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File di immagini raster

Estensione del file Descrizione del file Autore/Produttore
Fax File N/A
Pocket PC Bitmap Image File N/A
360desktop Panorama File 360desktop
Mavica Thumbnail Image Sony
TI-73 Screenshot File Texas Instruments
Adobe Photoshop Macintosh File Adobe Systems
TI-83/84 Plus Picture File Texas Instruments
NinePatchDrawable Image N/A
Photo Album N/A
Windows 8 Account Picture File Microsoft
Acorn Image Flying Meat
American College of Radiology File National Electrical Manufacturers Association
Scanstudio 16 Color Image Steffen Gutmann
Auto FX Photo/Graphic Edges Image Auto FX Software
Active GIF Creator Project Image Tools Group
ArtGem Project File RL Vision
Advanced Image Coding File N/A
ACDSee Image Sequence File ACD Systems
HP Photo Printing Software Album File HP
ACDSee Photo Document ACD Systems
Aldus Placeable Metafile Image Adobe Systems
Animated Portable Network Graphic N/A
Greeting Card Studio Project File AMS Software
Ability Photopaint Studio Image Ability Plus Software
Amber Graphic File N/A
AOL Compressed Image File AOL
ArtStudio Image DrawingHand
ArtStudio Image DrawingHand
ACDSee Slideshow Wizard File ACD Systems
Google Talk Avatar File Google
Microsoft Fax Document Microsoft
Block Artist Image File Block Artist
Compressed Bitmap Image N/A
Subspace Bitmap File N/A
Bitmap Cache File Microsoft
Binary Material File Corel
Bitmap Image File N/A
Siemens Mobile Animations File Siemens
Compressed Bitmap Image N/A
Brooktrout Fax Document Dialogic
Cube Graphics File N/A
Bryce Textures File DAZ Productions
Resident Evil Background Images File Capcom
Nintendo Texture File Nintendo
CALS Raster Graphic N/A
CALS Raster Graphic File N/A
CASIO Digital Camera Picture File CASIO
Canon Navigator Fax Document Canon
AutoCAD DesignCenter Preview Cache File Autodesk
Compact Disc Plus Graphics Image N/A
ComputerEyes Image Digital Vision
CImg Image File CImg
Kodak Cineon Bitmap File Kodak
Intergraph Bitmap Image File Intergraph
Adobe Collage File Adobe Systems
iOS Wallpaper Image Apple
CPC Compressed Image File Cartesian Products
Compressed PhotoDefiner Image File RGB Light
Manga Studio Page File Smith Micro
Corel Photo House File Corel
Corel Photo-Paint Document Corel
Corel CMX Compressed File Corel
Content Sealed Format Informative Graphics
Scitex Continuous Tone File Scitex
Dr. Halo Bitmap Image File N/A
Kodak Photo-Enhancer File Kodak
Zsoft Multi-Page Paintbrush File ZSoft
Device Dependent Bitmap N/A
DirectDraw Surface Microsoft
Age of Mythology Textures File Microsoft
DST Thumbnail File N/A
Device Independent Bitmap File N/A
DjVu Image LizardTech
DjVu Image LizardTech
DigitalMicrograph Image Gatan
BYOND Dream Maker Icon File BYOND
Digital Picture Exchange File SMPTE
Draz Paint File N/A
Windows Live Messenger Emoticon Image File Microsoft
Desktop Wallpaper Morgan Wireless
Virtual Library File Dalim
Enhanced Compression Wavelet Image ERDAS
Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Image File Canon
OpenEXR Image Industrial Light & Magic
FACE Image File N/A
FACE Graphic File N/A
Bitmap Graphic Header Information N/A
Fax Document N/A
Fuzzy Bitmap Image Michael L. Mauldin
Symbian Application Logo File Symbian
Flexible Image Transport System File N/A
Fenix Graphics Collection File N/A
Photo Pos Pro Image Power Of Software
FlashPix Bitmap Image File Kodak
Painter Frame Stack File Corel
CCITT Group 3 Fax Image CCITT
GIMP Brush File GIMP
Greeting Card Studio Design Project Software Depot Online
GIFBlast Compressed Image File GIFBlast
Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Graphic Greenfish Software
GIMP Gradient File GIMP
Graphical Interchange Format File N/A
GIMP Image Hose File GIMP
PlayStation Portable Image File Sony
Game Maker Background Image File YoYo Games
Game Maker Sprite File YoYo Games
CCITT Group 4 Fax File CCITT
Graphic PhotoDefiner Image File RGB Light
Graphic Object Bitmap Hewlett-Packard
Graphic Object Bitmap File Hewlett-Packard
Grayscale Image N/A
HD Photo File Microsoft
High Dynamic Range Image File HDRsoft
HDRtist Pro Document Ohanaware
HF Image N/A
Hemera Photo Objects Image File Hemera
TRS-80 Image Tandy
Hitachi Raster Format File Hitachi
Houdini Image 3D File Side Effects
Low Resolution Imagic Graphics File Atari
Medium Resolution Imagic Graphics File Atari
High Resolution Imagic Graphics File Atari
Image Object Content Architecture File N/A
Targa ICB Bitmap Image Avid Technology
Windows Icon File N/A
Icon Image File N/A
IconUtils Project File Aha-Soft
Interleaved Bitmap Image Electronic Arts
GEM Image Novell
JFIF Bitmap Image Pegasus Image Corporation
ZoomBrowser Image Index File Canon
Pantone Reference File Pantone
SGI Integer Image Silicon Graphics
iPhoto Print Project Apple
iPick Football Image iPick Sports
IPIX Image Minds-Eye-View
iTunes Cover Flow Data File 2 Apple
iPod and iPhone Photo Thumbnails File Apple