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a mi

Böngészd alfabetikus sorrendben: M

Fájlkiterjesztés Fájl leírása Készítő/Gyártó
Objective-C Implementation File Apple
Schiller medilog ECG Raw Data File Schiller
MPEG Video Moving Picture Experts Group
MPEG-1 Audio File N/A
iFinish Video Clip Media 100
MPEG-1 Video File N/A
World or Warcraft Model Object Blizzard Entertainment
MPEG-21 File N/A
MPEG-1 Layer 2 Audio File N/A
MPEG-2 Program Stream File Moving Picture Experts Group
Maxthon 2 Browser Skin File Maxthon
HDV Video File N/A
Blu-ray BDAV Video File Sony
MPEG-2 Video N/A
Blizzard MDX3 Model File Blizzard Entertainment
3D Model File N/A
Mobile 3D Graphics Program Nokia
Media Playlist File Nullsoft
UTF-8 M3U Playlist File N/A
Macro Processor Library N/A
MPEG-4 Audio File Apple
MPEG-4 Audio Book File Apple
MPEG-4 Video File N/A
iTunes Music Store Audio File Apple
iPhone Ringtone File Apple
MPEG-4 Playlist N/A
iTunes Video File Apple
MPEG Video Moving Picture Experts Group
Maya Project File Autodesk
Monarch Audio File Monarch
Mozilla Address Book Mozilla
MacPaint Image Apple
Macbinary Encoded File Apple
Access Module Shortcut Microsoft
My Avatar Editor Character File My Avatar Editor
Mutation Annotation Format File National Cancer Institute
Mozilla Archive Format File Mozilla
Access Diagram Shortcut File Microsoft
Magik Source Code File GE
Mahjong Titans Saved Game Microsoft
Microsoft Mail File Microsoft
MSN Mailhost Settings File Microsoft
Mailplane License File uncomplex
Mail Internet Location File Apple
Makefile N/A
Xcode Makefile Script Apple
Makefile N/A
Mako Template Mako
MadAppLauncher Configuration File MadAppLauncher
Microsoft Access Macro Microsoft
Unix Manual N/A
Mine-imator Project File Mine-imator
Windows Application Manifest File Microsoft
Vietcong Game Data File Pterodon
Quake Engine Map File id Software
Send To Mail Recipient N/A
Maplet World File Blitz Research
iOS Maps Data File Apple
Mapjects Client Webparts File Mapjects Development
Microsoft Access Query Microsoft
Mozilla Archive Mozilla
Markdown File John Gruber
Markdown Documentation File John Gruber
Adobe MARS File Adobe Systems
Marshal Data Migration Model File RISE to Bloome Software
MartView eBook File MartView
rFactor Track File Image Space
SpeedGrade Color Mask File Adobe Systems
Mass Effect Player Profile Electronic Arts
Mass Effect Saved Game Electronic Arts
ASP.NET Master Page Microsoft
MATLAB MAT-File The MathWorks
Rigs of Rods Texture Reference File N/A
Atomic Combat Saved Game Mojiferous Industries
Media Attachment Unit N/A
Access View File Microsoft
Access Data Access Page Microsoft
3ds Max Scene File Autodesk
3ds Max Container File Autodesk
Hover! Maze File Hover
Maya Binary Project File Autodesk
Kodak EasyShare Data File Kodak
ManaBook Book Kit File ManaBook Software
Multimedia Builder Project File MediaChance
Microsoft Money Backup File Microsoft
Mailbag Assistant Mailbox File Fookes
Multi-Bootable Information File MagicISO
dBASE IV Multiple Index Backup File dataBased Intelligence
Logger Pro Data File Vernier
Multi Bitmap File N/A
E-mail Mailbox File N/A
Mobipocket Notes File Mobipocket
Zune Smooth Streaming File Microsoft
Opera Mailbox File Opera Software
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer File Microsoft
Blue Card Manager Merit Badge Template File Scout Management Software
MBRWizard Archive Firesage Solutions
Outlook Express Mailbox N/A
MedCalc Data File MedCalc
MasterCook 5 Cookbook File ValuSoft
Poser 5 Material File Smith Micro
Poser Material Collection File Smith Micro
Mastercam 9 Geometry File CNC
Minecraft "Anvil" Map File Mojang
Mathcad Document Parametric Technology Corporation
Mathcad Prime Document PTC
MasterCook 2 Cookbook File ValuSoft
Maya Initial Fluid Cache File Autodesk
Maya Fluid Cache Playback File Autodesk
