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Archivos de texto

Extensión de archivo Descripción del archivo Autor / Productor
Readme File N/A
AbiWord Document AbiSource
FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram N/A
AIMMS ASCII Model File Paragon Decision Technology
ANSI Text File N/A
Almost Plain Text File N/A
ASCII Text File N/A
ASCII Text File N/A
Autodesk ASCII Scene Export File Autodesk
Association Type Placeholder G&A M.C.
Ability Write Template Ability Plus Software
AbiWord Template AbiSource
Ability Write Document Ability Plus Software
Exchange Badmail File Microsoft
Bulletin Board System Text N/A
Exchange Diagnostic Message Microsoft
Exchange Non-Delivery Report Body File Microsoft
Bean Rich Text Document Bean
BibTeX Bibliography Database N/A
Thomson Speedtouch Firmware File Thomson
Barna Word Processor Document Safe Works
EasyWord Big Document E-Press
Beam Report Document Systeam
Business-in-a-Box Document Biztree
Compressed AbiWord Document AbiSource
Character Set N/A
Feedback Chart File TurkeyMan
Song Chords File N/A
NoteMap Outline File LexisNexis
Atlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document Rising Sun Solutions
Windows Crawl File Microsoft
Claris Works Template Apple
Clustify Input File Hot Neuron
DisplayWrite Document IBM
Dagesh Pro Document TES
Description in Zip File N/A
Netica Text File N/A
Microsoft Word Document Microsoft
Microsoft Word Document Microsoft
Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Microsoft
Microsoft Word Open XML Document Microsoft
Microsoft Word XML Document Microsoft
ThinkFree Online Note Document Hancom
Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template Microsoft
Word Open XML Document Template Microsoft
MultiMate Document Softword Systems
Text Description File N/A
DeSmuME Save File DeSmuME
Device Independent Format File N/A
DEC WPS Plus File N/A
E-Mail Message Microsoft
Mail Message Apple
eMule Data File eMule
EditPad Pro Project N/A
Error Log File N/A
ENIGMA Transportable File MakeMusic
Structure Enhanced Text (Setext) File N/A
Extended Unix Code File N/A
Frequently Asked Questions Document N/A
CADfix Command Level Log File TranscenData
Final Draft Converter File Final Draft
Acrobat Forms Data Format Adobe Systems
Final Draft Document Final Draft
Final Draft Secure Copy Final Draft
Final Draft 5-7 Template Final Draft
Final Draft Document Final Draft
Final Draft 8 Template Final Draft
Final Form Text File IBM
Flare Decompiled ActionScript File Flare
OpenDocument Flat XML Document Oracle
FoxPro Table Memo N/A
FoxPro Report Memo N/A
fWriter Document MSS Software & Services
Google Drive Document Google
Generic Printer Description File Microsoft
GlidePlan Map Document N/A
General Station Description File PROFIBUS & PROFINET International
Gather Log File Microsoft
Graphviz DOT File AT&T
Mathcad Handbook File Mathsoft
Help and Support Center HHT File Microsoft
Java HelpSet File Sun Microsystems
Hanword Document Hancom
Chinese (Hanzi) Text N/A
Outlook Express Mailbox Index File N/A
CleanSweep Installation Log N/A
OS/2 Help File IBM
iPhoto Spot File Apple
Jarvis Subscriber File Jarvis Acting Company
Japanese Industry Standard Text N/A
JOE Document Cyril Hicks
Japanese (Romaji) Text File N/A
JAmes OS Rich Text File JAmes OS
Kurzweil 3000 Document Kurzweil Educational Systems
Log File N/A
KeyNote Note File KeyNote
Yahoo! Widget XML File N/A
KWord Document KDE
LaTeX Document N/A
FoxPro Label Memo N/A
SQR Output File N/A
Laego Note Taker File Laego
Log File N/A
iLEAP Word Processing Document C-DAC
Data List N/A
Letter File N/A
LaTeX Document N/A
Norton LiveUpdate Log File Symantec
Lipikar Uniform Format File Lipikar
Lotus Word Pro Document IBM
LEGO Digital Designer XML File LEGO
TurboTax Install Log File Intuit
LyX Document LyX
Unix Manual N/A
E-mail Mailbox File N/A
MacWrite II Document Apple
Message Digest 5 Hash File N/A
Readme Text File N/A
Mellel Word Processing File RedleX
Mellel Word Processing Document RedleX
Mint Source File N/A
FoxPro Menu Memo N/A
Outlook Mail Message Microsoft
