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Archivos de audio

Extensión de archivo Descripción del archivo Autor / Productor
Nintendo DS Sound File N/A
Nintendo DS Audio Library File N/A
3GPP Audio File 3GPP
4-MP3 Database File 4-MP3
UNIS Composer 669 Module N/A
Six Channel Module Starbreeze Studios
Eight Channel Module Starbreeze Studios
Amiga OctaMed Music File N/A
Amiga 8-Bit Sound File N/A
Adlib Tracker II Instrument Bank Adlib
Adlib Tracker II Instrument File Adlib
Adlib Tracker II File Adlib
Adlib Tracker II Pattern File Adlib
Adlib Tracker II Tiny Module File Adlib
Adlib Tracker II Instrument Bank with Macros Adlib
Dolby Digital Audio File Dolby Laboratories
Audible Audio Book File Audible
ATRAC Audio File Sony
Advanced Audio Coding File N/A
Audible Enhanced Audiobook File Audible
Ambling BookPlayer MP3 File Ambling Books
ABC Music Notation N/A
Music Album N/A
Audio Codec 3 File N/A
ACID Project File Sony
Sony ACID Project Backup File Sony
Sony ACID Project With Embedded Media File Sony
Interplay Audio File BioWare
aacPlus Audio File International Standards Organization
ADPCM Compressed Audio File N/A
Ableton Device Group Ableton
ADTS Audio File N/A
Audio Data Transport Stream File N/A
Ableton Device Preset File Ableton
Mass Effect 2 Audio File Electronic Arts
DTS Multi-channel Pro Packer File DTS
Ableton Groove File Ableton
WinAHX Tracker Module N/A
Audio Interchange File Format Apple
Compressed Audio Interchange File N/A
Audio Interchange File Format Apple
AIMP Playlist File AIMP DevTeam
Velvet Studio Instrument N/A
Akai Sampler File N/A
A-Law Compressed Sound Format N/A
ALAC Encoded Audio File Apple
A-Law Compressed Sound Format N/A
Ableton Live Clip File Ableton
Cubasis Project File Steinberg
Ableton Live Set File Ableton
Advanced Module File N/A
Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File N/A
Extreme Tracker Module N/A
Ableton Max Patch File Ableton
Amazon MP3 Downloader File Amazon
DVD-Audio Audio Object File N/A
Sony Ericsson Firmware Acoustics File Sony Ericsson
Chipsounds Sound File Plogue
Chipsounds XML Sound File Plogue
Ableton Live Sample Analysis File Ableton
Velvet Studio Sample N/A
ATRAC3 Audio File Sony
Sony ATRAC Audio File Sony
Audio File N/A
Video Game Compressed Audio File N/A
Audacity Project File Audacity
Avast! Soundpack File AVAST Software
Audio Visual Research File N/A
AMR-WB Audio File N/A
AY Chiptune File N/A
Winamp Playlist File Nullsoft
GarageBand Project File Apple
Blaze Audio Wave Information File Blaze Audio
Sonic Foundry Batch Converter Script Sony
CARA Sound Radiation Data File CARA
Bidule Layout File Plogue
Adlib Instrument Bank Adlib
Bonk Audio File Bonk
CARA Loudspeaker Design File CARA
BRSTM Audio Stream File N/A
Cakewalk Bundle File Roland
Broadcast Wave File N/A
BrainWave Generator Audio File Noromaa Solutions
Bagpipe Player File Doug Wickstrom
Typhoon Wave Audio File N/A
Core Audio File Apple
Core Audio File Apple
CD Audio Track Shortcut N/A
CD Digital Audio File N/A
Audition CD Layout File Adobe Systems
Crescendo Music Notation File NCH Software
Raw Audio CD Data N/A
Audition Loop Adobe Systems
Adobe Conformed Audio File Adobe Systems
Cocoa Sfxr File cfxr
Pro Tools Clip Group File Avid Technology
iTunes CD Information File Apple
Cricket Audio Bank File Cricket Technology
Casio Keyboard File Casio
Creative Music Format Creative Labs