Minecraft Game Backup File Minecraft Launcher
Media Control Interface File N/A
Windows Media Center Link File Microsoft
Minecraft Map File Mojang Specifications
Minecraft Animation File Mojang
Live Messenger Winks File Microsoft
CodeWarrior Project Freescale Semiconductor
3ds Max Macroscript File Autodesk
MobyExplorer Encrypted File Bermin Software
Mathcad Image Mathsoft
My Craft Studio Project File
My Craft Studio Professional File
Monitor Calibration Wizard File Hex2Bit
Minecraft World Backup File Minecraft Launcher
MICRO CADAM-X/6000 Model Data File CNC Software
MedicinesComplete Data File Clinical & Biomedical Computing
Compressed Poser Material File Smith Micro
Markdown Documentation File John Gruber
Alcohol Disk Image Segment 1 Alcohol Software
GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image N/A
Quake 2 Player Model id Software
Quake 3 3D Model id Software
MD5 Checksum File N/A
Message Digest 5 Hash File N/A
id Tech 4 Model Animation File id Software
id Tech 4 Model Camera File id Software
id Tech 4 3D Mesh File id Software
Mediator Project File MatchWare
Access Add-in Microsoft
Microsoft Access Database Microsoft
iPhone Data Backup File Apple
Microsoft Access Database HTML File Microsoft
Multi Dimension Cube File Cognos
Point Oven Deformation Data File Point Oven
iPhone Backup File Apple
Compiled Access Add-in File Microsoft
Media Disc Image File Alcohol Software
Microsoft Document Imaging File Microsoft
iPhone Backup Information File Apple
MathWorks Simulink Model MathWorks
HLM Multivariate Data Matrix File Scientific Software International
Windows Minidump Microsoft
Blank Access Database Template N/A
Markdown File John Gruber
Visual C++ 5 Workspace File Microsoft
Media Descriptor File N/A
GeoMedia Access Database Template Intergraph
Access Workgroup File N/A
Extended Media Descriptor File DT Soft
Access Wizard Template N/A
MagicDraw Project Archive No Magic
Readme Text File N/A
Mass Effect 2 Modification File N/A
PRO100 3D Interior Catalog Element Ecru Software
Amiga MED Sound File RBF Software
Mamiya RAW Image Mamiya
MEGA Data File MEGA Team
Megacubo XML Metafile Megacubo
Maya Embedded Language File Autodesk
Mellel Word Processing File RedleX
Mellel Word Processing Document RedleX
FoxPro Variable File N/A
Windows Mobile Encrypted File Microsoft
Quake 3 Engine Menu File id Software
MEO Encrypted Archive NCH Software
RSView Development Runtime File Rockwell Automation
Merlin Project File ProjectWizards
Merlin License File ProjectWizards
DirectX Mesh File Microsoft
eMule Resource File eMule
RealPlayer Metafile RealNetworks
Spotlight Never Index File Apple
Macro Express File Insight Software Solutions
Java Manifest File Sun Microsystems
Multimedia Fusion Development File Clickteam
MFC Ribbon Definition XML File Microsoft
MobileFrame Enterprise Data File MobileFrame
Blizzard Software Update File Blizzard Entertainment
Mozilla FastLoad File Mozilla
Perl ModInfo Descriptor File Perl
MediaFACE Project File Neato
MetFS Encrypted File System EnderUNIX
MediaFACE Project Template Neato
MobileFrame Update File MobileFrame
MobileFrame Device Pack File MobileFrame
MobileFrame Workflow Pack File MobileFrame
Multimedia Fusion Extension Clickteam
Manga Document Manga Reader
Microsoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog Microsoft
Equation Illustrator Project File MGCSoft
MacGourmet Deluxe Database File Mariner Software
Materials and Geometry Format Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
ImageMagick Configuration File ImageMagick Studios
Age of Empires 2 Replay File Microsoft
MGMaps File Mobile GMaps
MindGenius Map File MindGenius
MindGenius 2-3 Template MindGenius
MindGenius XML Map File MindGenius
MacGourmet Recipe File Mariner Software
MacGourmet Deluxe Document Mariner Software
MacGourmet Deluxe 3 Document Mariner Software
