Pliki developerskie

Rozszerzenie pliki Opis pliku Twórca/Producent
DOS Pipe File Microsoft
Multimedia Fusion Backup File Clickteam
4th Dimension Database Structure File 4D
Static Library N/A
Alice World Carnegie Mellon University
Applix Builder File N/A
ActionScript Byte Code File Adobe Systems
RSLogix 5000 Program Rockwell Automation
EditPlus Auto-Completion File ES-Computing
DS Game Maker Action File Invisionsoft
DS Game Maker Action Description File Invisionsoft
Ada Source Code N/A
Ada Body File N/A
Visual Studio Add-in Definition File Microsoft
Ada Specification File N/A
Asterisk Gateway Interface File Digium
Alpha Five Library Alpha Software
Automake Makefile Template Automake
AutoPlay Media Studio 4 Project File Indigo Rose
AutoPlay Media Studio 5 Project File Indigo Rose
AutoPlay Media Studio 6 Project Indigo Rose
AutoPlay Media Studio 7 Project Indigo Rose
Arc Macro Language File ESRI
Adobe AIR Native Extension Adobe Systems
Anjuta IDE Project File The GNOME Project
RSView Development Project Archive Rockwell Automation
Eclipse Java Applet Policy File Eclipse
Windows 8 App Package Microsoft
Windows 8 App Package Symbols File Microsoft
Windows 8 App Upload Package Microsoft
Apadana Project File Javid Software Development
Visual C++ Resource File Microsoft
ADT Android Developer Package Google
MultiMedia Fusion Array File Clickteam
Android Package Resource File Google
Artifacts Artifact File Versioned
Artifacts Project Versioned
ActionScript File Adobe Systems
FlashDevelop ActionScript 2 Project File FlashDevelop
FlashDevelop ActionScript 3 Project File FlashDevelop
ActionScript Communication File Adobe Systems
ActionScript Communication Server File Adobe Systems
Asphyre Sphinx Archive File Afterwarp Development
Alpha Five Variable File Alpha Software
Assembly Language Source Code File N/A
Asphyre Sphinx Archive File Afterwarp Development
AutoIt v3 Script AutoIt
AutoIt Script File Jonathan Bennett
AutoPlay Media Studio Project File Indigo Rose
AWK Script Free Software Foundation
Annotated XML Example File Codalogic
BASIC Source File N/A
BASIC Source Code File N/A
BaseX Data File BaseX Team
Blitz Source Code File Blitz Research
BBEdit Project File Bare Bones Software
BBEdit Project Document Bare Bones Software
Borland C++ Makefile Borland
Borland Developer Studio Project Embarcadero Technologies
BETA Source File N/A
Borland Project Group Embarcadero Technologies
Borland Package Library Embarcadero Technologies
Borland C++Builder Project File Embarcadero Technologies
BREW Application Resource File Qualcomm
BASIC Stamp 2 Code File Parallax
Visual Studio Source Browser Information File Microsoft
BeanShell Script Patrick Niemeyer
AutoPlay Media Studio Button File Indigo Rose
Eclipse Build Path File Eclipse
BuRg3r Source Code File Fluffy Smoke Entertainment
C/C++ Source Code File N/A
CryENGINE Character Animation File Crytek
Construct Game Development File Scirra
Construct Project File Scirra
Construct Compressed Project File Scirra
Brew Component Application Resource File Qualcomm
CryENGINE Resource Compiler Settings File Crytek
COBOL Source Code File N/A
Code::Blocks Project File Code::Blocks
C++ Source Code File N/A
XNA Creators Club Game Package Microsoft
Compressed Multimedia Fusion File Clickteam
CodeCharge Studio Page File YesSoftware
CodeCharge Studio Project File YesSoftware
ClearCase Source Control Info File IBM
Visual Studio Class Diagram Microsoft
CryENGINE Character Definition File Crytek
Cmdlet Definition XML File Microsoft
ColdFusion Component File Adobe Systems
Compiled HAM File Zaplots
Chef Source Code File David Morgan-Mar
PolySpace Preprocessed Code File The MathWorks
Cricket Audio XML Bank Description File Cricket Technology
Java Class File Oracle
Coda Clips File Panic
Program Class File N/A
Visual C++ ClassWizard File Microsoft
OCaml Library N/A
COBOL Source Code File N/A
Compiled Source Code N/A
Configuration File N/A
Xcode C++ Source File Apple
Comicino Studio Project File Comicino Media
C++ Source Code File N/A
Visual C# Source Code File Microsoft
ContentServ Include File ContentServ
Adobe Code Snippet Document Adobe Systems
Caché Server Page InterSystems
Visual Studio C# Project Microsoft
ContentServ Template ContentServ
Visual C# Script Microsoft
Visual Basic UserControl Object File Microsoft
CakePHP Template Cake Software Foundation
Visual Basic Control Binary File Microsoft
BlueJ Context File University of Kent
CUDA Source Code File NVIDIA
CX-Programmer Project File OMRON
CX-Programmer Project Text File OMRON
C++ Source Code File N/A
D Source Code File N/A
RemObjects Data Abstract File Briefcase RemObjects
RemObjects Data Abstract Configuration File RemObjects
DarkBASIC Source Code File The Game Creators
Visual Studio OR Design File Microsoft
DarkBASIC Object The Game Creators
DarkBASIC Professional Project File The Game Creators
Visual Studio Database Project File Microsoft
Delphi Compiled Package Embarcadero Technologies
Dashcode Project Apple
Delphi Compiled Unit Embarcadero Technologies
Delphi .NET Compiled Unit File Embarcadero Technologies
Delphi Diagram Portfolio File Embarcadero Technologies
Declaration File N/A
Module-Definition File N/A
Windows Dependency File Microsoft
Code::Blocks Dependencies File Code Blocks
Dev-C++ Project File Bloodshed
Xcode Developer Profile Apple
Device Identification FIle Apple
Dalvik Executable File