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Расширение файла Описание файла Создатель/производитель
C/C++ Source Code File N/A
WinAce Split Archive File e-merge
WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File e-merge
WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File e-merge
WinAce Split Archive Part 10 E-merge
WinOnCD Disc Image Roxio
Windows Media Center Click-To-Record File Microsoft
Texas Instruments CBL 2 OS File Texas Instruments
Syslinux COM32 Module Syslinux
Coordinate 3D File N/A
OpenQwaq 3D Model File OpenQwaq
Cinema 4D Model File MAXON Computer
Clonk Key File RedWolf Design
CrossOver Software Installer File Codeweavers
Initial Telnet Cache N/A
CleanApp Archive Synium Software
Windows Cabinet File Microsoft
Cache File N/A
Automator Converter Action Apple
Corpatla Data Container File Corpatla
Core Audio File Apple
Core Audio File Apple
ClipArt Gallery Package Microsoft
3ds Max Pose Adjustment File Autodesk
Coolect Album File Coolect
Calibre Device Data File Calibre
CALS Raster Graphic File N/A
Gerber CAM Job File N/A
Espresso Mind Map Document Corpatla
WCS Color Appearance Model Profile File Microsoft
Camtasia Studio Project TechSmith
Camtasia Studio Screen Recording TechSmith
Camtasia Video File TechSmith
Canon Navigator Fax Document Canon
Packet Capture File N/A
Construct Project File Scirra
Construct Compressed Project File Scirra
Car Explorer Data File N/A
Nintendo DS Compressed Archive File Nintendo
Autodesk Cascade License File Autodesk
SlipCover Case Template Bohemian Coding
Windows Catalog File Microsoft
CATIA V5 Part File Dassault Systemes
CATIA V5 Assembly File Dassault Systemes
Comodo Virus Definitions File Comodo Group
Espresso workreport Document Corpatla
Comic Book 7-Zip Archive N/A
Comic Book ACE Archive N/A
Comic Book Collection Calibre
Comic Book DS File Nicom00k
Calendar Builder File Tailwag Software
ChessBase Game Moves File ChessBase
ChessBase Database Header File ChessBase
Backup Configuration File N/A
COBOL Source Code File N/A
Code::Blocks Project File Code::Blocks
Comic Book RAR Archive N/A
Comodo Backup Script Comodo Group
Comic Book TAR File N/A
Comodo Backup File Comodo Group
ChessBase Database File ChessBase
Comic Book Zip Archive N/A
C++ Source Code File N/A
Multimedia Fusion File Clickteam
CloneCD Disc Image SlySoft
CryptLoad Container File CryptLoad
XNA Creators Club Game Package Microsoft
.NET Security Resolution Cache File Microsoft
Curse Client Install Package Curse
Compressed Multimedia Fusion File Clickteam
CodeCharge Studio Page File YesSoftware
ASTM Continuity of Care Record ASTM
CodeCharge Studio Project File YesSoftware
ClearCase Source Control Info File IBM
Director Protected Cast Resource Adobe Systems
Click & Create Extension Clickteam
Visual Studio Class Diagram Microsoft
CD Audio Track Shortcut N/A
Symbian Phonebook Database Nokia
AutoCAD DesignCenter Preview Cache File Autodesk
ConceptDraw PRO Document Computer Systems Odessa
CD Digital Audio File N/A
Circuit Diagram Document Circuit Diagram
Computable Document Format File Wolfram Research
ClickOnce Compiled Manifest File Microsoft
Compact Disc Plus Graphics Image N/A
DiscJuggler Disc Image Padus
CADKEY Wireframe Design File Kubotek
Audition CD Layout File Adobe Systems
NTI CD-Maker Image NTI
ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document Computer Systems Odessa
WCS Device Model Profile Microsoft
ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template Computer Systems Odessa
Compressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template Computer Systems Odessa
Compressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document Computer Systems Odessa
Crescendo Music Notation File NCH Software
Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack N3V Games
Trainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 2 N3V Games
ConceptDraw PROJECT XML File CS Odessa
ConceptDraw PROJECT Document CS Odessa
CorelDRAW Image File Corel
CorelDRAW Image Template Corel
Compound Index File Microsoft
ChemDraw XML File CambridgeSoft
Compressed CD Image File N/A
ComputerEyes Image Digital Vision
Apabi eBook File Apabi
JVC Camera Video Data File N/A
Ashampoo CoverEditor Project Ashampoo
CenturionMail Encrypted Package CenturionSoft
Affymetrix Probe Results File Affymetrix
Celtx Project File Celtx
Celestia Script Celestia Development Team
Children of the Nile Model File Tilted Mill Entertainment
Internet Security Certificate N/A
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault Export File Dassault Systemes
Sendmail Configuration File N/A
Common File Format File N/A
Adobe Conformed Audio File Adobe Systems
ColdFusion Component File Adobe Systems
Common File Format N/A
Configuration File N/A
Jewel Quest Configuration File iWin
IMVU Product File IMVU
ColdFusion Markup File Adobe Systems
ColdFusion Markup Language File Adobe Systems
Cross Fire Replay File Z8Games
Compact File Set Archive Pismo Technic
Cocoa Sfxr File cfxr
Cg Program NVIDIA
Cabri 3D Document CABRILOG
Crytek Geometry Animation File Crytek
Crytek Geometry Format File Ubisoft
CgFX Shader File NVIDIA
Common Gateway Interface Script N/A
Computer Graphics Metafile N/A
PixelCryptor Encrypted File CodeGazer
CATIA Graphical Representation File Dassault Systemes
Pro Tools Clip Group File Avid Technology
Linux Drivers Archive N/A
Harvard Graphics DOS Chart File Harvard Graphics
IRC Chat Configuration File N/A
Compiled HAM File Zaplots
Character Set N/A
Feedback Chart File TurkeyMan
IRC Chat Configuration File N/A
HCFR Colorimeter Data File HCFR Mag
MAME Hard Disk Image The MAME Team
Chef Source Code File David Morgan-Mar
Microsoft Chess Titans Saved Game Microsoft
Windows Net Logon File Microsoft
Saved File Fragment Microsoft
WinFast PVR2 Channel List Leadtek Research
Compiled HTML Help File Microsoft
Chameleon Encrypted Database File Krasbit Technologies
Ethnograph Data Qualis Research Associates
Song Chords File N/A
3ds Max Characters File Autodesk
CryENGINE Character Parameters File Crytek
Windows Chinese Noise-Word List File Microsoft
SNES Cheat File N/A
File Splitter Split Archive Part 1 Filesplitter.org
ChView Interactive Star Map File ChGroup
Compiled Help Index File Microsoft
AutoCAD Standards Check File Autodesk
Windows Content Indexer Catalog File Microsoft
iTunes CD Information File Apple
Easy CD Creator Disk Image Corel
Clip Gallery Packaged File Microsoft
CImg Image File CImg
Kodak Cineon Bitmap File Kodak
Phantom Digital Video File Vision Research
Cavena Subtitles File Cavena
KTechlab Circuit Design File KTechlab
Intergraph Bitmap Image File Intergraph
Civilization 5 Saved Gae Take-Two Interactive Software
Cricket Audio Bank File Cricket Technology
Cricket Audio XML Bank Description File Cricket Technology
Kubotek Design Container Kubotek
Casio Keyboard File Casio
SQL Server Checkpoint File Microsoft
CircuitMaker File Altium
Cursor Library Aha-Soft
HY-TEK Meet Results File HY-TEK Sports Software
Comic Life 2 Document Archive Plasq
Comic Life 2 Document Plasq
Comic Life 2 Layout File Plasq
Comic Life 2 Template Plasq
Easy CD Creator 4 Project File Sonic Solutions
Easy CD Creator 5 Saved Project Roxio
Clarify Document Blue Mango Learning Systems
Java Class File Oracle
SMART Notebook Class List File SMART Technologies
COM+ Catalog File Microsoft
Canon CD Label Template Canon
CLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod File CLEO
Windows Catalog File Microsoft
Coda Clips File Panic
CLIX Command File Rixstep
Corel R.A.V.E Project File Corel
Clicker Keyboard Crick Software
Clicker Template Crick Software