MGCSoft Vector Shapes File MGCSoft
Musicnotes Guitar Guru Song File Musicnotes
MacGourmet Theme File Mariner Software
MindGenius XML Template File MindGenius
PSP Video File Sony
Age of Empires 2 Expansion Replay File Microsoft
Xilinx XPS Hardware Specification File N/A
MHTML Web Archive N/A
Audio Player Firmware File NVIDIA
Image Composer File Microsoft
MapInfo Interchange Format File Pitney Bowes Software
Windows Migration Backup File Microsoft
Wii Virtual Avatar File Nintendo
MilkDrop Winamp Plugin Preset Nullsoft
Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Message File Internet Engineering Task Force
Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension The Internet Engineering Task Force
Okuma CNC Program File Okuma
MindNode Document Markus Müller
Minecraft Map File Mojang Specifications
Minesweeper Saved Game Microsoft
Nintendo DS Sound Information File N/A
NCSF Nintendo DS Audio File Naram Qashat
Miniature PlayStation Sound Format File N/A
Miniature PlayStation Sound Format File N/A
Nintendo 64 Song File N/A
Linux Mint Installer File Linux Mint
MioEngine Application File Mioplanet Technologies
Multiple Image Print File Corel
Mini-Image Ripper Disc Image Mini-Image Ripper
Saved Game Mission File N/A
MissionMaker Project File Immersive Education
MineEdit Inventory Template File MineEdit
Microsoft Image Exchange File Microsoft
Motion JPEG 2000 Video Clip N/A
Adobe Acrobat MIME Encoded Job Definition File Adobe Systems
MacJournal Document Mariner Software
MJPEG Video File LG
Motion JPEG Video File N/A
Makefile N/A
Matroska 3D Video File Matroska
Schiller medilog ECG Raw Data File Schiller
Matroska Audio File Matroska
Matroska Video File Matroska
ML Source Code File Robin Milner
MyLabel Designer Deluxe Project File Avanquest Software
Microsoft Language Interface Pack Microsoft
MasterCook Look File ValuSoft
Maya Plugin Autodesk, Inc.
Meridian Lossless Packing Audio File Meridian Audio
Milestones Simplicity File KIDASA
Objective-C++ Source File N/A
Money Manager 6 File Moneysoft
Might and Magic 7 Saved Game N/A
Might and Magic 8 Saved Game 3DO
Master Album Maker Photo Album File Intrepid Mouse
MindManager Map File Mindjet
MindManager Map Template Mindjet
Microsoft Media Catalog Microsoft
Mail Manager Collection File Oasys
MediaMonkey Device Configuration File Ventis Media
Multi-Purpose Internet Mail N/A
Synthetic Music Mobile Application File Yamaha
MediaMonkey Installation Package Ventis Media
FrameMaker Maker Markup Language File Adobe Systems
Music Maker Arrangement File MAGIX AG
Memory Map Overlay File Memory-Map
Symbian Project Specification File Nokia
myPM Merge Data File Midori Media
MicroMV Video File Sony
AceMoney Money File MechCAD Software
My Notes Center Notebook BC
Multiple Network Graphic N/A
Master Navigator Header File Sapper Oy
My Notes Keeper Notebook Wpg Computing
AutoCAD Menu LISP File Autodesk
Character Studio Marker Name File Autodesk
Macromedia Design Note Adobe Systems
AutoCAD Menu Resource File Autodesk
AutoCAD Interface Settings File Autodesk
FoxPro Menu Memo N/A
AutoCAD Interface Layout File Autodesk
PlayStation Movie File Sony
FoxPro Menu N/A
Microsoft Money File Microsoft
Machine Object File N/A
MO3 Audio File Un4seen Developments
MOBTV Video File MediaCorp
Mobipocket eBook Amazon
Apple Mobile Configuration File Apple
Xcode Mobile Provisioning Profile Apple
Amiga Music Module File N/A
Sony Video Analysis File Sony
Coda Syntax Mode File Panic
CATIA 3D Model FIle Dassault Systemes
Drupal Module File Drupal
Managed Object Format File Desktop Management Task Force
Sony Video Analysis Index File Sony
Multitrack Ogg File N/A
Anime Studio Animation Project Smith Micro
MOI Video File N/A
MDL Molfile Symyx Technologies
Managed Object Model Apple
Offspring Fling Replay File KPULV
Money Data File Jumsoft
