Video Info File DivX
Adobe Director Movie Adobe Systems
KDE Folder View Properties File KDE
Oracle Discoverer Workbook Oracle
Spybot - Search & Destroy Disabled File Safer Networking
Toast Document Roxio
DISCO Discovery Document Microsoft
DISCO Discovery Output File Microsoft
Linux Virtual Hard Disk N/A
Linux LiveCD Information File N/A
Mac OS X Distribution Script Apple
Active Directory Information Tree File Microsoft
DITA Topic Map File OASIS
DITA Conditions File International Standards Organization
DIVA-GIS Project File N/A
Project DIVA Song File SEGA
DivX-Encoded Movie File DivX
DIVA-GIS Export File N/A
My Drivers Backup Setup File Huntersoft
Description in Zip File N/A
Dynojet Map File Dynoject Research
Ringtone Media Studio DJ Ringtone Project Avanquest Software
DjVu Image LizardTech
DjVu Image LizardTech
DriveLock FDE Disk Key File CenterTools
DiGiTIAL THUNDER Drum Kit File d-lusion interactive media
Zoo Tycoon 2 Data File Microsoft
Download Link Container File N/A
EdLog Compiled Program Campbell Scientific
Digital Line Graph N/A
Dynamic Link Library Microsoft
Akamai Download Manager File Akamai
3ds Max Plug-in Autodesk
Downloadable Sounds File N/A
3ds Max Utility Plug-in File Autodesk
CATIA 4 Export File Dassault Systemes
DIALux Document DIAL
Compressed DLL File Microsoft
DRM Delivery Message Sony Ericsson
ER/Studio Data Model File Embarcadero Technologies
Toad Data Modeler 2 File Charonware
DigitalMicrograph Image Gatan
BYOND Game Executable BYOND
Datamartist Data Canvas File nModal Solutions
SQL Developer Data Modeler File Oracle
Delusion Digital Music File XTracker
Mac OS X Disk Image Apple
Mac OS X Disk Image Part Apple
BYOND Dream Maker Icon File BYOND
DynaScript File Dynascript Technologies
DropMind Mind Map File Seavus
DropMind XML Map Bundle Seavus
Duke Nukem 3D Demo File Apogee Software
Windows Memory Dump Microsoft
Direct Mail Project File e3 Software
BrainVoyager Diffusion Weighted Project File BrainVoyager
Disk Masher Image N/A
Music Disc Creator Project File Sonic Solutions
Roxio MyDVD Project Sonic Solutions
Roxio MyDVD 3D Project Sonic Solutions
Sound Editor Project File Sonic Solutions
DivX Temporary Video Data File DivX
VideoWave Movie Project File Sonic Solutions
VideoWave 3D Movie Project File Sonic Solutions
PhotoSuite Project File Sonic Solutions
VideoWave SlideShow Project File Sonic Solutions
DeLorme Transfer File DeLorme
Direct Mail Template e3 Software
Source Filmmaker Project File Valve
DriverMax Driver Information File Innovative Solutions
Quake 3 Demo File id Software
Wolfenstein 1.00 Demo Movie File Splash Damage
Wolfenstein 1.02 Demo Movie File Splash Damage
Wolfenstein 2.06 Demo Movie File Splash Damage
Duke Nukem 1 Game Data File Apogee Software
Duke Nukem Episode 2 Game File Apogee Software
Duke Nukem Episode 3 Game File Apogee Software
CA Backup and Migration Backup File Computer Associates
Windows Dancer File Microsoft
Netica Text File N/A
Duke Nukem Forever Map File 3D Realms
Digital Negative Image File Adobe Systems
Danmakufu Script Danmakufu
Duke Nukem Forever Save File 3D Realms
Java Servlet N/A
Visual Basic UserDocument N/A
Microsoft Word Document Microsoft
Microsoft Word Document Microsoft
Microsoft Word HTML Document Microsoft
ObjectDock File Stardock
Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Microsoft
Microsoft Word MIME HTML Document Microsoft
Doxygen Document Set File Doxygen
Microsoft Word Open XML Document Microsoft
Microsoft Word XML Document Microsoft
ThinkFree Online Note Document Hancom
GameCube Executable File Nintendo
Dolphin Folder View Settings File Dolphin
Word Document Template Microsoft
Microsoft Word HTML Document Template Microsoft
Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template Microsoft
Word Open XML Document Template Microsoft
Temp File N/A
Partially Downloaded File N/A
MSN Download Settings File Microsoft
Pando Incomplete Download File Pando Networks
Visual Basic Binary UserDocument N/A
DataPower Database File Logotron
DrawPlus Animation File Serif
DataPilot Backup File Susteen
Ovation Pro File David Pilling
Dargon Package The Dargon Project
Nintendo DS Movie File MoonShell
Delphi Package Embarcadero Technologies
Delphi Package Embarcadero Technologies
Delphi Package Library Embarcadero Technologies
Pro Tools Plugin File Digidesign
Depiction Data File Depiction
DrawPlus Drawing File Serif
Delphi Project Embarcadero Technologies
Delphi Project Embarcadero Technologies
Kingsoft Presentation File Kingsoft
Kingsoft Presentation Template Kingsoft