Clicker Word Bank Crick Software
Clicker Grid Set Crick Software
MagicJack Call Log File YMAX
CrazyTalk Clip File Reallusion
Blu-ray Clip Information File Blu-ray Disc Association
Flash Color Set Adobe Systems
LaTeX Document Class File N/A
Clarity Legal Transcript File Clarity Legal
Visual C++ ClassWizard File Microsoft
Standard Dictionary File Adobe Systems
CLEO Custom Mission Rockstar Games
CaseMap 10 Case File LexisNexis
Poser Camera Set File Smith Micro
TM1 Exported Cube File IBM
CmapTools Concept Map File IHMC
Logger Pro Data File Vernier Software & Technology
Windows Command File Microsoft
Crazy Machines Experiment File Viva Media
Cal3D Binary Mesh File Cal3D
Chemical Markup Language File N/A
Corel Multimedia Manager Album Corel
Camtasia MenuMaker Project TechSmith
CleanMyMac Theme File MacPaw
Camtasia MenuMaker Template TechSmith
Celestia Model Celestia Development Team
HotDocs Clause Component File HotDocs
Camtasia Project File TechSmith
Camtasia Recording TechSmith
Connection Manager Service Profile Microsoft
Corel Metafile Exchange Image File Corel
Compressed Poser Camera Set File Smith Micro
CNR Modem Initialization Data File MITRE
Catena Project File OpEx Software
PartMaster CNC File Dolphin Cad Cam
Melco Condensed Embroidery File Melco
Avery DesignPro for Mac Label File Avery
MySQL Configuration File MySQL
CryptoNG Encrypted Archive Vassil Arabadjiev
NoteMap Outline File LexisNexis
M.U.G.E.N. Character States File Elecbyte
Help Contents File Microsoft
Canvas 6-8 Drawing File ACD Systems
COBOL Source Code File N/A
Compiled Source Code N/A
Coda Plug-in Panic
Coda Site File Panic
MPLAB COFF File Microchip Technology
CoffeeScript JavaScript File N/A
Capture One Session File Phase One
Adobe Bridge Collection File Adobe Systems
Color Picker Plugin Apple
Adobe Collage File Adobe Systems
DOS Command File Microsoft
Comfy Cakes Saved Game Microsoft
Comic Life Document Plasq
Terminal Command File Apple
Mac OS X System Component N/A
Windows Composite Font File Microsoft
WordCompress Compacted Web File WordCompress
Concept Application Source File RadGs
Unix Configuration File N/A
Configuration File N/A
Apple Configuration Profile Apple
Conformalizer Change List File Maggot Software
Windows Contact File Microsoft
Contour Screenplay File Mariner Software
OpenBVE Keyboard Shortcuts File OpenBVE
Capture One Preset File Phase One
Sony Ericsson Protected Content File N/A
CorelDRAW Drawing Corel
Capture One Settings File Phase One
Pinnacle Studio Cache File Pinnacle Systems
Capture One Style File Phase One
Fax Cover Page File Microsoft
Click & Create Extension Clickteam
Xcode C++ Source File Apple
Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape File Microprose
ChoicePoint Encrypted File N/A
CADSTAR PCB Archive File Zuken
Comicino Studio Project File Comicino Media
iOS Wallpaper Image Apple
CPC Compressed Image File Cartesian Products
RoboHelp Cache Project Database Adobe Systems
Fax Cover Page File Microsoft
Cognos Project File IBM
Manga Studio Page File Smith Micro
Compressed CPIO Archive N/A
Corel Print House File Corel
AVCHD Video Clip Information File Sony
Unix CPIO Archive N/A
DTM Test Log File Microsoft
Windows Control Panel Item Microsoft
Miradi/ConPro Project File Benetech
Age of Mythology Campaign File Microsoft
C++ Source Code File N/A
Compaq OEM Disc Configuration File Compaq
Cubase Project Steinberg Media Technologies
Corel Photo House File Corel
Corel Photo-Paint Document Corel
Adobe Captivate Project Template File Adobe Systems
Adobe Captivate Project File Adobe Systems
Oracle ADF Binding Context File Oracle
3ds Max Copy Track File Autodesk
Canon Raw Image File Canon
KSP Spacecraft File Squad
Mac OS X Crash Log File Apple
AbiWord Crash-Saved Document AbiSource
Total Commander Checksum File Ghisler Software