MoneyWell Account File No Thirst Software
Montage Screenplay File Mariner Software
Apple QuickTime Movie Apple
Leaf Camera RAW File Leaf Imaging
MacOSaiX Mosaic File Frank M. Midgley
LightWave Motion File NewTek
WinMount Compressed File WinMount International
Apple QuickTime Movie Apple
QuickTime Movie File Apple
ExtendSim Simulation Software Model Imagine That
Mozilla Cache File N/A
Maya PLE Project File Autodesk
MPEG-1 Layer 1 Audio File N/A
Multisim 10 Project File National Instruments
Multisim 11 Project File National Instruments
MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File Moving Picture Experts Group
MPEG-21 Multimedia File N/A
Max Payne 2 Mod File Rockstar Games
Max Payne 2 Saved Game Rockstar Games
MPEG-2 Video File N/A
MP3 Audio File Moving Picture Experts Group
MPEG-4 Video File Moving Picture Experts Group
Parrot AR Drone and Gyro Flyer Video N/A
MPEG-4 Video Moving Picture Experts Group
Multisim 7 Project File National Instruments
Multisim 9 Project File National Instruments
MPEG-2 Audio File N/A
MyPhoneExplorer Backup File Franz Josef Wechselberger
Musepack Compressed Audio File Musepack
Media Player Classic Playlist Media Player Classic
Microsoft Project Database Microsoft
Music Player Daemon File The MPD Team
MixPad Project File NCH Software
MPEG Movie File N/A
MPEG Movie N/A
MPEG-1 Video File N/A
MPEG-4 File N/A
Microsoft Media Package FIle Microsoft
MPEG Video File N/A
MPEG-2 Video File N/A
MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File N/A
Adobe MPEG Index File Adobe Systems
InstallJammer Project File The InstallJammer Team
RoboHelp HTML Project Adobe Systems
ArcGIS Map Package ESRI
Meta Package File N/A
AVCHD Playlist File Sony
Blu-ray Movie Playlist File Blu-ray Disc Association
Max Payne Modfication File Rockstar Games
Multi Picture Object File CIPA
Microsoft Project File Microsoft
MagicPlot Project File Magicplot Systems
FoxPro Generated Menu Program N/A
Pocket Streets Map File Microsoft
MPlayer Subtitles File MPlayer
Microsoft Project Template Microsoft
MPEG Layer 3 Audio File N/A
MPEG Elementary Stream Video File Moving Picture Experts Group
MPEG-2 Video Stream N/A
Microsoft Project Workspace File Microsoft
Microsoft Project Exchange File Microsoft
Miradi Project File Benetech
Multisim Pack File National Instruments
Mobile Phone Sound File N/A
MetaTrader Custom Indicator MetaQuotes Software
Metasequoia Document Metasequoia
Sony Movie Format File Sony
Multiple Resolution Bitmap File Microsoft
mIRC Script File mIRC
MySQL Merge File MySQL
Macrium Reflect Disk Image Paramount Software UK
DPOF Auto Print Order File N/A
3D Slicer Scene Description File BWH
GunZ Game Data File MAIET Entertainment
Stimulsoft Report File Stimulsoft
Minolta Raw Image File Minolta
MIRAX Virtual Slide File Carl Zeiss MicroImaging
3ds Max Script File Autodesk
MS Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format Microsoft
VirtualBus Map File VIrtualBus
Multisim 10 Circuit Design File National Instruments
Multisim 11 Circuit Design File National Instruments
MilkShape 3D Model Chumbalum Soft
Multisim 7 Circuit Design File National Instruments
Multisim 8 Circuit Design File National Instruments
Multisim 9 Circuit Design File National Instruments
Oracle Binary Message File Oracle
Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File Microsoft
MuseScore Music Score File The MuseScore Team
MuseScore Compressed Score File The MuseScore Team
Map Service Definition File ESRI
Windows DVD Maker Project File Microsoft
3ds Max Encrypted MAXScript File Autodesk
Mail Summary File N/A
Outlook Mail Message Microsoft
Orbiter 3D Mesh File Martin Schweiger
Microsoft Help Asset File Microsoft
Microsoft Help Container File Microsoft
Microsoft Help Index File Microsoft
Windows Installer Package Microsoft
MyLabel Designer Deluxe Data File Avanquest