Siemens NX Drafting Standard File Siemens PLM Software
Digital Picture Exchange File SMPTE
Excel Query File Microsoft
DRM Rights Object N/A
OrCAD Drawing File Cadence Design Systems
Artboard Drawing Mapdiva
DrawIt Drawing Bohemian Coding
DRM Rights Object N/A
Dream Animated Wallpaper File Stardock
Delphi Compiled Resource File Embarcadero Technologies
VIZ Render File Autodesk
I-Doser Audio Drug File I-Doser Labs
Gerber Drill Rack File N/A
Cubase Drum Map File Steinberg
Drumlin Fully Secure PDF File Drumlin Security
Drumlin Fully Secure Mobile PDF File Drumlin Security
Delta RPM File The Fedora Project
Data Rescue Scans File Prosoft Engineering
Device Driver N/A
Drawing File N/A
SolidWorks Drawing Template Dassault Systemes
PyDrizzle Data File Space Telescope Science Institute
DAZ Studio 1/2 Script DAZ Productions
Olympus DSS Pro Audio File Olympus
DAZ Studio 3+ Script DAZ Productions
Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Project Wondershare
Nikon Disk Identification File Nikon
AutoCAD Drawing Set Description File Autodesk
DAZ Studio Encrypted Script DAZ Productions
DAZ Studio Asset File DAZ Productions
Control Studio Document New Wave Concepts
DS Game Maker Project Invisionsoft
DAZ Studio Layered Image Set DAZ Productions
Disk Image N/A
DockX Skin Mr. Gecko
Digital Sound Module N/A
Database Source Name File N/A
DAZ Studio Object File DAZ Productions
Visual C++ 6 Project Microsoft
Digital Speech Standard File International Voice Association
AutoCAD Sheet Set File Autodesk
DownloadStudio Incomplete Download Conceiva
DeSmuME Save File DeSmuME
Visual C++ 6 Workspace File Microsoft
Diet Studio XML File Numerical Computing
Directory Synchronizer Project File AJC
Xcode Debug Symbols File Apple
Orchida (OES) Embroidery File Orchida Soft
Mac OS X Folder Settings File Apple
Drum Station Machine State File d-lusion interactive media
DTED Level 0 File National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
DTED Level 1 File National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Windows Live Messenger Emoticon Image File Microsoft
Chain Engineering Database IWIS
DownThemAll! Partially Downloaded File MMIV-MMVII
Document Type Definition File N/A
Domino Temporary File IBM
DigiTrakker Module N/A
Publish-iT Document Poster
DATroniC Data Recording AFT
DTS Encoded Audio File N/A
DTS-HD Master Audio File DTS
DTS Settings File Microsoft
Desktop Wallpaper Morgan Wireless
Documented LaTeX File N/A
Macintosh Data Fork N/A
Action Replay Max DS Save File Datel
Cyberduck Bookmark Cyberduck
Google BreakPad Crash Log File Google
Dungeon Defenders Saved Game File Trendy Entertainment
Readiris Font Dictionary I.R.I.S.
Digital Video File N/A
Microsoft DV-AVI Video File Microsoft
Divinity 2 Data File Larian Studios
Bosch Security Systems CCTV Video File Bosch Security Systems
Dragon Voice Command File Nuance Communications
CloneCD DVD Information File SlySoft
RipIt DVD Package The Little App Factory
iDVD Project File Apple
DVD/CD-R Master Image N/A
DVDStyler Project File DVDStyler
Sony Digital Voice File Sony
Graphic Works Vector Graphic Data Becker
Device Independent Format File N/A
Virtual Library File Dalim
Microsoft Recorded TV Show Microsoft
Microsoft Digital Video Recording Microsoft
DivX Video File DivX
David Whittaker Audio File N/A
Digital Waveform Archiver Audio File DWA coder
Emulex DWC Firmware Update File Emulex
DiamondWare Digital Audio File N/A
DrawWell Document DrawWell Technologies
Design Web Format File Autodesk
Design Web Format XPS File Autodesk
AutoCAD Drawing Database File Autodesk
Dance With Intensity Song File N/A
TurboCAD Drawing Lock File IMSI
Paperless Document Library Mariner Software
Firmware Update File N/A
DarkWave Studio Project File ExperimentalScene
AutoCAD Drawing Standards File Autodesk
Dreamweaver Web Page Template Adobe Systems
DVD MovieFactory Project File Corel
DEC WPS Plus File N/A
Drawing Exchange Binary Autodesk
AutoCAD Data Extraction Template Autodesk
Drawing Exchange Format File Autodesk
Domino XML Language File IBM
DashXL Skin Set File Palmer Performance Engineering
CDBurnerXP Data Compilation File Canneverbe
Protected Macromedia Director Movie Adobe Systems
Deus Ex Saved Game Eidos Interactive
AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Attribute File Autodesk
Xerox Printer Driver Configuration File Xerox
Mach-O Dynamic Library Apple
Dzip File Dzip
The Witcher 2 Game Archive CD Projekt
DirectorZone Menu Template CyberLink
DirectorZone Particle Effect File CyberLink
DirectorZone Title File CyberLink