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Extensão de arquivo Descrição do arquivo Criador/Produtor
Visual Studio Intermediate File Microsoft
DVD Shrink Part 1 File DVD Shrink
DVD Shrink Part 2 File DVD Shrink
DVD Shrink Part 3 File DVD Shrink
Houdini Image 3D File Side Effects
Point Blank Game Data File Zepetto
IUCLID 5 Import/Export File IUCLID
INTUS Audio Archive PCS Systemtechnik
Outlook Internet Account File Microsoft
Inventor Assembly File Autodesk
Intermodulation Analysis System File Professional Wireless
InterBase Database Embarcadero Technologies
IncrediBots 2 Saved Challenge File IncrediBots
IncrediBots 3 Saved Challenge File IncrediBots
iBooks Author Document Apple
iBooks Author Document Template Apple
ImgBurn Project File Lightning UK!
InstantBingoCard Document InstantBingoCard.com
Multi-Touch iBook Apple
IsoBuster Managed Image Information File Smart Projects
Interface Builder Plug-in Apple
IsoBuster Managed Image File Smart Projects
IncrediBots Robot File IncrediBots
Texture and Model File Eidos
Low Resolution Imagic Graphics File Atari
Medium Resolution Imagic Graphics File Atari
High Resolution Imagic Graphics File Atari
IC3D Scene File IronCAD
Citrix ICA File Citrix
iCalendar File N/A
iCalendar File N/A
iCal Event File Apple
iCal To Do File Apple
InCopy Package File Adobe Systems
Targa ICB Bitmap Image Avid Technology
iCal Backup File Apple
ICC Profile N/A
Installable Client Driver File Microsoft
ICE File Archive N/A
Zoom Router Configuration File Zoom Telephonics
Image Comparer Gallery File Bolide Software
iChat Saved Chat Log Apple
Windows Icon Library File Microsoft
Image Color Matching Profile N/A
InCopy Assignment File Adobe Systems
InCopy Document Adobe Systems
Windows Icon File N/A
Mac OS X Icon Resource File Apple
Icon File N/A
Icon Image File N/A
IconPackager Theme File Stardock
CandyBar iContainer File Panic
IconUtils Project File Aha-Soft
Image Comparer Results File Bolide Software
iCalendar File N/A
iCursor Effect File GioFX
Lotus Notes User ID File IBM
Windows Live Messenger Emoticon File Microsoft
Adobe InDesign Assignment Package Adobe Systems
Visual Studio Intermediate Debug File Microsoft
Internet Database Connector File Microsoft
Inventor iFeature File Autodesk
Adobe Ideas Document Adobe Systems
MIDI Instrument Definition File N/A
Interface Definition Language File Microsoft
Adobe InDesign Lock File Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Markup Language File Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Snippet Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Package for GoLive File Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Preflight Profile Adobe Systems
Windows Installer Database Text Archive File Microsoft
Inventor Design View File Autodesk
Inventor Drawing Autodesk
Movie Subtitle File N/A
Runescape Cache Index File Jagex
Runescape Cache File Jagex
IES Photometric Data File Illuminating Engineering Society
Procedimientos-Uno IFWin Project File Procedimientos-Uno
iFaith SHSH File iH8sn0w
Industry Foundation Classes File BuildingSMART
Industry Foundation Classes XML File N/A
Compessed IFC File N/A
InForm Document Fly Software
Interchange File Format Electronic Arts
3ds Max Image File List Autodesk
DVD-Video Disc Information File N/A
GTA Animation File Rockstar Games
InfoSlips Package InfoSlips
INTUS Firmware File PCS Systemtechnik
Anime List Builder Input File IGC
SuiteProfiler Color Map File Dana Foy
Indigo Renderer Material File Glare Technologies
INTUS Graph Mask Archive PCS Systemtechnik
RoboHelp Ignore List File Adobe Systems
Igor Published Music Notation File NoteHeads
Igor Engraver File NoteHeads
IGES Drawing File N/A
iGrafx Document Template iGrafx
iGrafx Document iGrafx
IN-HEH Timeline Workspace IN-HEH
IN-HEH Timeline Database IN-HEH
IconWorkshop Extended Information File Axialis Software
Intuit Interchange Format File Intuit
CleanSweep Installation Log N/A
iMacro Macro File iOpus
Install Creator Pro Project File Clickteam
Phase One RAW Image Phase One
Install Creator Project File Clickteam
Translation Memory Index File SDL
CryENGINE IK Animation File Crytek
INTUS Keyboard File PCS Systemtechnik
Interleaved Bitmap Image Electronic Arts
QuickSilver Document BroadVision
Incremental Linking File Microsoft
Sage ACT! Email Message Sage
Apple Disk Image N/A
IMAP Mailbox Apple
GIS Image Metadata File N/A
Windows Input Method Editor File Microsoft
Id Music File id Software
Macintosh Disk Image Apple
iPhone IMG3 File Apple
Aleph One Image File Bungie Studios
Magellan Map File Magellan
JFIF Bitmap Image Pegasus Image Corporation
IntelliJ IDEA Module JetBrains
GTK+ Module File N/A
iMovie Project File Apple
iMovie Project Apple
Audition Impulse File Adobe Systems
Impromptu Report File IBM
My Time Data File Intuit
iMelody Ringtone File N/A
WinImage Compressed Disk Image Gilles Vollant
Spyware File N/A
Include File N/A
InCopy CS3 Assignment File Adobe Systems
InCopy Document Adobe Systems
InCopy CS3 Package File Adobe Systems
InCopy Template Adobe Systems
InCopy CS3 Interchange File Adobe Systems
Memory Stick Formatting File Sony