Paint Shop Pro Mask File Corel
MediaMonkey Skin File Ventis Media
Mapping Specification Language File Microsoft
Windows Installer Merge Module Microsoft
Host Blocking File Microsoft
Inline E-mail Attachment Microsoft
Windows Installer Patch Microsoft
Microsoft ASP.NET Web Page Microsoft
Windows Remote Assistance Invitation File Microsoft
Microprocessor Software Specification File Xilinx
Windows XP Unsigned Style N/A
Windows XP Style Microsoft
Windows Installer Setup Transform File Microsoft
Windows Vista Update Package Microsoft
Memory Stick Voice File Sony
Painter Color Mixer Swatches File Corel
Windows Movie Maker Project Microsoft
MadTracker 2 Module MadTracker
MT9 Audio File ETRI
Samsung AllShare Metadata File Samsung
Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music File Musicnotes
MadTracker 2 Envelope N/A
Motorola Theme File Motorola
Derive Math File N/A
MadTracker Instrument N/A
OBJ Material File N/A
MultiTracker Module N/A
MadTracker 2 Pattern N/A
AVCHD Video File N/A
MetadataTouch Template Digital Confidence
MTV Video Format File N/A
Minitab Worksheet File Minitab
MadTracker 2 Extension N/A
Kerbal Space Program Mesh File Squad
Myriad Packed Musical Score Myriad Software
Mudbox 3D Scene File Autodesk
Alpha Five Licence File Alpha Software
Multilingual User Interface File Microsoft
Hid User Library Microsoft
Ultima Online Multi File Origin Systems
Windows Vista Update Package Microsoft
Music Publisher Score Braeburn Software
Finale Notation File Format MakeMusic
Aleph One Music File Bungie Studios
Adobe Muse Website Project Adobe Systems
Trackmania Music File Ubisoft Entertainment
MUZ Audio File Hover
MivaScript File Miva Merchant
Multimedia Viewer Book Source File N/A
MivaScript Compiled File Miva Merchant
Movie Edit Pro Movie File MAGIX
Infinity Engine Movie File BioWare
Muvee autoProducer 6 Project File muvee
AutoCAD Movie Command File Autodesk
Movie Edit Pro Video Project File MAGIX
IBM HotMedia Multimedia File IBM
Microchip Verification Specification File Xilinx
Multimedia Fusion Movement Extension Clickteam
Video easy Project File MAGIX
Movie Edit Pro Movie Backup File MAGIX
Maple Worksheet Maplesoft
GarageBand MagicMentor Template Apple
MySQL Workbench Document MySQL
MarinerWrite Document Mariner Software
MapGuide Author Map Window File Autodesk
MoneyWell License File No Thirst Software
Lotus Word Pro SmartMaster File IBM
Maple Classic Worksheet Maplesoft
MapGuide Author Map Window XML File Autodesk
Mathematica Serialized Package File Wolfram Research
Mixcraft 3 Audio Project Acoustica
Mixcraft 4 Audio Project Acoustica
Mixcraft 5 Audio Project Acoustica
Mixcraft 5 Audio Project Template Acoustica
Mandelbrot Explorer All Data File J R Oakley
Maxthon Add-On File Maxthon International
Mandelbrot Explorer Color Scheme File J R Oakley
ArcGIS Map Document ESRI
Maxthon Dictionary File Maxthon International
Macro Express Playable Macro Insight Software Solutions
Material Exchange Format File SMPTE
Mandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region File J R Oakley
Miinoto Exchangeable Group File Mobiiko
Maxwell Image Next Limit
Compressed MusicXML File The MuseScore Team
Maxwell Material File Next Limit
Mobile XMF Ringtone File MIDI Manufacturers Association
Flex MXML Component Adobe Systems
Miinoto Exchangeable Note File Mobiiko
Adobe Extension Package Adobe Systems
Maxwell Studio Scene File Next Limit
Maxthon Skin File Maxthon International
ArcGIS Map Template ESRI
Visual Studio Application XML File Microsoft
Stardock MyColors Theme File Stardock
MySQL Database Data File MySQL
Send To My Documents N/A
MySQL MyISAM Index File N/A
MyLogo Maker Image Avanquest Software
Myriad Music File Myriad Software
Vineyard Captured Video File Vineyard Technologies
MAXScript Zip Package Autodesk
Microsoft .NET Download Package Microsoft