Windows CardSpace File Microsoft
Chrome Partially Downloaded File Google
Windows CardSpace Backup File Microsoft
Adobe Captivate Commentable SWF File Adobe Systems
Cal3D Binary Materials File Cal3D
Certificate Revocation List File N/A
StepMania Course File StepMania
Security Certificate N/A
MultiAd Creator Pro Document MultiAd
Office 2007 Chart Template File Microsoft
VCarve Pro Design File Vectric
Canon Raw CIFF Image File Canon
Windows Crawl File Microsoft
Chrome Extension Google
CryENGINE Map File Crytek
WinOptimizer Encrypted File Ashampoo
Cryptra Encrypted File BMB Software
Crysis Saved Game Crytek
Crysis Warhead Saved Game Crytek
Compressed Poser Character Rigging File Smith Micro
Visual C# Source Code File Microsoft
PNA Code Calset File Agilent
SPSS Analysis Plan File IBM
Compact Shared Document Dream To Reality
Content Sealed Format Informative Graphics
Photoshop Custom Shapes File Adobe Systems
ASP.NET Razor Web Page Microsoft
ContentServ Include File ContentServ
CD Art Display Skin File CD Art Display
CineStyle Color Lookup File Technicolor
Character Studio Marker File Autodesk
Adobe Code Snippet Document Adobe Systems
Compressed ISO Disk Image N/A
Caché Server Page InterSystems
SPSS Sampling Plan File IBM
Visual Studio C# Project Microsoft
Certificate Signing Request File N/A
Cascading Style Sheet N/A
Manga Studio Story File Smith Micro
Comma Separated Values File N/A
Visual C# Script Microsoft
Canvas Symbol File ACD Systems
Cheat Engine Cheat Table Cheat Engine
AutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style File Autodesk
CrazyTalk Animator Actor Fitting File Reallusion
AVG Update Control File AVG Technologies
Canon Digital Camera Catalog File Canon
Visual Basic UserControl Object File Microsoft
CrazyTalk Model File Reallusion
CakePHP Template Cake Software Foundation
CrazyTalk Animator Project File Reallusion
CrazyTalk Script File Reallusion
Messenger Contact List Microsoft
Citavi Project Swiss Academic Software
Citavi 3 Project File Swiss Academic Software
Valve ICE Encoded Script Valve
BlueJ Context File University of Kent
SimCity City File Maxis
CUDA Source Code File NVIDIA
Analysis Services Cube File Microsoft
Cue Sheet File N/A
Autodesk Custom Workspace File Autodesk
AutoCAD Custom User Interface File Autodesk
Windows Cursor Library N/A
Windows Cursor N/A
CursorFX Theme File Stardock
CursorXP Theme File Stardock
AutoCAD Custom Dictionary File Autodesk
Dr. Halo Bitmap Image File N/A
Canvas 5 Drawing File ACD Systems
HP Systems Software Manager Information File Hewlett-Packard
cVideo N/A
ClamAV Virus Definitions File Sourcefire
CPU-Z Validation File CPUID
Calamus Vector Graphic File invers
Canvas Image File ACD Systems
CineVision Encoding Session Sonic Solutions
Microsoft Crash Report File Microsoft
Canvas 3 Drawing File ACD Systems
Canvas External Tool File ACD Systems
CaseView Document CaseWare
Canvas Drawing File ACD Systems
CardWorks Template NCH Software
Cakewalk Bundle Cakewalk
CorelDRAW Workspace File Corel
ClarisWorks Document Apple
Cakewalk SONAR Project Cakewalk
Claris Works Template Apple
ClarisWorks Texture File ClarisWorks
Crossword Weaver Puzzle File Variety Games
Circuit Wizard File New Wave Concepts
CMS Recorded Video File IDView
SimplePCI Data Document Hamamatsu Photonics
Picasa Collage File Google
CX-Programmer Project File OMRON
Director Protected Cast File Adobe Systems
C++ Source Code File N/A
Cyberduck Donation Key Cyberduck
Cyberduck Connection Profile Cyberduck
Clustify Input File Hot Neuron
Clustify Output File Hot Neuron
Home Designer Pro Project File Chief Architect
Cytoscape Session File Cytoscape
Rbot.CYW Worm File N/A
CAD Zone Drawing The CAD Zone
Carl Zeiss Image Data File Carl Zeiss
ZipGenius CryptoZip File WinInizio Software
ClozePro Archive Crick Software