Conformalizer Change List File Maggot Software
Sony Ericsson Protected Content File N/A
Cubase Project Steinberg Media Technologies
DTS Compact Audio File DTS
Cubase Waveform File Steinberg Media Technologies
CrazyTalk Script File Reallusion
Cakewalk Bundle Cakewalk
Cakewalk SONAR Project Cakewalk
OPL2 FM Audio File N/A
OPL2 FM Audio File N/A
DRM Content Format File Sony Ericsson
DCM Audio Module N/A
Dictation Audio File NCH Software
Jill of the Jungle Music File Epic Games
SoundEdit Recorded Instrument N/A
Defractor 2 Instrument N/A
Defractor Instrument N/A
DSD Audio File Sony and Philips
Digilink Audio File N/A
Ringtone Media Studio DJ Ringtone Project Avanquest Software
Downloadable Sounds File N/A
DRM Delivery Message Sony Ericsson
DPCM Sample File N/A
Delusion Digital Music File XTracker
Music Disc Creator Project File Sonic Solutions
Sound Editor Project File Sonic Solutions
Nuance Dragon Voice Recording File Nuance Communications
I-Doser Audio Drug File I-Doser Labs
LMMS DrumSynth File LMMS
Olympus DSS Pro Audio File Olympus
Delusion Digital Sound File N/A
Digital Sound Module N/A
Dynamic Studio Professional Module N/A
Digital Speech Standard File International Voice Association
DigiTrakker Module N/A
DTS Encoded Audio File N/A
DTS-HD Master Audio File DTS
Sony Digital Voice File Sony
David Whittaker Audio File N/A
Digital Waveform Archiver Audio File DWA coder
DiamondWare Digital Audio File N/A
Eyemail Audio Recording Eyemail Technology
Ensoniq ASR File N/A
Ensoniq EPS File E-Mu
Ensoniq KT File N/A
Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS-32 File N/A
Ensoniq SQ-80 File N/A
Ensoniq VFX-SD File N/A
ABT Extended Module N/A
eMusic Music Download File eMusic.com
eMusic Download File eMusic.com
eMelody Ringtone File Sony Ericsson
ESPS Sampled Data File N/A
Enhanced Variable Rate Audio File Qualcomm
Cubase Expression Map File Steinberg Media Technologies
Farandoyle Linear Module File N/A
Raw 32-Bit Audio File N/A
Farandoyle Blocked Module File N/A
Adobe Flash Protected Audio File Adobe Systems
Raw 64-Bit Audio File N/A
Farandole Composer Module N/A
Dawn of War Audio File Relic Entertainment
FMOD Project File Firelight Technologies
FMOD Audio Events File Firelight Technologies
Gravis UltraSound Sound Bank N/A
Free Lossless Audio Codec File N/A
FruityLoops Project N/A
Flash Lite Sound Bundle Adobe Systems
Sony Sound Forge Pro Project File Sony
FMOD Sample Bank File Firelight Technologies
Farandole Composer WaveSample File N/A
FamiTracker Module N/A
Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump N/A
Casio FZ-1 Full Dump N/A
Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump N/A
G.721 Audio File N/A
G.723 Audio File N/A
G.726 Audio File N/A
GarageBand Project Apple
GameBoy Sound File N/A
Tascam GigaSampler File Tascam
Adagio Score N/A
Transport Tycoon Music File Microprose Software
Guitar Pro 5 Tablature File Arobas Music
Guitar Pro Sound Bank File Arobas Music
WaveLab Audio Peak File Steinberg
Guitar Pro 6 Document Arobas Music
Allegro MIDI File N/A
ACID Groove File Sony
Global System for Mobile Audio File N/A
Movie Edit Pro Waveform Information File MAGIX
MAGIX Hard Disk Project Audio File MAGIX
Sony HI-MD Audio File Sony
HMI Audio File Human Machine Interfaces
HALion Sound Bank File Steinberg Media Technologies
INTUS Audio Archive PCS Systemtechnik
IC Recorder Sound File Sony