MacWrite Text Document Apple
MarinerWrite Document Mariner Software
Lotus Word Pro SmartMaster File IBM
Naver Word NHN
Warez Information File THG
NJStar Document NJStar Software
Memento Notes File Guys with Towels
Readme File N/A
NoteWorthy Composer Text File NoteWorthy
FAXGrapper Fax Text File Nuance Communications
Open Document Interchange Format ITU-T
OpenDocument Master Document OASIS
Online Operating System Write Document iCUBE Network Solutions
OpenDocument Text Document Oracle
Ots File List Ots Labs
OpenBSD Readme File N/A
Rich Text Editor Document IBM
OpenDocument Document Template OASIS
Digitally Signed Email Message N/A
Pages Document Apple
Pages iCloud Document Apple
PhotoFiltre Studio Saved Selection File Antonio Da Cruz
First Choice Word Processing Document SoftKey PFS
FoxPro Project Memo N/A
Pegasus Saved Message File David Harris
Printer Output File N/A
Pocket Word Document Microsoft
ProofVision Job Ticket K-Flow
Photo Video Manifest File OSTA
Pocket Word Document Microsoft
Password Pad Document Tan Thor Jen
Password Pad Lite Document Tan Thor Jen
Pocket Word Document Microsoft
QDL Program N/A
QuickPad Encrypted Document Klumbu
Radar ViewPoint Radar Data N/A
Readme File N/A
Revisable Form Text Document IBM
Research Information Systems Citation File Research Information Systems
Generic Report N/A
reStructuredText File N/A
RagTime Document RagTime
Rich Text Format File N/A
Rich Text Format Directory File Apple
Rich Text Document N/A
Runscanner Scan File Runscanner
File Crypt Password File Red Zion
Red Zion Notes File Red Zion
SafeText File N/A
SafeText File N/A
Ami Pro Document Samna
Nano Temporary Save File Nano
Scenarist Closed Caption File Scenarist
Schema File N/A
Scrivener Document Literature & Latte
Scrivener XML Document Literature & Latte
FoxPro Form Memo N/A
Movie Magic Screenwriter Document N/A
StarOffice Mail Message N/A
Satra Khmer Document Driver-TC group
StarOffice Writer Text Document N/A
Mozilla Firefox Session File Zeniko
Signature File N/A
Starfish Sidekick Card File Borland
Scribus Document Scribus
Scribus Compressed Document Scribus
StarMath Formula File Oracle
Exported SMS Text Message N/A
Sub Station Alpha Subtitle File N/A
Storyist Document Storyist Software
Text Strings File Apple
StarOffice Document Template Oracle
LaTeX Style N/A
Subtitle File N/A
Sublime Text Project File Jon Skinner
Sublime Text Workspace File Jon Skinner
Apache OpenOffice Master Document Oracle
StarOffice Writer Document Oracle
Guitar Tablature File N/A
Guide Text Definition File Project Pluto
Apple Pages Template Apple
LaTeX Source Document N/A
Plain Text File N/A
Mac OS X Text Clipping File Apple
TurboTax Text String N/A
VAX Text Library N/A
TeXmacs Document GNU
TextMaker Document SoftMaker Software
TextMaker Template SoftMaker Software
Topic Connection Placeholder G&A M.C.
TrueView Job Ticket basICColor
Plain Text File N/A
U3 Application Information File N/A
SiteMinder Unauthorized Message File Netegrity
Unix Text File N/A
Uniform Office Document N/A
Uniform Office Document N/A
Program Update Information N/A
Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document N/A
Unicode Text File N/A
Visual Class Library Memo N/A
Mobile Phone vNote File Sony Ericsson
Volkswriter Text File Lifetree Software
WordPerfect Workbook Corel
Box.net Web Document Box.net
WriteNow Text Document N/A
WordPerfect Document Corel
WordPerfect 4 Document Corel
WordPerfect 5 Document Corel
WordPerfect 6 Document Corel
WordPerfect 7 Document Corel
ACT! Word Processing Document N/A
WordPerfect Document Corel
DEC WPS Plus Text Document N/A
Microsoft Works Word Processor Document Microsoft
WordPerfect Template Corel
WP Works Word Processor File Corel
Windows Write Document Microsoft
WordStar Document Micropro International
Text Document N/A
Xiosis Scribe Document Xiosis
Xiosis Scribe Template Xiosis
XML Schema File N/A
XMLwriter Project N/A
XYWrite Document XyQuest
XYWrite III Document N/A
XYWrite Plus Document N/A
XYWrite for Windows Document N/A
Compressed AbiWord Document File AbiSource
Chinese Text File N/A