Adobe InDesign Book File Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Document Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Plug-in Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Shortcut Set File Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Library Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign CS3 Package File Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Snippet File Adobe Systems
Adobe InDesign Template Adobe Systems
Internet Location N/A
Setup Information File N/A
ZoomBrowser Image Index File Canon
Microsoft InfoPath Form Microsoft
Windows Driver Information Cache File Microsoft
MasterCook Ingredients File N/A
Windows Initialization File N/A
Mimio Ink Data File Mimio
C++ Inline File Microsoft
Adobe InDesign Lock File Adobe Systems
FaxMaster Document N/A
Adobe InDesign Menu Set File Adobe Systems
Arduino Sketch File Arduino
Abaqus Input File Dassault Systemes
Time Machine Backup Progress File Apple
Internet Settings File Microsoft
SGI Integer Image Silicon Graphics
Apple Internet Connect Document Apple
INVedit File Copyboy
Adobe InDesign Interchange File Adobe Systems
Advanced SystemCare Rollback File IObit
File Description File N/A
Mac OS X IOPLIST File Apple
IconPackager Theme File Stardock
iPhoto Alias File Apple
iPhone Carrier Bundle Apple
Intellisense Precompiled Header File Microsoft
BlackBerry Backup File Research In Motion
SMS Installer Script Microsoft
iPod Game File Apple
iPhoto Library File Apple
iPhoto Print Project Apple
iPick Football Image iPick Sports
Inventor Project File Autodesk
Itsy Package N/A
GTA Item Placement File Rockstar Games
iPhoto Library Archive Document Apple
Apple iPhoto Metadata File Apple
Inventor Presentation File Autodesk
Rockbox Firmware File Rockbox
Inline Guard Macro File N/A
InstallShield Professional Project File Flexera Software
iClone Project File Reallusion
Internal Patching System Patch File N/A
iPhoto Spot File Apple
iPod and iPhone Software Update File Apple
Inventor Part File Autodesk
IconPackager Raw Theme File Stardock
IPIX Image Minds-Eye-View
Internet Query Microsoft
SpeedGrade IRIDAS Composite File Adobe Systems
CCTV DVR H.264 Video File iVIEW Technology
intelliRock Sensor Data File Engius
Adobe Save For Web Settings File Adobe Systems
Internet Researcher Project File Zylox Software
Brewer Lamp File Brewer Data Management Software
Adobe Save For Web Settings Adobe Systems
Brewer Irradiation File Brewer Data Management Software
M3 Sakura Real-Time Save 1 File M3 Sakura
Xilinx Device Configuration File Xilinx
Flexera InstallShield Dialog Box File Flexera Software
InstallShield Express Project File Flexera Software
Inspiration Flowchart Document Inspiration
ISH Compressed Archive N/A
Animation-ish Wiggledoodle-ish Document FableVision
Animation-ish FlipBook-ish Document FableVision
Animation-ish Advanced-ish Document FableVision
IIS Smooth Streaming Manifest File Microsoft
IIS Smooth Streaming Audio File Microsoft
Smooth Streaming Client Manifest File Microsoft
iStopMotion Animation Clip Boinx Software
IIS Smooth Streaming Video File Microsoft
Installer Source Files N/A
Disc Image File N/A
Compressed Arbortext IsoDraw Illustration PTC
IIS Internet Service Provider Settings Microsoft
Image Surfer Pro Collection File Surfing After Dark
GoMoku Game File N/A
InstallShield Silent Response File Flexera Software
InstallShield Project Template File Flexera Software
InstallShield Uninstaller Script Flexera Software
Zipped ISO Disk Image EZB Systems
Impulse Tracker Module N/A
IconTweaker Theme Archive Joost Verburg
iTunes Cover Flow Data File Apple
iTunes Cover Flow Data File 2 Apple
iTunes Database File Apple
iTunes Extras File Apple
Windows 8 Start Screen Item Data File Microsoft
iPod and iPhone Photo Thumbnails File Apple
Impulse Tracker Instrument N/A
ScummVM Game Data File ScummVM
iTunes Library File Apple
iTunes LP Album File Apple
iTunes Live Stream URL Apple
iThink Model File isee systems
iTunes Music Store Link File Apple
iTunes Store Package Apple
TomTom Navigator Itinerary File TomTom International
iTunes Podcast Link File Apple
Icy Tower Replay File Muskedunder Interactive
Impulse Tracker Sample N/A
IconTweaker Theme File Joost Verburg
InTouch With Database File Prairie Group
ITX Form Template IBM
Fritz Update File ChessBase
InfoTMIC Firmware Update File Shanghai InfoTM Microelectronics
Open Inventor Scene Graph File Visualization Sciences Group
Norton Ghost Incremental Virtual Volume Image Symantec
Surveillance Video File N/A
InteliSea Vessel Configuration File InteliSea
Bitdefender Incremental Virus Definitions File Bitdefender
OpenSceneGraph Binary File OSG Community
Indeo Video Format File Intel
Internet Video Recording RealNetworks
Initialization Vector File N/A
Beyond 20/20 Table File Beyond 20/20
Live Picture IVUE Image HSC Software
Chain Engineering Database File IWIS
Call of Duty Game Data File Activision
iWeb Widget File Apple
Infinity Ward Texture File Activision
IntelliJ IDEA Web Page JetBrains
iWorx Data File iWorx Systems
InstallShield Express 2 Project File Flexera Software
dtSearch Index File dtSearch
WordPerfect Address Book File Corel
Ulead Disc Image format Corel
Ulead Disc Image Corel
IZArc Archive IZArc
Isadora Media Control Project TroikaTronix
Isadora Project TroikaTronix